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There are two lives: the life you live before you see a unicorn, and the life you live after.


Lord Frieza is many things: a master of cruelties, the self-proclaimed emperor of the universe, perhaps the most feared being in said universe besides Beerus. For his participation in the Tournament of Power, Goku promised to wish him back to life with the Dragon Balls if they were victorious. Frieza had even stooped to actually fighting side by side with his nemesis to achieve that goal.

However, he neglected to specify that he keep his old body in the process.

Now, he finds himself in the most horrifying situation imaginable: being forced to learn about friendship as an adorable little colt. Strap in, folks.

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Comments ( 36 )

Very funny! Highlight for me was “Maybe this isn’t her final form.”


Ha! Just wait till Frieza mucks it up by getting into a fight.

I faved it and gave it the thumbs-up - the amount of comedy you can milk out of this subject is staggering.

I'll be tracking it for more Freezer-related shenanigans.

Manual flying... Wait till he meets Starlight..

Now that I think about it... out of any MLP character, Starlight might fit the best in the DB universe.

I see Twilight based her admissions policy on Canterlot High's...

In any case, this looks like it's going to be amazing in all the worst ways. Eagerly looking forward to more. (And to be fair, assuming Pinkie is Majin Buu does seem like a fairly safe approach.)

this is going to be good :trollestia:

Pinkie Pie/ Majin Buu, there's a difference?

It's freeza, with an e and i hope he is more like his TFS version

This just keeps getting better😁 I look forward to seeing more of Frieza misfortunes

I'll read every tome in this place cover to cover if I have to!

and then Twilight will give a bookworm reward.

Vanity was right up there on the list of traits he abhorred, a bit below stupidity and incompetence.

And slightly above hypocrisy.

On my home planet, their fear would have been at least somewhat justified, but in that case the spider would be thirty feet long and could spit corrosive venom at Mach two.

To be fair, the Everfree might contain such specimens.

This continues to thoroughly amuse. Definitely looking forward to more. If nothing else, Frieza might enjoy Magic class...

issue with FLuttershy. We have SEEN her feed fish and worms to carnivores so she is actually out of character here.

Wow, even demons are afraid of Freeza.:pinkiegasp:



Let his trolling continue! :yay::trollestia:

Really, really......freaking really

I'm considering doing a fic like this where the Joker from the DC Animated Universe ends up in a situation similar to Freiza's.

"Shut up and take my soul!"

And that, Twilight, is why you need better security on your reference section.

Also, amusing to note that Luna probably won't suspect anything. After all, she doesn't intrude on happy dreams.

The thing is, he'd end up arguably more powerful. Once he figured out how to grip things with hooves, he'd be able to pick up where he left off with no Batman to act as a counterbalance. Frieza works because so much of his self-identity is tied up in his overwhelming power.

What about DCAU Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy?

Yeah, pretty much. I would have said something earlier, but I try not to step on people's ideas. Joker already has no superpowers to speak of, so becoming a pony would be no huge loss. Especially since his main goal is just to create mayhem. If you wanted to do a DC villain, somebody like the Reverse Flash would work way better, as he has a clear target for his schemes and relies greatly on the speed force.

Maybe a story where Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Livewire from the DCAU end up in Equestria as fillies and have to attend the Friendship School.

Is this real life? Pushing clouds and making stiff breezes ? That's literally all I will ever be capable of doing in this body besides fly? Frieza fumed internally. How the hell have the unicorns not instated themselves as master race and taken over the planet by now?

Actually they tried to gain territory for themselves or something I don't really remember how that episode goes.

But the what I try to say is, there was a '''war'''

I might do a fic where Eobard Thawne ends up in Equestria without his connection to the Speed Force after the events of the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Earth X.

What about a villain like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises?

please continue this story, this is gold, heck have freeza ask about "why dont unicorns rule the world" or "can a pegasi become an unicorn" questions or "who do you justify earth ponies not getting the short end of the stick"(they get an +2 str,dex & con =P)

I can't believe it...

Pinkie had relatives down south!:pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

Well, other than that, it was a hilarious story. Will be waiting for the alternate ending, then choose which one is best.

I'd forgotten about that story! Great use of it. I can only imagine what Pinkie and her friends and family will do with this revelation.

With nothing but my own power, I committed xenocide by blowing up a whole planet.

Multiple times, no less! Though with Namek, the xenocide came first.

Yours was probably over far more quickly than five minutes

Frieza, you demonstrably have no idea how long a minute is.

In any case, I... think I'm looking forward to the other ending? This could end very poorly for a lot of people.


Frieza, you demonstrably have no idea how long a minute is.

About.... two and a half episodes?

I got a question will Frieza will become himself his true form and showed it to the rest of the ponies who he really is. Oh and great story.

Really great alternate ending to a very great story. I'm curious any chance of seeing a sequel or spin off to this story someday?

Starlight would have beaten Freeze faster then the Mane 6.

I'm glad you like it, but I'm probably not going to build off this fic any time soon.

I can't have her show up and instantly solve the conflict with magic in literally everything I write, it would undermine any trace of seriousness within. Sure, it worked for Starlight vs Thanos, but that story wasn't supposed to be taken seriously. If you're that hungry for Glim Glim on the warpath, you could always check out Operation: Replace.

"Discord!" Fluttershy exclaimed. "You came!"

Now I can't get the image out of my head.

Thanks for that.

That was a wonderfully satisfying fight scene. Well done across the board, especially the Patrycave Grenade. Though now I have to wonder how Chancellor Neighsay make take this. ("See what happens when your school isn't EEA approved? Cosmic tyrants invade!" "No sir, I think that's just Ponyville.")

Meanwhile, in Tartarus, Tirek feels a moment of greater-than-usual disappointment without knowing why...

Thank you for all this glorious madness.

Love the transformation of Frieza. This transformation sounds scary than his other forms. And his powers are more like ice really cool. Now the Mane 7 knew what he looks like execpt it his new form than his others. Really good story, keep up the good work.

I ask myself the same question that Twilight do in Ending 2... I liked more the ending 1, while I wonder if maybe there is going to be a Ending 3 with Whiz appearing and excusing himself with Freeza.

She could only stare, huddled next to Pinkie and Starlight, as the shadows continued to grow in size, undulating from the scope of the malicious forces contained within. Eventually, the sphere peeled apart, revealing not a white pegasus colt, but a Frieza completely transformed.

Okay, but how!?

"Pinkie," Twilight continued, "get the others. We're going to need the Elements to stop Nightmare Frieza. I'll hold him off."

Okay, I think I get it. It's certainly possible given what I've seen in MLP with emotion based transformations.

At this, Discord winced. "I know, I know. I was also busy convincing the Guard, ol' Sunbutt, and that coot Star Swirl and those Pillars of his to stay away. This is way above their pay grade."

Oh, bull crap. Celestia is the perfect counter for Absolute Frieza. Her magic is literally based off of the sun.

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