• Published 14th Jul 2017
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My Little Pony Meets Henry Danger - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Henry Danger is a Nickelodeon series, what happens when our main 6 meet them?

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Now They Meet

Twilight fell down from the ceiling. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And landed on Henry’s food.

“Hey, that was my food you landed on,” Henry said, Twilight felt dizzy, “Wait are you a pony?” Henry looked up at the ceiling.

The others fell and screamed. “Ahhhhhhhh!” And fell on Henry.

“Piper! Piper! Get these animals off me!” Henry said, wiggling and trying to get out.

Piper went down stairs texting on her phone, “What do you want now, Henry,” Piper looked up, “Ahhhh! Are those real ponies!”

“Uh Piper, can you please get these ponies off me!” Henry said.

Piper took a photo. “Your hair is all messed up,” Piper laughed. “Ok now to send this to Chat.”

“No, Piper don't you dare don't you dare,” Henry said.

And Piper sent it. “Done.”

Henry was angry, “Piper! I’m going to get you for this!”

Mrs. and Mr. Hart went in.

“Piper, Henry what is going on and why is there ponies on Henry and one on his food?” Mrs. Hart said.

“Well Twilight was casting a spell,” Rainbow Dash said, they all freaked out.

“Oh my gosh they are talking ponies! Please talk I want to take a video,” Piper said.

“Well ok. I’m Rainbow Dash!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Cool!” Piper said, then she sent the video. “Can we please keep the ponies? Please!”

“Well, Piper ok but you and Henry have to take 3 each,” Mrs. Hart said.

“Ok! I will take Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity, come on ponies let's go to my room!” Piper said.

“I don't want to be with these ponies! So, are you ponies smart?” Henry said.

They all answered Henry’s question. “Yes!”

“But I think you have a secret in you,” she used her magic to see Henry’s secret, “You are a Sidekick called, Kid Danger?” Twilight said.

“You ponies need to come with me to my bedroom,” Henry said, they walked upstairs and inside the bedroom. “Ok yes I’am I wasn't supposed to tell anyone or let anyone know I need to tell, Ray about this,” Henry opened his watch. “Hey! Ray.”

“Um, is that a hologram watch?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Shhhhhh!” Henry said.

“Oh hey, Henry and, who are you shooshing?” Ray asked.

“Ponies,” Henry moaned.

“What! They know your secret!” Ray said.

“Shhhhh! I will meet you there,” Henry said.

“Ok bu-” Ray said.

Henry closed his watch. “Come on we are going to my work.”

Then Piper came down. “Henry! What are you doing to my ponies!”

“Oh hi, Piper they are not your ponies and I’m taking them to work,” Henry said.

“Henry! Give me back my ponies!” Piper said, dramaticly.

“For the last time! They are not your ponies!” Henry said.

“Piper, Henry what's going on?” Mrs. Hart said.

“Henry won't give me my ponies!” Piper said.

“Well ok then remember I told you can both get 3 each so Henry can do anything he wants with the ponies so just worry about what you are doing,” Mrs. Hart said.

Henry and the ponies went outside. “Rainbow Dash can fly you there? And I will fly Applejack,” Twilight said, they held on tight and flew off as fast as a cheater.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Turn left,” Henry said, the ponies turned left. “Now turn right and here we are!” The ponies turned right and they flew down.

“So you work in Junk’n Stuff that sounds lame,” Rainbow Dash said laughing.

“Rainbow! Just ignore her, Henry she always does that and make fun of almost everything,” Twilight said.

“Ok then,” Henry said, they went inside then into the elevator. “Ponies just be careful because this is so fast then a normal elevator.”

“Ok!” They all said, Henry started the elevator the ponies screamed. “Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!” The elevator opened and went into the man cave.

“Hey! Henry,” Ray said.

“Hi, Ray,” Henry said.

“Hey, Henry and why did you have to bring ponies?” Charlotte asked.

“Talking ones,” Twilight said.

“Ahhh! They are creepy!” Charlotte screamed, freaking out.

“Hey, Charlotte it's ok they won't hurt you,” Henry said.

“Okay,” Charlotte said.

Beep beep beep beep! “Oh no the alarm signal,” Ray said.

“Oh now who is it?” Henry asked.

“I’m stuck please help me,” a man said, Ray turned off the alarm.

“The ponies know our secret because of a spell that Twilight cast,” Henry said.

“Oh no, ok ponies don't tell anyone, ok?” Ray said.

“We won't we are going back anyway,” they said.

“Yeah! And what's this?” Applejack said, holding a bubble gum.

“Don't touch that!” Ray said, and snatched it of Applejack, Henry and Ray blew the bubble gum then it popped Henry turned into Kid Danger and Ray turned into Captain Man they both went up the stairs they pressed the button 2 tubes came down.

“Up the tube!” They both said, they both gone up the tubes.

“So what do we do, Charlotte while there gone?” Twilight asked.

“Just sit around I guess,” Charlotte said.

“That sounds boring,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Well we have to do it,” Charlotte said, 10 minutes later, Kid Danger and Captain Man went down the tubes they turned back into their normal selfs.

“Yeah that was good,” Henry said.

“Yeah I know!” Ray said.

“What are you guys talking about?” Twilight said.

“Oh, just fighting crime,” Ray said.

“Yeah they do that all the time,” Charlotte said.

“Okay.” Twilight said.

“Why did you bring these ponies here? Henry,” Ray said.

“Because Henry’s mum said Henry and Piper had to take 3 each,” Rainbow Dash said, interrupting.

“How many ponies were they?” Ray asked.

“6 ponies we are called the main 6,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Cool,” Ray said.

“Geez always have to be the 3 ponies,” Charlotte said.

“Could you please be quiet, Chattlote,” Ray said.

“Okay,” Charlotte said, putting two hands in the air.

“Ray?” Henry asked.

“Yes? Henry,” Ray asked.

“I have to go back home with the ponies,” Henry said.

“Okay,” Ray said.

Henry and the ponies went inside the elevator then they hopped off and went outside Twilight held on tight to Henry while, Rainbow Dash held tight on Applejack and the flew off.

Henry screamed. “Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” And they got home.

“We have to go back in Equestria, does anyone want to say anything until we go? We might meet again,” Twilight said.

“You are going already?!” Piper asked, dramatically.

“Sorry, Piper but we have to save Equestria from evil,” Twilight said.

“You ponies are great,” Henry said.

“Thanks, bye!” Twilight said.

Piper and Henry said. “Bye!” And Twilight cast the spell that she did before and they went back in Equestria.