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Soon, my friends.


Death was upon his doorstep...
Voices beckoned him in the afterlife...
As he bleeds to his despair...
He still smiles.

Sans could only wait for his death, to rejoin his friends in the ashes the malicious child left in its wake...until salvation came from the unlikeliest of monsters. Sent to another world, Sans was given another chance to live, another chance to finish the job. Strangely enough, his life was turned in for a new change. He meets seven teenage girls, who seem to possess magical properties of their own, and they all go to the one place where Sans would never expect himself to end up in:


Sans' life will never be the same, as he embarks on a new life with his new friends he now calls family.

What was coming after him only made him more DETERMINED than he has ever been before, as the fight for survival begins. With new friends by his side, he now stands on the verge of life and death, where only one will be walking away. Where only one will triumph over the other, where only one will be smiling at the end. One thing's for sure...

"Failure isn't an option."

Artwork: RandomColorNice

*Featured: 11/3/17 (Wow. Just...wow)

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 94 )

Good start

I have problems with the story so far

Comment posted by Beholder deleted Jul 9th, 2017

what are the problems you found in the story?
please do tell as I would like to make this story clear as much as possible.

geat chapter cant wait for next one.

Woah. You're the new best undertale writer. Like ever.

Thanks man and glad you liked the story ;D

I like this. Also,


2. you watch game theory don't You?

Actually I do watch GT :D
But I'm more into "Who is Gaster" theory. xD

What are you planning? I just noticed you added this to the Displaced group.

This chapter didn't have too many puns. In total it wasen't that humerus

Sorry, couldn't think of any more skeleton related puns when I was writing.

Frisk Yells the word "PUN" at the screen in hope that Sans would hear them,
Papyrus is not amused.

Good so far 8/10 from me I kinda would have liked it better if there was the end of the sans fight.

Like it so far but I don't really like to much but then why am I reading a fic with Sans:facehoof::derpyderp2:

One hour of sunset looking at sans memories later is the time it will take maybe more

Sans and pinkie. A volatile combination that's worse than francium and H2O

This story needs a bit of grammar polish, otherwise it's fine

The one criticism I have about this is the fact that you are constantly changing between past and present tense. Other than that, amazing beginning to the story.

Well, it's a good chapter. It's funny as a funnybone.

I'm a writer in the Undertale community, and was more than a little disappointed that Chara in this story isn't seemingly anything but a demon in this story. Mostly because it makes them so flat as a character. There could be so many ways to make this interesting, and I can't help but feel a bit disappointed that all the blame is pretty much coming on them, we don't get to see their reasoning, and we're just saying 'let's just blame this character.' I hope to see a difference in later chapters.

Don’t worry. I have plans for them in the next upcoming chapters.

The sound of students chattering and the smell of food being served was really getting to the short skeleton. Sunset told him that he would wait in line while she would join her friends at the table near the windows. The moment Sans walked into the cafeteria, some students looked at him at complete shock. Sans tried not to make a first impression as if it might cause some serious scream treatment. He just went on like it was a normal day for him and started to get in line. In between the line, students in front and back made a 5-feet distance from him. Guess he couldn't really blame them. Sans couldn't help but feel a little awkward with the food placed on his tray. It had a slice of meat, a flat one with a red something and a green something on it and a yellow something, which the students call "sandwich". Next to his 'sandwich' was a carton filled orange drink and three ketchup packets which he asked for. He was glad that ketchup was still relevant to this new world, basically, because it was his personal favorite. After he got out of line, he couldn't see where bacon hair went off to. Due to the fact that the students were surprisingly taller than him which were the same height of his brother, Papyrus, but not much taller than Toriel, he decided to find an empty table. To his surprise, there was one that was a few steps right next him. He sat down and began to inspect this so called 'sandwich'.

Anypony ever tell you about the dangers of run-on paragraphs?

Ummm...no. Actually you were the first to point that out. Thanks for noticing my mistake.

really looking forward to seeing more for this, been looking for a current undertale story since most of the good ones died before they could go anywhere.

Why did the Sailor travel across the Ocean?


What do mermaids wash their fins with?


"Sans couldn't help but smile back."... because he has no facial muscles.

"Sorry girls. It was a fun tour with Sans. He really kno-", Sunset was cut off by Applejack.

"Hold on just a minute, Sunset. So the new student's name is... Sans?" Twilight asked as it is a strange name.

so why did AJ cut off sunset?:applejackconfused:

Time is ticking before this ends up as a dead story.

*deep breath* UUUUUUUUUUPDAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:


The dog that Sans saw was the maker of the game Undertale in dog form.

Um..you do know that this is an undertale cross over fic right?

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