• Published 24th Jul 2017
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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 43: Toby VS Hau

Later that night,

Toby and Will were at the computers, trying to figure out a way to counter their opponent's teams for the semi finals, "Hau is most likely going to use Primarina, Noivern, and Raichu. So I should probably go in with Tsareena and Snowball. Then again, he does also have every evolved form of Eevee. Their types are Water, Electric, Fire, Dark, Psychic, Ice, Grass, and Fairy. Hmm, maybe I should have Metagross as a part of my team," Toby murmured to himself.

"I know Busujima has a lot of Poison Type Pokémon, but from what Sliver Spoon told me, his Shelgon has evolved into Salamence, which is the real threat of all of his Pokémon," Will said.

Meanwhile, with Hau,

"Ok, so Toby's favorite Pokémon to use are Metagross, Incineroar, Lycanroc, and Raichu. Maybe for maneuverability, I should have Noivern on my team. Tauros can also power through most attacks," Hau said, as he continued to think up his strategy.

Meanwhile, with Busujima,

"Who needs to look up their opponent? Salamence is the only REAL strategy I need," Busujima said, clenching the Pokeball, holding his Salamence.

Meanwhile, in a conference room on Team Rocket's Carrier,

"So gentlemen, I assume you know why I called you in," Giovanni said, as he sat at a conference table with three other men sitting around him. One was wearing what appeared to be a space suit with a big letter "G" on his chest. The second was had long, green hair. He was wearing regal looking robes, and had an eyepatch over his eye. The third and last was a well dress man in a business suit. He had a big, red hair style, like the mane of a lion.

"I assume it is in regards to our plans?" the first man asked.

"Correct Cyrus. As you know, the day after tomorrow will be when our plan for world conquest is put into action," Giovanni replied.

"Ok, so why is it that we're waiting for the next day?" the second man asked bitterly.

"You see, Ghetsis, our grunts need another, extremely powerful authority figure to help them execute our plans. What makes a powerful authority figure, you may ask? Why, a powerful Pokémon Trainer. Which is why I've been watching the Alola Region's Pokémon League from the very start. So far, I've seen at least two candidates that fit the bill for another Team Rocket Executive Admin. The first being a young boy by the name of Toby Mason. The second is another boy named Busujima. These two show progress. Which is why at the very start of the final match, when either trainer makes the cut, we take our chance to recruit them," Giovanni explained.

"Ok, but what about the other boy? What was his name, Hau?" the third man asked.

"I'm afraid he's too much of a free spirit, Lysandre. he can't be turned over to our side," Giovanni replied.

"And we all know of the fourth trainer," Ghetsis said in disgust.

"You needn't worry about Will. He's too accustomed to his 'Pokémon are our friends' philosophy, ignorant to the true purposes Pokémon are meant for," Giovanni replied.

"So, what's our plan?" Cyrus asked. Giovanni then pulled up a presentation.

Toby was standing outside the arena, with his team of Pokémon. It consisted of Turtonator, Tsareena, Snowball, Goodra, Lycanroc, and Metagross, "Alright guys, this is it! Our semifinal match against Hau," Toby said, giving his Pokémon a little pep talk, "Hau may be a laid back kind of guy, but don't let your guard down, even an inch! He's one skilled Pokémon Trainer," he explained. His Pokémon sounded their understanding, "Now lets get out there, and do our best!" Toby said, recalling his Pokémon, and making his way to the arena.

"Making his way into the arena, from the Johto Region's Mahogany Town, is Toby Mason! And his opponent, the grandson of Island Kahuna Hala, he's Hau of Iki Town!" the announcer said, as both trainers took their places, as did the referee, as a sandy desert battle field rose up from the ground.

"The first Semifinal match of the Alola Pokémon League will now get underway! Each trainer may use the maximum of six Pokémon, and the battle will be over when all of either sides Pokémon cannot continue! In addition, substitutions may be made at anytime! When three of either side's Pokémon cannot continue, we'll have a five minute intermission for a field change! Now, trainers, choose your Pokémon!" the referee declared.

"Alright, Turtonator, let's do this!" Toby said, sending out the Blast Turtle Pokémon.

"Go, Tauros!" Hau said, sending out Tauros.

"Turtonator VS Tauros, battle, BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Tauros, use Giga Impact, right away!" Hau said. Tauros then charged at Turtonator at full force.

"Quick Turtonator, use Shell Trap!" Toby instructed. Turtonator turned it's back to Tauros, allowing the Wild Bull Pokémon to impact Turtonator's shell, which exploded, damaging Tauros, "Since Giga Impact requires time recharge, Turtonator, use Flamethrower!" Toby instructed. Turtonator fired Flamethrower at Tauros, knocking it out.

"Tauros is unable to battle, the winner is Turtonator!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Tauros.

"Thanks Tauros, you did awesome out there," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball, "Now, Umbreon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out Umbreon, "Umbreon, use Dark Pulse!" Hau instructed. Umbreon fired off Dark Pulse at Turtonator, who tanked the attack.

"Turtonator, use Dragon Pulse!" Toby instructed. Turtonator fired Dragon Pulse at Umbreon, kicking up a lot of sand, as the attack made impact.

"Umbreon, use Swift!" Hau instructed. Umbreon fired Swift, which proved too much for the tired Turtonator to handle, and was knocked out.

"Turtonator is unable to battle, the winner is Umbreon!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Turtonator.

"Thanks Turtonator, you did great out there," Toby said, readying his next Pokeball, "Now, Snowball, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Alolan Ninetails.

"Fairy Type Pokémon have an advantage over Dark Types," Fluttershy commented.

"Snowball, use Ice Beam!" Toby instructed. Snowball fired off Ice Beam. Umbreon dodged, and the ground below it was frozen solid.

"Umbreon, use Iron Tail!" Hau instructed. Umbreon dashed at Snowball, it's tail become metallic.

"Quick, use Double Team!" Toby instructed. Multiple copies of Snowball started appearing everywhere, as Iron Tail phased through one, "Now, use Dazzling Gleam!" Toby instructed. Snowball began emitting a powerful light, that seemed to damage Umbreon quite a bit.

"Stay strong Umbreon, use Quick Attack!" Umbreon then charged at Snowball with blinding speeds.

"Snowball, use Blizzard!" Toby instructed. Snowball then unleashed a powerful snow storm, that send Umbreon flying back, knocked out.

"Umbreon is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Time to tag out Snowball. You've done plenty out there," Toby said.

"Raichu, let's do this!" Hau said, sending out his Raichu.

"Alright, in that case, Goodra, let's go!" Toby said, sending out his Goodra, "First we'll set the battlefield to our advantage. Goodra, use Rain Dance!" Toby instructed. Goodra roared, summoning storm clouds, as it began to rain, "Goodra, use Dragon Pulse!" Toby instructed. Goodra fired Dragon Pulse at Raichu.

"Quick, dodged, then use Thunder!" Hau instructed. Raichu elegantly dodged Dragon Pulse, and fired an electric blast into the sky, which slammed down onto Goodra, "In rainy weather, Thunder is always a guaranteed hit," Hau commented.

"Tsk, looks like putting things to suit Goodra's Hydration Ability backfired on us. Even so, Goodra still has some resistance to Electric Attacks. Now, Goodra, use Bide!" Toby instructed. Goodra then braced itself.

"Thunder, once more!" Once again, Raichu fired Thunder on Goodra, who tanked the attack, and was glowing red, "Iron Tail!" Raichu slammed it's metallic tail against Goodra.

"Alright, let it rip Goodra!" Toby said, as Goodra unleashed all of Bides power against Raichu, knocking out the Mouse Pokémon.

"Raichu is unable to battle, the winner is Goodra! Three of Hau's Pokémon have been eliminated, so we'll take a five minute intermission for a field change!" the referee declared, as both trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Ok, I've knocked out three of Hau's Pokémon already, while he's knocked out one of mine, and damaged two others. Things may be looking in my favor, but I can't let my guard down," Toby said to himself.

"Man, I didn't think Toby was this powerful!" Hau commented.

"So far, both of them have shown they've got skills, but it's still early to know for sure who'll win," Will commented.

"I'm confident that Toby will win!" Silver Spoon declared with a blush, as a rock battlefield rose up from the ground.

"Sylveon, let's go!" Hau said, sending out a Sylveon.

"Lycanroc, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Lycanroc.

"Sylveon, use Moonblast!" Hau said. Sylveon gather light from the moon, and fired the collected energy at Lycanroc.

"Dodge, then use Stone Edge!" Toby instructed. Lycanroc then punched the ground, summoning the rock spikes, which struck Sylveon, who was still hanging on.

"Now, Draining Kiss!" Hau instructed. Sylveon charged at Lycanroc, and kissed it on the cheek, siphoning off Lycanroc's energy. Sylveon's wounds were then healed.

"Was that an actual move?!" Silver Spoon questioned.

"Yeah, Draining Kiss deals damage, and heals the user," Will replied.

"Now, let's try Attract!" Hau instructed. Sylveon then blew a kiss at Lycanroc, who looked to become infatuated.

"What's with Lycanroc?" Serenity wondered.

"Attract is a move that makes the opposing Pokémon fall in love with the user. It only works on Pokémon of the opposite gender," Will explained.

"Lycanroc is a girl, so that means Sylveon's a boy?" Silver Spoon asked. Will nodded.

"Lycanroc, return!" Toby said, recalling Lycanroc, "Ok, Metagross, let's go!" Toby said, sending out Metagross. In the stands, Busujima was in awe at the Iron Leg Pokémon.

"Looks like that nerd's got a powerhouse Pokémon after all," he commented.

"Good call on Toby's part. Since Metagross doesn't have a gender, it can't be infatuated with Sylveon," Will commented.

"Plus, Metagross has an advantage over Sylveon," Fluttershy added.

"Metagross, use Meteor Mash!" Toby instructed. Metagross got in close, and punched Sylveon with the force of a meteor, knocking out the Intertwining Pokémon.

"Sylveon is unable to battle, the winner is Metagross!" the referee declared, as Hau recalled Sylveon.

"Thanks Sylveon, that was great work you did out there," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball, "Go Noivern!" Hau said, sending out his Noivern.

"Just as I thought," Toby said to himself.

"Technically speaking, Metagross has the advantage against Noivern, since Flying and Dragon Type moves aren't very effective against Steel Types," Will commented.

"But Noivern has more maneuverability, so I'd say it's a stalemate," Silver Spoon replied.

"Noivern, use Dark Pulse!" Hau instructed. Noivern fired Dark Pulse at Metagross.

"Quick, dodge it Metagross, then use Psychic!" Toby instructed. Metagross looked to be skating across the battlefield, dodging Dark Pulse, before firing Psychic at Noivern, slamming it to the ground.

"Quick Noivern, use Dragon Tail!" Hau instructed. Noivern's tail started glowing teal, and slammed against Metagross, forcing it back into it's Pokeball, and sending out Tsareena.

"Huh?! How'd that weak Steenee evolve into such a powerhouse?!" Busujima seethed, obviously not happy about seeing Tsareena.

"What happened?! I didn't call out Tsareena!" Toby exclaimed. Tsareena was just as confused as her trainer.

"That's an effect of Dragon Tail. It can sometimes force a Pokémon back into it's Pokeball and bring out another one," Will commented.

"Noivern, use Acrobatics!" Hau instructed. Noivern began slamming into Tsareena from all angles.

"Not good, Tsareena, return!" Toby said, recalling the Fruit Pokémon, "Ok, Snowball, let's go!" Toby said, sending Snowball back out, "Use Dazzling Gleam!" Toby instructed. Snowball then began emitting the light from Dazzling Gleam, which struck Noivern, knocking it out.

"Noivern is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Hau and Toby recalled their Pokémon.

"Thanks Noivern, take a long break," Hau said, readying his next Pokeball.

"You did awesome out there Snowball. You earned a long break," Toby said, readying his next Pokeball.

"Hau's down to his last Pokémon, while Toby still has five of his, but they've all taken damage. This is where things get dicey," Will commented.

"Primarina, let's go!" Hau said, sending out Primarina.

"Goodra, I choose you!" Toby said, sending out Goodra.

"Toby should watch out. Since Primarina's a Fairy Type, Goodra's Dragon Type Moves won't do anything, while Goodra can take a lot of damage from Fairy Type moves," Will commented.

"Goodra, use Rain Dance!" Toby instructed. Goodra summoned the rain clouds again, and rain began pouring down on the battlefield, "Now, use Thunder!" Toby instructed. Goodra fired Thunder at the clouds, which then was redirected at Primarina, who took a ton of damage from the Electric attack.

"Primarina, use Moonblast!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Moonblast at Goodra, who was knocked out as a result.

"Goodra is unable to battle, the winner is Primarina!" the referee declared, as Toby recalled Goodra.

"Thanks Goodra, that was awesome," Toby said, readying the Luxury Ball that held Tsareena, "Well old friend, time to show them what we're made of," Toby said, sending out Tsareena, who was still a bit tired, "Tsareena, use Magical Leaf!" Toby instructed. Tsareena fired the rainbow leaves at Primarina, who tanked the attack, 'I think Trop Kick should be saved for last,' Toby thought.

"Primarina, use Ice Beam!" Hau instructed. Primarina fired Ice Beam at Tsareena, who quick leapt out of the way.

"Alright, Tsareena, use Trop Kick!" Toby exclaimed. Tsareena charged at Primarina, and kicked it hard, sending Primarina back against the wall, knocked out.

"Primarina is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena, therefore, the victor is Toby!" the referee declared.

"Thanks Primarina, you were great out there," Hau said, recalling his Pokémon, before taking his leave.

"Alright Tsareena, you did amazing out there!" Toby praised. Tsareena beamed at Toby's praise. They both looked up to see Busujima, glaring disapprovingly at them, "We'll show him. You were never a weak Pokémon," Toby said, recalling the Fruit Pokémon.

"Alright, now it's Time for the second match of the semifinals! It'll be pitting Will from Mahogany Town against the Island Challenge Bully, Busujima!" the announcer said, as both aforementioned trainers entered the arena.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
On Hand

Will: Toxicroak (F), Lucario (M),Dragonite (M), Mimikyu (F) Hariyama (M), Decidueye (M)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F), Smeargle (M), Crabrawler (M), Lurantis (F), Gengar*(M), Lycanroc (Rocky)(Dusk Form) (M)

Toby: Alolan Ninetails (Snowball) (F), Turtonator (M), Goodra (F), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Metagross* (N/A), Tsareena* (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Vikavolt (M), Misdreavus (F), Spinda (M), Sylveon* (F), Stufful (M)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Butterfree (F) Magnezone (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form)(M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Mimikyu (M)


Will: Gourgeist (Large Size)(M), Gengar (M), Cofagrigus (F), Lampent (F), Dusclops (F), Banette (M), Alolan Exeggutor (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Haxorus (M), Hariyama (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonchan (M), Pangoro (M), Meinshao (F), Alolan Muk (F), Alolan Marowak (F), Trevenant* (M)

Fluttershy: Mimikyu (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Cofagrigus (M), Lampent (M), Dusclops (F), Banette (F), Glalie (F), Goodra (F), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmontop (M), Pangoro (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F) Comfey (F)

Toby: Delphox (F) Noibat (M), Alolan Ninetails (Snowball) (F), Alolan Vulpix (Slushy) (F), Lucario* (M), Gengar (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Lampent (M), Dusknoir (M), Banette (M), Kommo-o (M), Haxorus (M), Conkeldurr (M), Pangoro (F), Toxicroak (M), Meinshao (F), , Cofagrigus (F), Garchomp (M), Golduck (M), Incineroar (M), Alolan Raichu (F)

Serenity: Wimpod (F), Oranguru (M), Gourgeist (Tiny Size)(M), Yamask (M), Litwick (M), Duskull (F), Shuppet (M), Gengar (F), Mimikyu* (M), Goodra (F), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Silver Spoon: Gengar (M), Banette (F), Dusclops (M), Lampent (M), Cofagrigus (F), Goodra* (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonlee (M), Pangoro* (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao

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