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Slicer Jen

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A interesting start I will be watching to see how this story develops.

I know tie a book to a rope and drag it threw town in front of Twilight she will be right out of town that way.

SLICER :facehoof:
I can say this story is rather interesting in a vary good way.

ok now on to AJ'S accent. (snicker snort ) I will let slicer handle this comment.
Slicer gets up and walks away you just butchered it.

Vary, as in variable? So lots of different varied good ways? Or VERY good as in a lot of good in one way? I do not butcher. I perform surgery. <slice slice>

a interesting chapter i like it.

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Will nightmares be appearing in this story? I don't mean nightmares as in Nightmare Moon, I'm talking about these guys.

this is a good chapter and i can see the story shifting to a new and different story ark.

on a side not we should all keep Slicer Jen in mind over the next several days as he is pretty much at ground zero for Hurricane Harvey.
i won't say what his job is but i will say it means he has to stay and help people there.

Jumanji- A little rain never hurt anybody. Yeah, but a lot can kill ya.

well crap things have really got turned up side down now.
just how much more can go wrong.

As Slicer puts away her blade, Luna sighs and buries her head behind her wall of cardboard stat tables, groaning out, "And why are you attacking your own party members...??"

Because this game D&D

seriously, i've seen that happen, too.

a good chapter.
I can tell you are pulling the story together.
looking good.

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