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Here to comment on and draw fanart of some fics I like!


Play as Sunset Shimmer and try to get Adagio to stop being so very... her.

(An experimental story: basically a mass effect dialogue wheel with illustrations.)

Written for Ebonquill's Dazzling's contest, following the Redeemed path.

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Not a bad story, love the facial art and it's a shame there aren't too many stories like this, then again, it would probably strain anyone mentally, if theres like a MLP telltale style game, I would definetly play it, with this being the story for sure.

My friend, this is such a cool concept! I love it! And brilliant job with the faces.

An interesting little choose your own adventure story. The artwork really helped tie it all together, I think. Plus I do like a bit of Sundagio, even if its hypothetical choose your path Sundagio! :pinkiehappy:

CYOAs are hard to pull off on this site, but you both did it well and kept it in character. Nicely done. If only the site could actually keep track of which options I'd already read.

Should I start speaking Old Ponish when I think of some particularly quotable oath of revenge?

[](/sweetieexcite) I really like this line!

Quite an interesting way to tell a bit of (optional) Sundagio! Thanks for writing this!

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