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Just a guy learning to write, one word after another.


When you have an idea, you do it. When you have an idea for a story, you write it. When Ink Quill has an idea for a romance story, she... can't write it? What's a writer to do when they cannot put pen to paper?

Turn to life and all the strange and wonderful people in it for inspiration and motivation, of course. After all, you can't learn love from a mere book or research study; you have to go out and ask others what they think it is and experience it for yourself. Ink is glad her friends are willing to help, but who's this farmboy who shows up with a boatload of romantic advice? And why is she and her unwritten story drawn inexorably towards him?

One thing's for sure: Ink Quill will learn what it means to love and to be in love.

A contribution to the PoME Universe. More information can be found at the link.

For inspiration, motivation, support, critique, and all-in-all for being amazing and incredible people, I have these to thank. Check out their stories, too, while you're at it:
Ragga_Muffin (also the maker of the cover art!)
Lord Celtic Stoner
Snow Bullet
PyraFlare Bullet
Tiberius Silverfang
C T Lilly
... and an additional extension of thanks to all the members of the PoME group, readers and writers alike. You've given me a place to test the waters and my skills as a writer. I've learned a lot and grown a lot since then.

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Comments ( 75 )

Ink Quill? I wonder if she's distant cousins with Heavenly Quill from Crystal Prep.

Anyway, nice start so far. You already know how I feel about your writing so I'm sure this will be great!

(Man, this is my first comment on this site in months. It feels weird.)

...Wait till you get to chapter 8 :raritywink:

I'm not sure how to feel about that response with that icon. That could mean a plethora of things. :0

I don't know what that is

yas good chapter fam

better than I can write lol

A nice start of new story Jarvy. I've waited for "Spilling Ink" to be published and it was worth the wait. Looking forward to your next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

You're not the only one BRye. I don't get it either. Also good to hear from you. It's been a while. :yay:

I've always been here. It's just no one comments or messages me anymore since I'm an old writer on here.

You're still my Brye-Senpai to me :raritywink:

...Why does Ink Quill look exactly like Matt Yamato from Digimon Adventure?

That makes no sense, seeing as how Ink is lilac-skinned and this Matt Yamato is tan-skinned.

Ink was the first on her feet. “Oh, gosh, I am so sorry! Wait…” Her face scrunched up; then her eyes widened. “Big Mac?”

Much like how he was on Saturday, he was not dressed in any particularly heavy clothes. Save for a green scarf that was wrapped around his neck, he appeared more-or-less the same. Recognition shone in his ripe-green eyes. “Eeyup. Howdy, Ink.”

She helped him to his feet, though, seeing how big and muscular he was, she doubted he really needed her help. “Sorry about that,” she repeated, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

“ ‘S no problem,” Mac said, giving her a kind smile. “Hope Ah didn’t hurt ya.”

Oh you will. Maybe. I dunno. Let Jarvy manage the "Fuck You's" in the future.

Kek. Ink pretty much summarized Gaige's story.

YOU CALL THAT SHIPPING? HEH. Where's the cliche part where they fall on each other?

Slowly, Ink began to realize that Artifex was not here, and she began to panic. She did not know where he was sitting, if anywhere, so all she could do was stand by, awkward and stiff, feeling self-conscious, even as no one paid her any attention. Crossing her arms and attempting to look casual, she could not prevent Gaige’s voice from breaking through and yelling at her mentally. “Baka, baka, baka…”



And, of course, there she was; right next to her, in fact. Gaige was frowning. “Jesus, Ink. Do you really have to zone out like that?”


Ah yes, drag it out Jarvy.

Drag it out.


Oh man, I can't stop laughing at some parts of your chapter Jarvy. You nailed all the other Oc's here! :rainbowlaugh:

My favorite quotes:

The big man bellowed; it sounded like a foghorn. He pounded on his chest. “WELL, NICE TO YOU MEET YOU, INK AND HAZEL! I’M RIFT MIX, GAIGE AND TREBLE’S FATHER!”

“And Moxi’s plaything,” Moxi added from the kitchen. She winked.

Rift went beet-red, but nonetheless tried to remain composed. “TH-THAT TOO!” :ajsmug:

Oh man! This one is gold! :trollestia:

“Oh! Hi, there, Gaige!”


Ink turned around. Gaige’s face was lit up like a red, Christmas ornament.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” said Treble. He nudged her forward. “Go and say hi!”

“N-no! I-I-I mean—”

Too late. She was already next to Ink. She couldn’t even look straight at Lone. “U-um, h-hi, L-Lone. F-fancy seeing y-you h-here.”

Lone appeared confused, then shrugged. “Yeah. It’s nice seeing you, too, Gaige.” He pet her head; she appeared like she was about to faint. :moustache:

Thanks, Frost. I know I'm not much of a humorist, but it's nice to see my unique brand of comedy does get its share of laughs.




Also holy shit ABOUT DAMN TIME.

[The long-awaited return of Ink Quill and her eagerness to write the perfect romance story. I'm getting back in the holiday mood when I was reading your chapter Jarvy. It's good to have you back my friend. Looking forward to the next chapter. :raritywink:

Oh boy, Gaige and Hazel always appear at a bad time where they assume the wrong thing. Good for comedy though. Nice one Jarvy! :trollestia:

“Oh, hey, Inky,” came the voice of Gaige, “what was that about handlebars?”

The fuck you talkin- OOOOHH wait.

Oh sorry, I didn't know Ink Quill was the girl. I meant the guy in the picture.

That was a nice thing of granny smith to do and a little eccentric of her but she needs those maink grandbabies. Awesome chapter jarvy keep the steam a' rollin.

“Would you…” He licked his lips. Paused. Began again: “Would you… be opposed to doing that sort of thing again?”

She looked at him, and only had to think for a moment. “No, I don’t think so.” He found the answer satisfying; she found it to be honest.

*Shouts like the guys from Black Panther*

Aj? A grudge against someone as sweet and innocent as Ink Quill? Ridiculous! :trixieshiftright:

To court DEATH, is to challenge them.

Jeez, Ink. Just buck already.


Reads chapter and is near the end. AJ enters and the chapter ends... Damn it Jarvy! Things were starting to get even more interesting now. :flutterrage:

Le twist now let's see how this plays out

Sometimes I think you get butterflies in your stomach when you're writing these.

They are a source of terrible inspiration.

Knew something like this would happen. Jarvy, you party pooper! :raritydespair:

Still, I hope she's gonna be allright! :pinkiesad2:

You got that from the Disney movie “Dumbo” don’t you Jarvy? Also don’t tell me that her mother is going to sleep with the angels please! :pinkiesad2:


Damn Jarvy, you changed the tone of the story. Well done. VERY WELL DONE. This has changed the tide of PomE.

She turned, and was surprised to see Gaige and Hazel entering the NICU. The first thing she noticed was that Gaige had cut her hair short. Her pigtails were gone

This... does put a smile on my face *Clenches PomE Gauntlet*

This was totally worth the cliffhanger, more plez?

His hand came away from hers. “But… it’s up t’ you. I ain’t gonna force you or anything. But just know that I’m here for you, Ink. And I always will be.”

He smiled again, and it was a small smile, but no less genuine.

He took her plate and went into the kitchen. She heard him turn on the faucet as he began to clean. Left alone at the table, she stared at her hand, where his had once been.

Slowly, she began to think.


Le plot, she thickens.

Also layers, books are like onions I guess, does that mean Ink was slightly inspired by Shrek?

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