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Daaaaah! Too many BABIES on zis team!

Look at you all, with your tiny BABY SNOW GUNS. Zere aren't even enough of you to FILL zis team!

Look! I count von, two, sree, four, five, seex, SEVEN LITTLE BABIES. You are no match for me!

I'll have to give this a read sometime. TF2 and MLP just seem to mix so well :V.



Angryshy would totally be an awesome announcer, wouldn't she?

The cake is a lie.

I used to be a hater. Then I took a TF2/MLP crossover to the brain.

What the fuck did I just read?

Who was the soldier, or demopony?

Ponies and TF2? Oh Hell yes. Putting this on read later for now.

That was awesome!


I think Apple Core was the demopony, with her unorthodox throwing style, and Golden was the soldier, with her ability to damage a large area at once.

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Yes! Just pure yes!

Well written, funny and charming.


That was superultraextremeawsomazing!!!

A very amusing read and a clever interpretation of TF2 in MLP. Definitely one I'll be reading more than once! Go Blue team! :pinkiehappy:

908770 welcome to the herd! /)

930083 Actually, I've been part of the herd for a few months now.

This was just awesome. Just a few things though...

"And the wind took the paper right out of Apple Bloom’s hands."

“Need a hand?”

"Cyan Skies got her hands on one blue glove and a beanie too big for her."

"Silver Spoon was standing outside the main building, snowballs in hand."

"She pouted but let them go. Resting one hand on the exam, which she put inside a suitcase her father had given her to keep it dry, she knew life was good."

"The snowball in her hand came down on the back of the other pony’s neck."

HOOVES! NOT HANDS! other than that, great story.:twilightsmile:

Huh. I thought Applebloom would've been engie, seeing as she's shown a talent for construction stuff, like the treehouse.

Snow Fortess

I thiiiiiiink you mean fortress...

And the wind took the paper right out of Apple Bloom’s hands.


...I hate to tell you this, but fillies only refers to young female horses or ponies.

Boys, like Snips and Snails, would be colts.

And it would make more sense for you to say "fillies and colts", when you're talking about more than one gender of school age ponies. Or even just say "kids".

Great story overall, though. You really thought hard about all of this.

Silver Spoon: RED Engineer.
Cyan Skies: BLU Engineer.
Apple Bloom: BLU Heavy.
Peachy Pie: RED Heavy.
Berry Pinch: BLU Medic.
Tootsie Flute: RED Medic.
Sweetie Belle: BLU Spy.
Rose Petal: BLU Sniper.
Archer Bodkin: RED Sniper.
Scootaloo: BLU Scout.
Hot Rod: RED Scout.
Dinky Hooves: BLU Pyro.
Bonnie: BLU Demoman.
Diamond Tiara: RED ???
Sunny Daze: RED Soldier.
Apple Core: BLU Soldier.

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