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Winter had just finished which meant it was nearly winter wrap up. She was excited to see Tank again but this was the last time she got to see him forever....

Everyday she weeped over Tanks loss and nopony knew how to patch up Rainbows shattered broken heart. There's only one pony who can fix this big mess.

Artwork by Neon_Spirit

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Well, a kiss always works. Good Job!"

Thanks! I read a few of your stories, there good :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear it. Leave a comment if you're like, I barely get comments and i like to know what people think. In my story, "The end has begun" there will be a brief moment of SoarinDash in one of the chapters

AAAAAAA I WAS FANGIRLING TOO MUCH!!!! OMG I TRULY LOVED THIS!!!!!! It sort of happened a little to fast. 😅😅 But all in all, I am totally in love with it!!! 😊😊💕💕💗💕💗💕

Yea, a bit to fast though but thanks!

JUst thought it mind be interest you, given your likening in SoarinDash.

It was a good idea, but the execution could've been much better. Mind if I give some constructive criticism? ^^

EDIT: I'll take the no reply as a no :/

You're welcome. 😊😊💗💗

Wow, that was so beautiful. So lovely to. Well done my friend I love it. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by jnzsblzs deleted Jul 13th, 2017

Hi, I just noticed you used my art for the cover, I'm fine with that, but I would appreciate it if you credited me. Thank you

Ok, sorry I didn't know who it was from

Awh this is so cute!:rainbowkiss: But sad....:applecry: But mostly cute!:heart:
A kiss does wonders!
This is just so....

yeah, I stole that from you, sorry. Please don't sue me...:fluttershysad:

Don't worry, I dont do that but thanks :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry its fine ^^ also ty for crediting me anyways

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