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"What is home?" - Sparkling blaze

After the Battle of the Bands, life hasn't been easy to any of The Dazzlings specially for Aria,it didn't helped much Sonata made friends with "The Rainblossoms". (Written in duet with Anstca)

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Standing up for who you love

Three weeks after the meeting at Sugarcube Corner...

Sonata's POV

I already have presented Ari to the girls,but I'm sad I haven't presented Dagi to them yet,but thinking now I'm glad she wasn't there,if she saw the way Dashie talked to me,I would never hang out with the girls ever again,I'm still suprised by Aria hadn't hit Dashie 'till her death.

I just wanted them to get along to each other,so then we would return home.

I think I can change Aria's mind about the girls,after all Ari believes all I say, but Dagi will be harder,she doesn't trust the girls.

But I can make she trust them,well at least I'll try.

"It's Raining Tacos,falling out of the sky..."

Oh,it's Pinkie.

"Hi Pinkie!"

"Heya Sonny,me,Dashie and Flutters are going to hang out at the park,you wanna go?"

That's my chance!

"Sure.Can I bring Ari with me?"

"Yeah. So see you at Sugarcube Corner,then we go to the park.Meet you by 5?"


I'll knock on Aria's bedroom door,and call her to hang out,she just can't say no to me.


"What?"She says in her usual sarcastic tone.

"I'm going to hang out with Pinkie,Flutters and Dashie. Can you go with me?"

"Ok."She says.

"Yay!"I hug her.

She pushes me.

"Just let me get ready...."Says Aria.

A few minutes after...

"Let's go?"I say.

"Just let me tell Adagio we're going out,you know we two are gonna be grounded if she don't find us,when she gets home from her work."Aria says.


"Ok,already told her,let's go."

At Sugarcube Corner...

"Hey girls!" I shout to get their attention.

"Oh hi Sonata!" Says Rainbow Dash,and then she makes an bored face. "And...Hi Aria."

"Hey."Says Aria.

"Hi Sonata,hi Aria..." Says Fluttershy in her quiet tone.

"Hey Sonny!Hey Aria!" Pinkie says and hug me.

I hug her back:

"Hey Pinkie!"

"I kinda have bad news,I got an bad result on the chemistry exam today and my mom grounded me by cellphone,so I need to go home help her and my sisters with the chores." Pinkie says with an sad face.

"Oh..." I am disappointed now,but I'm still not giving up.

Pinkie starts to head home.

"But we can still hang out just us." I say.

"For me it's ok." Aria says.

"Yeah we could." Says Fluttershy.

"Gah...Okay." Says Dash.

We headed to the park.

We were just walking on the park when three tall guys approached me and Fluttershy.

"Well,well,what we got here?If it isn't our old friend Klutzershy..." The orange one with brown hair.

Fluttershy seemed very uncomfortable with the boys.

"Still a weakling after all these years?"

"Don't you know guys?Without Crash to stand up for her she's anything." Says one of them.

"Hoops,Dumbell,Score...I-I..." Fluttershy said stuttering.

I just can't let they do it to one of my friends,it's like Adagio and Aria always told me,always protect who matters to you.

"Hey!Who gave you the right to pick on her?" I said.

"And who are you,little girl?"

"I am one of Fluttershy's friends,and you bully her just proves you're three cowards." I say.

"Oh,is one of the sirens,the stupid childish one." Says Dumbell.

"What do you you want little baby,your bottle?" Says Hoops.

"Why don't you run to the lap of your big sisters?"Says Score.

I feel like crying, some kids did this to me when I was younger.
"Hey,you three!" Calls Rainbow Dash.

"Stop picking on them!" Aria shouts.

"Or else?" Says Dumbell.

"Or else you'll be messing with me." Aria told them.

"With us." Rainbow Dash corrected.

"Well,who are you?" Hoops shot back.
"I'm one of the the big sisters you to told her to go cry to. Now that I'm here what's your big plan?"Aria told him.

"And you know who I am." Dash told them. "When will you three learn you can't do this to people?"

"We can do what we want." Score shot back.

"Not while I'm around!" Aria told them.

"Now you three leave my sister and her friend alone."

"Who's gonna stop us?" Dumb-Bell asked with a cocky grin.

"I am." Aria tells him as she steps up move me behind her with he right hand as she threw a left hook in to the boys face.

The punch didn't knock him down but it dazed him long enough for Aria to follow up with a quick right jab to his nose. From the way it bled it had to have been broken.

"The bitch broke my nose" He shouted to the others. "Kick her ass"

Before the other two could react Rainbow Dash rushed at them and caught Score in the side of face with a right hook witch she quickly followed up with a left hook to the other side of his face.

Hoops took this opportunity to hit Rainbow while she was focusing on Score. The punch caused the girl to stagger sideways.

"You may be fast Dash but you know you can't take all three of us. You got guts tho."

"She doesn't have to take all three of you." Aria tells him as she unloads a punch into his lower back.

Hoops spun around trying to catch Aria with an elbow but she ducked it. When she rose it was throwing an uppercut that caught Hoops under his chin. The hit spun him around and made him stagger twords Dash, who threw one last punch putting all her weight behind it catching Hoops square in the face. The boys knees buckled after that.

"Don't ever want to see you three picking on those two ever again."Says Aria.

"Now you two help your friend." Rainbow Dash told Dumb-Bell and Score.

They ran away. I'm glad Aria and Dashie stopped them.

"Let's go home Sonata,Adagio just texted me and she is back from work,bye Rainbow Dash,bye Fluttershy." Said Aria.

"Ok Ari.Bye Dashie!Bye Flutters!"


Aria's POV

I still can't believe that guys made that with Sonata.

I'm kinda glad Dash was there to help me,for me,she always seen like the kind of girl who would do it.

I think I'm gonna thank her.

"Hey Dagi,I'm going out."

"Out where?" Adagio asks.


"Be back be 8pm."


I think that's her house,I knock on her door,she answers the door.

"Um...Hey." I say.

"Why you came all the way to my house?" Rainbow Dash says.

"Look,I also don't like you. I just came to thank you for helping me with that bullies."
She looks suprised and confused at me.

"Enter." She says.

I enter.

"I didn't know you sirens cared so much about each other...Or about anyone. And that you thanked other people." She says,her tone of voice confused.

"What did you think we are? Heartless?"I ask her.

"Well...After what you did in the Battle of the Bands...."She says kinda apologizing.

"Ugh...I don't blame you... But we did that just to feed and go back home." I say,a little of sadness in my voice."I miss home..."

Dash realizes the mistake she made:

"Oh..."She gives me a nervous laugh." So you guys aren't pure evil...Guess I judged you wrong. Anyways, it was awesome how you fought to stand up for Sonata and Flutters."

"Thank you.You were pretty awesome too."

"Thanks,I know."

We stayed in silence for a while.

"You're cool Aria. You know what,I don't hate you completely anymore."She says.

"That's good,you're cool too. Now I gotta go or else Adagio will yell at me,bye."


I think I can be friends with this girl,two of them earned my confidence but will the other 5 of them earn it also?

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