• Published 8th Oct 2017
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I Think I Summoned a Ponk: The Arrival of Derp - TheMajorTechie

Quite self explanatory.

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I may or may not be in the strangest situation I've ever encountered in my life.

As I'm saying this, I'm being held in the steel hands of Derpy's Muffin-Power-Suit-Thing, with Pinkie flying alongside us through the air as we run from the law.

And all of this was because of a speeding ticket. Aaaaaand maybe a certain mare who thought it was a good idea to take some explosive crystals from an alternate universe. But y'know, life happens, amirite?


... I have no idea what to do now.

Well, we can just undo all of this and go back to boring ol' normal life...


Suddenly, Pinkie pulled a cardboard box from her mane, its sides decorated with scribbled-on dials and meters.

"TIME MACHINE!" she hollered, suddenly grabbing hold of all of us, herself included, and stuffing us into the box.





"Go back to sleep, Pinkie, it's--" I paused, jerking out of bed and feeling my face for cactus spines. Of which, there weren't any.

"Pinkie," I began, turning towards the mare, "it worked!"

Except there were two Pinkies, and two Derpys. Derpys? Derpies? Whatever. As for me...

"MMFPH!" past-me screamed as he struggled to push me off of... myself, "What the he--"

"CHILD FRIENDLY!" both Pinkies screamed, simultaneously slapping past-me.

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