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spike the lone wanderer

just a guy who love write fan on Spike for the fun.


Spike Drake or the biggest loser of all time, died saving the life of a girl from his high school, he was finally going to know peace, but destiny decided otherwise. He returns on earth as a ghost to monitor the world and its inhabitants
Why me, mate!

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I'm interested. Going to keep a lookout for this story.

Ze1a7in #2 · Monday · · ·

You've sold me on this story.

So hard to watch Spike put up with so much crap. But I will continue to watch to see how it goes.

His life sucks.

Thank you very much, my friend.

OMG, Thank you very much. I'm a big fan of your works.

It's a decent idea and has promse, so I would liek to continue to read it but...

I'm sorry to say, the pacing too fast, the gramamr is bad, and you used the wrong words for several sentences.

'MY EYES!!!'' The coffee burned her face. She took a step back, and she stumbled on a haltere, making her fall. She tried to attach herself to a machine, but she fell to the ground, and the machine fell on her right leg.

Is a example, attach herself to a machine do you mean grab something to stop her fall and support herself, and what machine you said machine only that doesn't help.

What is the machine, sports equitpment, or Welding equiptment, or a Table saw?
Seriously thou what is the machine she grabbed on to? Helps with the story.

Work on pacing and grammar get a editor maybe.

Other then that it's a good story idea even if it I wanna make Spike suffer forever and ever story.

Thank you,t is true that I can better define certain actions of the character. I try to keep a rymthe fast enough for the readers to be in constant action. And for Spike, I love the character but, I also like to see him sad or angry at others. I thank you for these advice, diablo.

alright well hope things get better for Spike...I guess sicne he dead now.
But do hope the others regret how they actted just before he died.

Oh trust me buddy, it's just the beginning.

Fuck spike has it rough.....it's sad that he died

Yeah, to be honest. This fimfic is my favorite of them all.

At least spike had one person act nice to him before he died......


So people are going to do a complete 180 when they find out her died right?

What is a 180? I inquired but I did not understand.

Doing a 180 means to turn around like the next chapter people will no longer hate him and may even regret what they did to him

Oh Yeah, They will be like this.

Then that's going to piss Fallout off

Actualy, your role is resumed to a funny little cameo. But, you can have more lines if you want.

Oh do whatever you want man:pinkiesmile:

Still a good read man

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