• Published 8th Oct 2017
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I Think I Summoned a Ponk: The Arrival of Derp - TheMajorTechie

Quite self explanatory.

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"Sanity medication"

Alright, alright. All this crazyness is getting waaay too far. First thing I'ma do is get some migraine pills.

"Don't you mean sanity meds?" Pinkie squeaked as she hopped onto my lap, reading my mind as usual.

No, Pinkie.

"Muffin potions?" Derpy added, joining the conversation without really knowing what was going on.

"No." I deadpanned, rubbing an eye with the back of my hand, "I just have a headache, and I want you to leave me alone."

Pinkie went quiet for a moment as she stuck a hoof in her mane.

And proceeded to pull out a very professional-looking bottle labeled "For headaches".


Before I could say anything, Pinkie proceeded to stuff the entire bottle down my throat. Strangely, the bottle itself tasted like gummy bears.



Aaaaaand... um. Well then. At least my headache is gone?

In the place of Pinkie is some random girl in her early twenties just kinda sitting on my bed, and Derpy is... another girl stuck headfirst in my backpack.

Did it work?

"Did what work, Pinkie?" I replied aloud.

The girl on my bed looked at me. Like, stare into your soul and rearrange your thoughts kind of looked at me.

Your sanity medication!

If you've actually been a human girl all this time and you and Derpy happened to somehow break in and use some sort of high-tech teleportation and storage device for half of everything, then yes. Yes, I do feel quite sane.


...Oopsies! That was the hallucinogens!


It was the INsanity medication!

Author's Note:


Pls no, Ponk.

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Comments ( 9 )

I think you need a nice, big, dose of hard drives and video cards.

I have a list of every word in the English language. :trollestia:

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