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Chapter 6: Second First Impression

Daring Do opened her eyes to a small ache in her back. She looked up and didn’t bother to stand up before gaining back her strength. She saw the sun was high in the sky and wondered how long she’d been out. Last time she was conscious, the sun was barely rising up over the horizon.

“Ugh. My head,” she said as she stood up. She saw her hat and the scroll was not too far from where she was and immediately everything rushed back to her. She looked back up to the volcano and saw it was normal like it had been before. She then looked around and could only hear the sound of birds chirping and singing. She sped over to grab her hat and the scroll and took to the skies. As soon as she reached above the trees, she looked and searched for the village. As soon as she saw it she flew towards it at full speed. She landed in the market and caught eye of every pony there. Whispers grew and everypony in the village had heard of the mysterious new pegasus.

“Wow, you’re a pegasus!” A filly said as she ran up to Daring Do. Daring Do smiled at the filly but sorrow began to fill up her emotions.

“Wow is right! It’s incredible to see a pegasus like yourself! Wow! What may I ask you brings you to our village?” Enrico said as he approached Daring Do.

He looked a lot different from when he was transformed and his large cheery grin was back.

“Oh, um. Hello,” Daring Do said.

“My name is Enrico. And you are?” He asked. Daring Do gulped and tried to fake a smile.

“Daring Do, I just wanted to visit your island and also found this strange scroll in the jungle. Is it yours?” Daring Do said as she handed the mayor the scroll.

“Oh my! Yes, this is very important. What was it doing out there? Thank you very much for bringing it back,” he said before taking it from Daring Do’s hoof.

“Here, take this back to the library and make sure it stays safe,” Enrico said before handing it to another pony. Daring Do searched with her eyes everywhere for Quest but couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Will you stay for tonight? We are planning to have a feast and would love for a Pegasus to join us! Are you a traveler? Your stories would be a great honor to listen to,” Enrico said with a large grin.

“Wow, they really don’t remember anything. It’s like the past night and day didn’t even happen,” Daring Do thought to herself.

“Oh um, no thank you. I’m simply passing by. I won’t be staying long,” Daring Do said as she shook her head.

“Oh that’s a shame. Well if you truly are busy. Travelers are never known for staying in one place,” Enrico said.

“I’m actually an adventurer but yes, I was never known for staying in one place,” Daring Do smiled.

“Wow! A pegasus who’s an adventurer, that’s amazing,” Enrico said with his trademark grin. Daring Do smiled and only nodded.

“This actually hurts. None of them remember anything. I guess it’s best they don’t remember that awful night. But still,” Daring Do said as she looked at all the ponies in the market part of the village.

Daring Do then recognized one particular pony in the distance. She smiled and flew passed Enrico and the other ponies.

“Quest!” Daring Do said as she approached the pink pony. Quest stopped walking and looked surprised to see the pegasus approach her.

“Um, yes?” She asked. Daring Do grinned wide to see her friend was okay but realized the pony wasn’t returning the smile.

“Can I help you?” She asked. Daring Do’s smile slowly faded and she only stared back at the pony who appeared confused.

“Um. My name’s Daring Do, I’m an adventurer. I heard your name was Quest?” Daring Do said as she played the act as best as she could.

“Oh! You’re an adventurer? That’s amazing! What’s it like? Oh, and yes my name’s Quest. Nice to meet you Daring Do,” Quest said with a smile.

Daring Do’s eyes began to water as she smiled back at the pony.

“Yeah. I just had to meet you once I heard your name was Quest,” Daring Do said with a weak smile.

“Thank you, what else could you expect from an adventurer,” Quest said with a small laugh.

“Same cute laugh. Just loss of memory,” Daring Do said to herself. She turned her head and rubbed her eyes dry with the back of her hoof.

“Are you okay?” Quest asked.

“Yeah, just got something in my eye,” Daring Do lied. She turned back around and smiled to hide her feelings.

“Do you plan on staying? We’re planning on having a feast tonight. It be great to get to know you better,” Quest said with a grin.

“No I can’t stay. I have a promise to keep to a good friend,” Daring Do said with a soft smile.

“Really?” Quest asked.

“Yeah,” Daring Do replied. She reached for the gem in her pocket and took out the pink diamond shard she held onto for Quest in the cave.

“Oh! That’s beautiful. It’s the same color as my coat!” Quest said as she got closer to see the gem better.

“Yeah,” Daring Do said before clearing her throat.

“It’s a piece of a good friend. She told me to hold onto it for her. To take a piece of her around with me on my adventures,” Daring Do said as a warm smile grew on her face.

“That’s very sweet. She must be lucky to have a friend like you,” Quest said as she looked back at Daring Do.

Daring Do stared for a short moment and felt a lump in her throat grow larger. She placed the gem back safely in her pocket before she cleared her throat and tipped her hat down below her eyes.

“Well, I think I should be going,” Daring Do said as she turned around.

“Wait,” Quest said as she stopped the pony from flying off. Daring Do didn’t bother turning around because of the tears that were staining her face.

“Yes?” Daring Do replied.

“Would you come back someday? To tell me your stories and maybe meet your friend?” Quest asked. Daring Do’s head hung low slightly but she nodded.

“It’s a promise,” Daring Do said.

“Thank you. I’ll be looking forward to it, Daring,” Quest replied.

Daring Do shut her eyes tightly before shooting up the sky. Quest smiled as she watched the pegasus fly off into the sky. Daring Do’s eyes couldn’t have been shut any tighter, but the tears still found a way to come out. She slowly smiled and opened her eyes.

“It’s a promise,” she said as she continued to speed through the sky.

And so Daring Do left the island with a better treasure than she thought she was going to find. Again, Daring Do had saved the day and everything had gone back to the way it was.

“I won’t forget. I promise. I’ll come back and tell you our story.”

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Guess you can say so. Except Quest is the same age as Daring Do.

I thought Daring and Quest were going to kiss. It would have highlighted the drama even more.

But its only my opinion, otherwise very good fics

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