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Super Trampoline

I only use prereaders if I'm writing something of decent length and quality, which is why I never use prereaders. :rainbowlaugh:


Lily Valley really wants some Chineighs food, but not the crappy vegetarian stuff they serve in Canterlot. She wants some of that sweet and sour and just the right hint of spicy Orange Chicken. So naturally, she turns into a truck. Donn DeVore guest stars.

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After a certain point in time, i think there will be a new tag created: "Supertrampoline." It'll be used for when the "random" tag simply doesn't describe the sheer lunacy inherent in a written work.

has low prices

Did you mean low low prices?

Some bomb ass weed was smoked to make this. Loved it lol

I might have started it while high; I can't remember, but now I'm just high on my ADHD meds and some Dr. Pepper. But the story I published a week or two ago called "Rarity Listens to Redbone" actually was written while pretty high on edibles. I don't smoke because I don't like smoke in my lungs.

...ah, it's a story made by Super Trampoline. Makes sense now. :rainbowlaugh:


high on...some Dr. Pepper.

I can't articulate why, but this sounds like it could be a hell of a title for a pop-punk song.

"So fuck it let's get turned up / on commercials and shots
Shoot up caffeine and sugar / and piss away our thoughts
And hell if your two whoppers don't remind me of your tits,
So I don't give two shits / if you don't give two shits / i guess that this shoe fits."
*self indulgent guitar solo*

At first I thought, "there's random, then there's emoji-movie-wtf," then I noted the author. :rainbowwild:

Why are you writing pony words you should be writing pop punk songs.

What in God's name did I just read?

Huh. I did not know there was a Safe version of that pic. :rainbowderp:

1. I can't guitar,
2. I couldn't stop ripping off Bad Religion, NOFX, or Sum 41 if i tried.

8364110 wait, there's a NSFW version of the pic?


pls stop this meme. pls stop and do not ever again. pls.

Also hippogryphs are canon now. Do you not read the official novels?

I'm sorry it's just such an easily-punable name. And I did not know that.

This is my clop, the best clop out there, makes me wanna get high on orange soda from mcdonalds and sniff some crispy bois

So, i guess I know where to get lunch for you.

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