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Journey through Alola - darkmage1997

Will, Fluttershy, Toby, Serenity, and Silver Spoon travel through the Alola region

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Chapter 37: Will vs Mallow (Part 2): Kukui vs Guzma: Plumeria Vs. Sophocles

"Trevenant, use Phantom Force!" Mallow instructed. Trevenant then disappeared.

"Not good, Marowak, keep on the move!" Will instructed. Marowak began running all around the battlefield, trying to avoid Trevenant, but this was in vain, as Trevenant appeared in front of Marowak suddenly, and struck it, sending Marowak flying, "Stay strong Marowak, use Flame Wheel!" Will instructed. Marowak enveloped itself in flames, and hurdled at Trevenant, causing major damage.

"Trevenant, use Shadow Claw!" Mallow instructed. Trevenant's claw became engulfed in shadow energy, and slashed Marowak, who was just barely able to hang on.

"Marowak, use Shadow Bone!" Will instructed. Marowak swung its bone club like a boomerang, while enveloped in shadow energy, which struck Trevenant, with full force, knocking it out.

"Trevenant is unable to battle, the winner is Marowak!" the referee declared, as Mallow recalled Trevenant.

"Nice job Marowak, why don't you take a break?" Will offered. Marowak nodded, and returned to its Pokeball.

"Go, Shinotic!" Mallow said, sending out a mushroom like Pokémon.

"Shinotic, the Illuminating Pokémon, a Grass and Fairy Type, and the evolved form of Morelull. It is known to have a fierce rivalry with Parasect. When these two fight, the entire area is covered in spores," Rotom said.

"Let me see. In that case, go, Lucario!" Will said, sending out his Lucario.

"Since Lucario is part Steel Type, it should have an advantage of Shinotic," Toby commented.

"Shinotic, use Spore!" Mallow instructed. Shinotic began shaking spores all around the battlefield.

"Lucario, use Safeguard!" Will instructed. A green barrier formed around Lucario, shielding it from the spores.

"Alright, what gives?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Spore, a Grass Type Move that causes the opposing Pokémon to fall asleep," Rotom explained.

"Lucario, use Metal Claw!" Will instructed. Lucario's claws became metallic, and charged at Shinotic, and slashed at it, causing massive damage. However, Lucario began showing signs of being sluggish, "Uh oh, Effect Spore," Will commented.

"Yep, and now that Lucario is paralyzed, that makes things easier for Shinotic," Mallow commented.

"Don't be so sure. Lucario, use Metal Claw, again!" Will instructed. Lucario broke through the paralysis, and once again, raked Shinotic with metallic claws, this time, knocking out Shinotic.

"Shinotic is unable to battle, the winner is Lucario!" the referee declared, as Mallow recalled Shinotic.

"You've certainly improved since I saw you last time," Mallow complimented.

"Thanks, we've been training like crazy for this tournament," Will replied.

"Well now, I guess this is crunch time. Here's my last Pokémon, go, Tsareena!" Mallow said, sending out a Tsareena.

"A Tsareena, eh? All I know about that Pokémon is what I learned when Toby used his in battle. I know it uses kicking attacks, but Lucario should be faster. Lucario, use Aura Sphere!" Will instructed. Gathering surrounding aura into a ball, Lucario fired it at Tsareena.

"Tsareena, knock it back with Trop Kick!" Mallow instructed. With its leg enveloped in tropical energy, Tsareena kicked the Aura Sphere right back at Lucario, knocking out the Aura Pokémon.

"Lucario is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Lucario.

"Thanks a bunch Lucario. Take a well earned rest," Will said.

"How'd you like that? I've been training Tsareena to use its legs to deflect almost any projectile attack," Mallow said.

"Not gonna lie, that was rather unexpected. but how will Tsareena deal with this?" Will said, sending Marowak back out, who looked not as tired, but was still quite tired, "Hang on just a bit longer Marowak, and use Flame Wheel!" Will said, as Marowak rocketed at Tsareena in a wheel of fire.

"Tsareena, use Leaf Storm!" Mallow instructed. Tsareena fired a storm of leafs at Marowak, that was able to knock back the Bonekeeper Pokémon and knock it out.

"Marowak is unable to battle, the winner is Tsareena!" the referee declared, as Will recalled Marowak.

"Thanks Marowak, you did great," Will said, as he readied his last Pokeball, "Alright, Muk, go!" Will said, sending out Muk.

"Tsareena, use Stomp!" Mallow instructed. Tsareena jumped high in the air, and slammed its foot against Muk.

"Muk, use Toxic!" Will instructed. Muk fired a ball of toxic sludge at Tsareena, which badly poisoned it, "Alright, here we go!" Will said, as he then did the pose for Poison Type Z Moves. Muk then became enveloped in Z Power, "Muk, use Acid Downpour!" Will called out. Muk then swamped the entire battlefield in sludge, which caused major damage to Tsareena, thus knocking it out.

"Tsareena is unable to battle, the winner is Muk, therefore, the victor is Will!" the referee declared.

"Alright! Nice work Muk!" Will said, recalling the Sludge Pokémon.

"Congrats on your win, Will," Mallow said, not showing any signs of disappointment.

"Thanks. It was a lot of fun battling you," Will said, as both trainers left the arena.

"So now both of you are in the quarter finals, is it?" Silver Spoon asked.

"That's right. However, we're only half way through the first round," Will replied, as he and Toby healed their tuckered out Pokémon.

"I know that of the kahunas, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu still haven't battled. Of the captains, Sophocles and Kiawe still haven't battled either," Toby said.

"Right, and lets not forget Guzma, Plumeria, Kukui, Molayne, and Gladion haven't battled yet," Fluttershy said.

"Alright folks. Time for the next matchup! It will be having Professor Kukui, Alola's leading expert on Pokémon moves and founder of the Pokémon League, going up against the former boss of Team Skull, Guzma. And as for their battlefield, it will be a city square field," the announcer said.

"This should be good," Will commented, as they left the locker room, and made their way back to the stands.

The battlefield had switched out so that it now was like a town square, just as the two trainers came in, "The hated boss that beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up, yeah, big bad Guzma is here!" Guzma said, giving his introduction.

"I must say, you've done a complete U Turn, Guzma. You said we didn't need a Pokémon League, and yet, here you are, facing me in the first round," Kukui said.

"Yes, well, the whole mess in Ultra Space turned me around. So, with this tournament, I will make it so I will at least feel redeemed," Guzma said, as the referee took his place.

"Go, Braviary!" Kukui said, sending out a massive eagle Pokémon.

"Golisopod, go!" Guzma said, sending in his signature Pokémon.

"Wow, looks like its already started," Will said, as Golisopod and Braviary began battling.

Braviary, the Valiant Pokémon, a Normal and Flying Type, and the evolved form of Rufflet. The more scars it has on its body, the more heroic it is treated. The people of Alola consider it as the 'Hero of the Sky'," Rotom said.

"Braviary, use Sky Attack!" Kukui instructed. Braviary became enveloped in a harsh light, as it circled around, and charged at Golisopod.

"Golisopod, use Ice Beam!" Guzma instructed. Golisopod fired a beam of icy energy at Braviary, as it was still coming at it. Braviary, however, was unfazed by this, and stuck Golisopod. Just then, Golisopod returned to its Pokeball, and Guzma sent out a new Pokémon. It was a tall, armored Pokémon, with feathers on the sides of its neck.

"Wow, an Armaldo!" Will exclaimed.

"Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon, a Rock and Bug Type, and the evolved form of Anorith. It is one of many Pokémon revived from a fossil. It is said to have lived on land, and went into the sea to hunt for prey. Its claws are its greatest weapons," Rotom said.

"No doubt Guzma has Armaldo as a trump card against Fire and Flying Type Pokémon," Will commented.

"Armaldo, use Rock Blast!" Guzma instructed. Armaldo fired a bunch of rocks from the tips of its claws, which were able to hit Braviary, and knock it out.

"Braviary is unable to battle, the winner is Armaldo!" the referee declared, as Kukui recalled Braviary.

"Thanks, old friend. Take a well earned rest," Kukui said, as he sent in his next Pokémon, which was an Alolan Ninetails.

"Whoa, he has a Ninetails of his own," Toby commented.

"Ninetails, use Blizzard!" Kukui instructed. Ninetails blew a powerful, icy wind that seemed to be covering Armaldo with snow, "Now, use Dazzling Gleam!" he added. Ninetails then emitted a powerful light, that seemed to cause major damage, as it knocked out Armaldo.

"Armaldo is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Guzma recalled Armaldo.

"Go, Golisopod!" Guzma said, sending Golisopod back out, "Use Poison Jab!" Guzma instructed.

"Ninetails, use Double Team!" Kukui instructed. Multiple copies of Ninetails began appearing, causing Golisopod to miss, and hit one of the copies.

"Not too shabby. Golisopod, use back-to-back Poison Jabs!" Guzma instructed. Golisopod began striking each copy, and was unable to hit its mark. It realized too late that Ninetails was behind it, looking rather calm.

"Ninetails, use Dazzling Gleam!" Kukui instructed. As before, Ninetails hit Golisopod with a bight light, and was able to knock it out.

"Golisopod is unable to battle, the winner is Ninetails!" the referee declared, as Guzma recalled Golisopod.

"Alright, its all or nothing with this one. GO, Ariados!" Guzma yelled, sending out the spider Pokémon.

"Ninetails, use Ice Beam!" Kukui instructed. Ninetails fired a beam of icy energy at the Ariados, firing it at the ground along the way, creating large spikes of ice.

"Ariados, dodge, then used Venoshock!" Guzma instructed. Ariados jumped out of the way, and fired a mysterious purple fluid at Ninetails, causing a lot of damage, "Now, use Poison Jab!" Guzma instructed. One of the tips of Ariados' legs glowed purple, and it jabbed Ninetails, knocking it out.

"Ninetails is unable to battle, the winner is Ariados!" the referee declared as Kukui recalled Ninetails.

"Alright, here we go, c'mon out, Lycanroc!" Kukui called, sending out his Lycanroc.

"Now its a Rock Type Lycanroc against a Bug Type Ariados. Advantage: Kukui," Toby commented.

"Don't be so sure. Remember, Ariados can use all manner of moves, like the two Poison Type moves we just saw it use against Ninetails," Will replied.

"Lycanroc, use Accelerock!" Kukui instructed. Lycanroc rocketed at Ariados at blinding speeds, and knocked Ariados back a few feet.

"Ariados, use Toxic!" Guzma instructed. Ariados fired a ball of highly toxic sludge at Lycanroc, who skillfully dodged.

"Nice one, partner!" Kukui praised.

"You think so, eh? Well how about this?!" Guzma said, as he crossed his arms, and the Buginium Z in his Z Ring began reacting. He raised his arms like he was a preying mantis, and then slashed in an upward motion. Ariados then became enveloped in Z Power, "Ariados, use Savage Spin Out!" Guzma called out. Ariados fired a webbing of some kind, which wrapped Lycanroc in a sort of cocoon. It then swung it around, and slammed it against the ground. Lycanroc was just barely able to keep standing.

"Whoa, now that was some full powered Z Power! You've certainly mastered the Bug Type Z Move," Kukui said.

"What can I say? Bug Pokémon are sort of my forte," Guzma said.

"Well, you gave me your Z Power, now its time for me to do the same!" Kukui said, as he then did the pose for Rock Type Z Moves. Lycanroc became enveloped in its own Z Power. Lycanroc howled, as several pointy rocks floated around.

"Wait, that's not Continental Crush!" Will exclaimed.

"Go Lycanroc, use Splintered Storm Shards!" Kukui instructed, as Lycanroc rocketed at Ariados, with the pointed rocks following close behind, striking Ariados, and knocking it out.

"Ariados is unable to battle, the winner is Lycanroc, therefore, the victory goes to Professor Kukui," the referee declared, as a roar of applause echoed through the stadium.

"Guess my time in the spotlight hasn't come yet," Guzma lamented, recalling Ariados.

"Good match out there Guzma!" Kukui called to the thug, who smiled, and waved back.

"Now then, let's find out the match up for the next battle!" the announcer declared. The computer randomized the remaining contestants, and stopped on Plumeria and Sophocles, "Our next match up is pitting the Poison Type Master, Plumeria, against the electrifying Trial Captain Sophocles!" the announcer said, as the two aforementioned trainers took their places, a rock battle field rising up from the ground, "And the battlefield for this match will be a rock battlefield!" the announcer declared.

"Ok, Electivire, go!" Sophocles said, sending out the first of his Pokémon.

"Salazzle, time to battle," Plumeria said, sending out her signature Pokémon.

"Same rules apply. Three on Three, with no time limit. The battle is over when all three of either sides Pokémon cannot continue. In addition, substitutions are allowed at any time. And BEGIN!" the referee declared.

"Electivire, use Thunder Punch!" Sophocles declared. Electivire rushed at Salazzle with it's fist cloaked in electricity, and delivered a powerful punch to the Toxic Lizard Pokémon.

"Hang on Salazzle, use Flamethrower!" Plumeria declared. Salazzle fired it's attack at Electivire, who hardly seemed phased by it.

"Now, use Discharge!" Sophocles declared. Electivire fired electricity everywhere on the battlefield, striking Salazzle, and knocking it out.

"Salazzle is unable to battle, the winner is Electivire!" the referee declared. Plumeria recalled her Pokémon.

"Thank you Salazzle, take a long rest," Plumeria said, as she sent out an Alolan Muk, "Muk, use Mud Bomb!" Plumeria declared. Muk fired a ball of mud at Electivire, who took a ton of damage, and was barely able to stand, "Now, use Sludge Bomb!" Plumeria ordered, as Muk fired a ball of sludge at Electivire, knocking it out.

"Electivire is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared, as Sophocles recalled Electivire.

"Let's see, Muk's a Poison and Dark Type... in that case, go, Vikavolt!" Sophocles declared, sending out a Vikavolt, "Use Dig!" Sophocles declared. Vikavolt burrowed it's way underground.

"Stay sharp Muk! Use Toxic when it comes out!" Plumeria ordered. Muk looked all around, only for Vikavolt to come from underneath it.

"Ground Type Moves are super effective against Poison Type Pokémon," Fluttershy commented, as Muk fired Toxic at Vikavolt, badly poisoning it.

"Now, use Venoshock!" Plumeria declared. Muk fired a mysterious purple fluid at Vikavolt, and was able to knock it out.

"Vikavolt is unable to battle, the winner is Muk!" the referee declared, as Sophocles recalled Vikavolt.

"Alright, it's now or never. Go, Golem!" Sophocles declared, sending out a Golem that had a beard, and what looked like a cannon on it's shell.

"Whoa, never seen a Golem like that before," Will commented.

"Golem, Alola Form, the Megaton Pokémon. A Rock and Electric Type, and the fully evolved form of an Alolan Geodude. Using the cannon on it's shell, Golem is able to fire electrically charged rocks at it's opponents. Even just grazing one of these boulders can causing numbness," Rotom explained.

"A Rock and Electric Type. There's never been a type combo like that before," Will commented.

"Alright, it's now or never!" Sophocles declared, as he did the pose for electric type Z Moves, enveloping Golem in Z Power, "Go, use Gigavolt Havoc!" Sophocles declared. Golem summoned a spear of electricity, and fired it at Muk, knocking it out.

"Muk is unable to battle, the winner is Golem!" the referee declared, as Plumeria recalled Muk.

"Alright, let's see if you can handle this!" Plumeria said, sending out Toxapex, "Toxapex, use Toxic!" Plumeria ordered. Toxapex fired a ball of sludge at Golem, badly poisoning the Megaton Pokémon.

"Hang strong Golem, use Thunderbolt!" Sophocles declared. Golem fired the electric attack from it's cannon, striking and dealing a ton of damage to Toxapex.

"Toxapex, let's do it!" Plumeria declared, doing the pose for the Poison Type Z Move, "Ok, use Acid Downpour!" Plumeria declared. Toxapex then swamped the entire battlefield in poison, dragging Golem in and successfully knocking it out.

"Golem is unable to battle, the winner is Toxapex, therefore, the victor is Plumeria!" the referee declared.

"Aww man," Sophocles lamented, recalling Golem, "Thanks a ton Golem, get some rest," he said to his Pokéball. Throughout the day, several matchups came and went. Kiawe Vs. Gladion: the winner was Gladion. Nanu Vs. Molayne: the winner was Molayne. Hapu Vs. Olivia: the winner was Hapu. And with that, the first round was over.

Author's Note:

Team so far:
On Hand

Will: Decidueye (M), Alolan Muk (F), Lucario (M), Alolan Marowak (F), Trevenant* (M), Mimikyu (F)

Fluttershy: Primarina (F), Smeargle (M), Crabrawler (M), Lurantis (F), Comfey (F), Gengar*(M)

Toby: Delphox (F), Mimikyu (M), Lycanroc (Midnight Form)(F), Alolan Ninetails (Snowball),
(F), Noibat (F)

Serenity: Lopunny (F), Vikavolt (M), Misdreavus (F), Spinda (M), Sylveon* (F), Stufful (M)

Silver Spoon: Azumarill (F), Butterfree (F) Magnezone (N/A), Lycanroc (Midday Form)(M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Mimikyu (M)


Will: Gourgeist (Large Size)(M), Gengar (M), Cofagrigus (F), Lampent (F), Dusclops (F), Banette (M), Alolan Exeggutor (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Hariyama (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonchan (M), Pangoro (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F)

Fluttershy: Mimikyu (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Cofagrigus (M), Lampent (M), Dusclops (F), Banette (F), Glalie (F), Goodra (F), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmontop (M), Pangoro (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F)

Toby: Golduck (M), Ninetails (F), Alolan Vulpix (Slushy) (F), Lucario* (M), Gengar (M), Gourgeist (Super Size)(F), Incineroar (M), Lampent (M), Dusclops (M), Banette (M), Kommo-o (M), Haxorus (M), Conkeldurr (M), Pangoro (F), Toxicroak (M), Meinshao (F), Metagross* (N/A), Tsareena* (F), Alolan Raichu (F), Cofagrigus (F), Garchomp (M), Goodra (F), Turtonator (M)

Serenity: Wimpod (F), Oranguru (M), Gourgeist (Tiny Size)(M), Yamask (M), Litwick (M), Duskull (F), Shuppet (M), Gengar (F), Mimikyu* (M), Goodra (F), Jangmo-o (M), Gible (F), Dragonair (M), Axew (M), Riolu (M), Gurdurr (M), Tyrogue (M), Pancham (M), Croagunk (F), Meinfoo (F)

Silver Spoon: Gengar (M), Banette (F), Dusclops (M), Lampent (M), Cofagrigus (F), Goodra* (M), Kommo-o (M), Garchomp (F), Dragonite (M), Haxorus (M), Lucario (M), Conkeldurr (M), Hitmonlee (M), Pangoro* (M), Toxicroak (F), Meinshao (F)

This is the first chapter I've done since I came back. I know most of you wanted to see the actual battles between the remaining trainers, but I couldn't come up with anything for them.
Here are the remaining trainers:

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