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Hi, so as you probably guessed I am an Mlp fan and love writing and reading. Unfortunately I am not the best at grammer and writing, so please.

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Equestria was destroyed a long time ago. The cause, the two Alicorns who once swored to be its protector.

Now a thousand years later each Alicorn created a new kingdom in their image. The kingdom of Seline and Sol.

Can peace peace be achieved or will actions from a thousand years ago, destory the new kingdoms as well. Will the Elements be the keys to bring about peace?

Disclaimer: I do not own MLP, but I do own the story line.

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V ery good, thou wonder who the third Alicorn is and what will happen, who will fall and who will rise.
I perfer Celestia and Luna to fall from grace be stripped of thier magic and status let Twilight rise above them all.
Sunset well take a fall but rise humbled.

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