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This story is a sequel to I Think I Summoned a Ponk.

This story is comment driven! Have fun!

:trollestia: Oh, you knew this was gonna happen. :trollestia:

Let’s just say that Pinkie’s in my house. Also, I still don’t have much of an idea of where she came from. Nor do I really know about the new girl...pegasus...um...derp.

The official official sequel to the original. Ignore "From One End to Another". That ended up being part of a series of semi-related fics that I still quite regret writing.

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Oh. My house is now flooded with muffins. I kinda expected that.



Pokemon music Starts Playing

~~~Universe collision noises~~~

"--oh. Here she is. And geez, where'd all this smoke come from?"
"Didn't you read the lines? I mashed the timelines together because if I didn't then there'd be two of everything!" Pinkie replied, dousing her flaming mane with a nearby garden hose from who-knows-where.

Oh Boy..

Why escalate the insanity when you can start with it?! :trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

When you say that this story is comment driven, does that mean that you will add any ideas commented into the story?

Most ideas. I still decide what goes in or not, but I typically accept nearly everything. :twilightsmile:

Here's an idea. Pinkie gives you her powers and you​ can see the fourth wall and go through an existential crisis but Derpy's muffins make it better. (Sorry if it is a bad idea)

I need more.
Much more.

Also, muffin powered weaponry.

And the CIA.

*le dead*

Really? No, wait. This story isn't serious at all, so what am I complaining about again?

Idunno. Probably something absurd.

I'm rather happy to see weaponised muffins.

Maybe something tranquil next?

How about reverting the universe to the day before yesterday?

Uhh... I guess it's tranquil? Maybe? Believe in yourself?

I'm writing all of this from my iPad one, so no memes. Not yet

Calvin and Hobbes reference FTW (I hope it was intentional).

Yes, it would be with the theme.

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