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Hello, Were twins who love MLP and wish to start creating fan made stories


            Silver Watch is an earth pony who possess extraordinary abilities and has now lived for over two thousand years. However, most of this time was not spent in Equestria and Silver Watch is in fact not his real name. Long ago, on his home world, Silver only sought after one thing. He wished to gain power unmatched by any who might stand against him. In battle, he was unable to be defeated.  Of course, by a strange and devious turn of events, his wish was granted.

Sadly, Silver would soon learn the horrible price that such wishes can cost. Not only has he lost his family, but he now is faced with a job offer he is unable to refuse. Given the title of Traverser, Silver Watch now spends all his days traveling through dimensions learning of the cultures and gaining strength and knowledge from their fighters. While this aspect may not seem so bad at first, he is tasked ultimately with judging these worlds to determine if they are worthy of existing and choosing the next traverser. This test of course is a brutal fight where Silver has tremendous strength and abilities available from his experiences. So far, there have been no worthy successors.

Just as things seemed to be dragging on at the same depressing pace, things seem to be changing for Silver. He now finds himself in the land of Equestria, inhabited by many amazing creatures and magic of many forms. The main inhabitants the ponies do not seem very strong sadly, but among them, he finds “Some pony” who he will learn and share a similar fate with. Ultimately, He has learned what it means to be truly, truly alone. Maybe this time, his fate will be changed and the life of those around him.

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

If Silence were voiced, Imagine a more fluent and precise version of Darth Vader. He has a very composed demeanor and is not quick to anger. Simply as if he was a natural force. However, you definitely get an uneasy feeling simply from the dark undertones he resonates.
Silver watch varies a lot from different aspects in the story. If he were voiced, it would be someone who has a very stoic persona. Most of the time, he calculates everything. But there are also plenty of opportunities for him to let loose in a sense. That is when he becomes a more enjoyable pony. He cracks jokes and is playful like how he interacts with Simon. There will be many changes to reflect the experiences he has had and will experience in the story. I hope this answered your question. If not, please let me know what else I can tell you. Thanks for taking an interest!

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