• Published 24th Jan 2018
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The Different Prince - Buckly Jones

When the mafia guns you down in search of your Nazi grandfather's hidden gold and you find yourself reborn into another world as a member of royalty... it's time to reflect on your life... or just say "Fuck it" and have fun.

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Lyra summoned Discord's hand? :derpytongue2:

I'm on the side of praying for something to go wrong just cause.

Bah! Humbug.


Actually, now I hope that he summons the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Comment posted by Perpetually Confused deleted Jan 19th, 2020

And sometimes you'll accidentally summon something else that decided it was attracted to the lure."

and this

She laughed and hugged my neck. "You silly colt. Now, I trust you. The last thing I want to hear is some teacher saying that you summoned an elder one. I promise you, I will be very... very... disappointed."

makes me think something might go wrong like i dunno chutulu migth visit or perhaps a human, and that a sumon might take an intrest in you for some reason wakes true horror in me with 2 words" HEY LISSEN"

They can sometimes grow fond of you, almost like pet... or a friend.

You can keep a summon?" I was interested.

"Well, usually you keep it for harvesting purposes.

Why do I get the feeling that Gold Coast might be getting a pet in the near future?

She nodded again. "What? Did you think summoning was just setting up a shrine and something appears? No-no-no, my dear prince. It's a carefully set up lure, almost like fishing. Sometimes their biting, sometimes their not. And sometimes you'll accidentally summon something else that decided it was attracted to the lure."

Do you need an editor?

Annndddd now I have an infomercial idea from how they substituted virgin blood

Susan: Hi, we'll be right back to Whose The Boss in a minute, but first, have we got an offer for you! Hey there <begins wretching and gagging, gutteral screams and moans echoing forth> what have you got there?

Demon: Well, first thank you for the proper pronunciation. But I have I Can't Believe its Not Virgin! Spreads better then the next leading brand of Virgin and goes down smooth. Now, have a taste...

Susan: Ahh, refreshing!

Demon: Now try our competition

Susan: Ach, it tastes of desperation, cats, and has an aftertaste of I'm literally in a world with stallions being dumb as posts or AOC on a good day, and I still can't get them to fuck a foal into me to save my life.

50 bits says his first summon either 1) a Succubus, 2) a Eldertich Demon that he forms a contract with or 3) A Goddess that was banished from the world long ago and he is thus bound to in some type of marriage and thus starts his harem.

Yeah gonna be one of those things given the discussion of Summoning.

I think Gold Coast is a little to young to be able to summon a succubus. In a few years it might be a different story.

Actually, since Gold Coast would be the first stallion to attempt to summon other worldly creatures, would they even know what a succubus is?


There was Direct Reference to it in the Chapter, though Given that a Mare has likely Summoned a Incubus I would say the answer is yes.

Granted. Still, with the vast differences between stallions and mares how fast would a succubus be identified?

Plz tell me your gonna keep updating and not dissapear for half a year again

When is the next chapter coming out

Can we have some more? don't feel pressured but what do you think will be the eta on the next chapter/s?

So before i read, the character is or is not the main character a Nazi?

He isn't his grandfather was.

When next chapter?

I'll admit I was secretly hoping you'd go on another insane rapid update spree these holidays, your storys are rather unique and I've been thru multiple re-reads and enjoyed them each time.
Not sure if you plan on releasing any chapters soon, but when inspiration hits and you start posting again, I'll be cartwheeling with excitement :pinkiecrazy:

Sadly he’s been dead since July.

I really hope you don't mean that literally...

Hopefully not. Just his account.

Think you will continue this?

is this history dead?:pinkiesad2:

might be doing the "reusrect from the dead 2 years" again

is the author really dead?

Comment posted by yammering2 deleted Jun 27th, 2021

yea, this whole society is full of hypocrites.
say that males aren't animals, and that they are loved- but they buy and sell males like property, geld them if they are weak and act as if its ok. as if 'if you aren't useful in political gain you aren't allowed to spread your seed'

Gotta say aside from the straight up fucked in the beginning, this story is growing on me, though I'll withhold my expectations. Stories that haven't been updated in 2 years tend to temper expectations. Unfortunate really.

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