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"What is home?" - Sparkling blaze

After the Battle of the Bands, life hasn't been easy to any of The Dazzlings specially for Aria,it didn't helped much Sonata made friends with "The Rainblossoms". (Written in duet with Anstca)

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Back Home

Aria's POV
Me and Sunset Shimmer talked until we arrived home.

She is kind of nice,I think I could be friends with her.

"It's here." I told Sunset. "Just let me wake Sonata up."

I left the front seat and went to the backseat.

"Sonata,wake up." I shook her.

"We're here?" She asked.

"Yeah." I told her.

"Bye Sunny!" She said bye to Sunset Shimmer.

"Bye Shimmer." I said.

"Bye girls,see you soon Sonata and I hope to see you soon Aria." She says.

I open the door and enter home,Sonata after me.

"Adagio?" I called her.

"Home,so soon?" She said with an satisfied smile on her face.


"Dagi, is dinner ready? I'm hungry."

"Why didn't you eat in the bakery?"

"I... forgot it." Sonata said clearly trying to hide what happened.

"Yeah, we were so distracted, we forgot to." I said trying to cover for her.

"Oh,I see." Adagio clearly knew that something happened and she would want us to explain what had happened . "You're lucky enough we still have some noodles, for you two to eat."

"We don't have tacos?" Sonata said with pleading dog eyes. "Can I order,pleaaaase?"

"Just for you, I'm sure Aria don't wants tacos. And I don't want them ether ." Adagio replied.

"Yay! Thanks Dagi!"

I made some noodles from me and eaten just some of it,I wasn't really hungry.

My ground begins today,I'm listening It's raining tacos right now, but Adagio luckily forgot to take one thing away from me,internet, and my laptop.

Huh?Strange,the connection with the WiFi is weak.

I'll put the password again, it's saying that the password is wrong, just one person can change the WiFi password in this house...

"OH C'MON ADAGIO!" I shout.

"Can't hear you,I'm in the shower." She shouts back.

She really knows how to get on my nerves.

Finally after what felt like forever Adagio got out of the shower. She gave me a knowing smile.

"Was there something you needed Aria?" she asked me.

"Yeah." I tell her. "The wi-fi is not working".

"Really? It's working fine for me. You sure you have the right password?"

" Why wouldn't I?We haven't changed it since we got it."

"You know what they say about keeping the same password for to long."

"That's not cool Adagio,what is it?"

"Why should I tell you? You're grounded rember? Besides I know it's the fastest way to get you down stairs. Now take a seat." she says as she goes to sit on the couch.
I sit in the chair across form her.

"So..." she asks me. "How did it really go this evening?"

"We told you it went just fine."

"I don't believe you, if things went as good as you want me to think you wouldn't be back this early."

"Something came up." I tell her.

"Something for all six of them to have to go? Discord himself show up? So I'll ask you again what happened tonight?"

I took a deep sighing breath:

"There might have been a small set back with one of the girls."

"Oh? Was it the fact that they hate us and this is a stupid idea?"

"No.. well maybe that one might hate us but the others don't, and its not a stupid idea. We just need to give it some time."

Adagio sighed like she was dealing with a child that was convinced that one plus one was three:

"What was this set back?"

"Rainbow Dash, the one you were starring daggers at didn't like that fact that Sonata told us Twilight is a princess. She also might have yelled at Sonata and made her cry".

"She choking her teeth?"

"Nah I didn't hit her, wanted to but thought better of it. She ever does it again I will."

"What her friends do?"

"They called Dash out for what she did and stood up for Sonata. Well most of them did, the quiet one...Fluttershy was just kinda quite and let things play out, the best part was what Sunset did."

Before I could explain further we heard a knock at the door. Then the next thing we knew Sonata was bounding the stairs.

"THE TACOS ARE HERE!" She shouted as she pulled the door open.

"You got the mega taco pack?" asked the delivery boy.

"Yep I got all the tacos." answered Sonata as she payed him what was owed.

Sonata put the bag of tacos on the coffee table and sat down on the couch next to Adagio.

"Are you two sure you don't want any?"
Me and Adagio shrugged.

"May as well." I answered as I grabbed one one for myself and offered one to Adagio.

"Sure why not?" She answered as she took one.

"So what are the two of you talking about?" Sonata asked as she took a bite of a taco.

"We're talking about what you two did at Sugar Cube Corner."Adagio tells her.

"Oh?" she answers looking nervously over to me. "What's Ari been telling you?"

"That one of you're new friends might not like us very much but the others seam alright." Adagio tells her.

"Yeah Dashie was a little upset I told you two about Twily being a princess, but I'm sure she'll get over it."

"If she doesn't." Adagio tell her as she puts her arm around her and pulls her close. "You just tell your big sister and I'll take care of it."

Sonata returns the embrace.

"You won't need to do that Dagi, besides Aj would step in if you did and I don't know if you could take both of them."

"For you two I'd fight all six of them and if I needed help I know Aria has always got my back." She reassures Sonata.

With that it was my turn to join my sisters, I put an arm around each of them.

"Always" I tell them."Besides you know I can hit harder then you."

"Girls, you know you don't need to do that..." Sonata tells us.

"Sure we do" I tell her, "You're our baby sister if we don't look after you who will?"

"But I want to look after you too, both of you."

"You help us more then you know" Adagio tells her. "You keep us on the right path and give us a reason to not give up."

"Really?" she asks us not quite believing.
We just nod and enjoy the group hug.

Not long after that I head back up stairs.

"I"m gonna crack that WiFi password if it takes all night." I tell myself.

There's only so many things she would use and if she made it to random Sonata would never rember it. But sadly I was losing the battle with the WiFi when I got a text from Sonata:

"Dagi told me she changed the password for the internet and told me not to give it to you....buuuuuut here it is. Remember you didn't get it from me! ;)"

"Good ol' Sonata" I thought to myself "Don't ever change."

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