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Not much to say about my self. I write fan fictions. My first one I wrote is Cupcakes 1 ½. I am now working on Cupcakes 4. After that I will be going writing something other that dark and gory stuff.


This story happens between Cupcakes 1 & 2. I please ask you to read Cupcakes by Sargent Sprinkles before reading this. Because this story begins moments after Cupcakes ended. I also must say the Cupcake series is not for everyone. This story was intended to bring light on a few fuzzy details in between Cupcakes 1 & 2. For the fans that are interested in the story line. Enjoy.
If you liked this story I am now working on Cupcakes 4. Subscribe to my YouTube channel be one of the first to read it!
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3dvMYd0N6w&feature=g-upl

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It's uhhh...ahem...it's, it's Cupcakes...and there are already dislikes, though I see people dislike automatically for the gore tag anyway...

perhaps your description should be more of a description though? "I'm gonna talk about what happened between Cupcakes 1 and 2." Ok. Where's the summary? What happened in Cupcakes 1?

I've no idea what I'm walking into here, and the description doesn't really catch my attention.

908501 No no no, here, lemme try to explain why people don't like this story:


There is no other explanation, no matter which way you cut it, it's still f**king cupcakes. Sure pony torture makes for good grimdark, but NOT THE SAME GENRE OF PONY TORTURE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The scare, shock, disgust, and fear has been run into the ground so many times because of the literal HORDES of these monstrosities running. And by monstrosities, I'm talking about your types of fic; the shoddily written, BAD cupcakes spin off that nobody wants to read. And there are a few sub-reasons for this:

1: Have a main protaganist that people LIKE and THEN brutally kill them off.
You: Let's have Flim and Flam so that people will see it as righteous violence!
Answer: The reason Cupcakes original retains it's absolute shock value is because it was a SURPRISE. People weren't expecting Pinkie of all people, the happy go lucky fun pony to go and kill off her prank buddy and best friend because she's a mentally unstable psychopath. Added to this fact is the way SeargentSparkles spins his grim tale. You can actually visualize Rainbow Dash getting torn to pieces, having the humility of her cutie mark and wings ripped out before her eyes, and the sadness that washes over her as Pinkie pulls out her organs that she's actually going to die.

See, that gets lost when we have ponies we hate being ripped apart, and that's what TRULY separates a good grim fic from the rabble: it has to have something nobody wants to die: DYING.

2: Have good description and insidious torture.
You: Oh, I'll just have Pinkie rip off their cutie marks n' stuff.
Me: Congratulations, you managed to make torture boring
Answer: Have you read Cheerliee's Garden? It's in the same vein as cupcakes, but do you want to know why it was such a success? Because 1: It was unexpected, 2: It was masterfully written, 3: It was dastardly genius.

The way the author writes it, you can see Scootaloo getting crushed, pushing against the big metal pusher as she desperately pleads for Cheerliee to stop, and you can to some extent understand Cheerliee's motivation. Here? You do what so many others before you do: you manage to make killing boring and studious.

(going off on a psycho rant here)

Killing is an art, unmoderated by law or order, you can make killing disgusting, horrifying, or hilarious as you want. Killing is a literal blank canvas, and you and your victim are the brush.

Anyway, so yeah, scrap it.

908809 I've been doing some thinking about Cupcakes actually, considering a re-write for it, mostly as practice. Might submit it here, might not, I dunno.

The main problem is that the story was never explained, was it? It was just the torture scene. Sure, that's all the story needed, but after the thrill of that scene died, you're left with questions that can't possibly be answered by what the story showed you.

Pinkie's crazy. Why? How did she gain this insanity? How has she coped with it? Is Rainbow her first, or 500th? Did she descend further into psychosis, or deal with the death in her own special way? Why make a party of it; is it in celebration for the dead, possibly to make them feel better after being murdered? She is using their bodies to create something wonderful, at least in her eyes, so maybe she uses this as a way to give back to the dead.

Explanation is what I'm aiming for, mainly, with a re-write of Cupcakes. Given it'd take place in my own headcanon as well, it gives me a lot of material to work with. Sadly, most of this material involves divinity, and not the Celestia kind :V, I mean actual Gods.

It'd take me forever to explain, but if you have questions or whatever to give to this, reply. But yes, your reasoning is true for Cupcakes writers doing what Sprinkles did. It needs EXPANSION, something to make the torture scene worth while. What's gore without reason, right?

908843 Yeah, which is why I mentioned Cherliee's garden. Also, good on ya, if you're gonna make a fic about Cupcakes, then at least think it through thoroughly.

But when the time comes, don't expect any mercy from me.

908869 After the beating I took with Silent Ponyville, I've learned that mercy is a non-existant term here :V. Trying my hand at some other pieces of writing while I trudge through inspiration for Silent Ponyville: Duet Of Sorrow (shameless plug), including a comedy piece. This Cupcakes re-write would actually be one of the endings for my core story.

In fact, my Silent Ponyville story seems to play a huge part in my entire headcanon...everything revolves around it :l. Weird.

Oh, and believe me, I'm gonna think through Cupcakes quite a bit. When Pinkie goes psycho, it'll make sense as to why and how. Who knows? It may not even be her in control at the time...*evil grin*.

908879 That's another problem with cupcakes fics, SHE'S NEVER IN CONTROL. It's a mega-cop out.

908884 She seemed pretty well in control during Cupcakes. I suppose it's because no one can actually bring themselves to corrupting Pinkie enough to make her do that.

I'll see about it...maybe Pinkie's been innocent long enough? I don't see the 'not being in control' thing as a bad thing though, since it's something Pinkie has to fight, it gives her a chance for redemption, or to simply sink further and actually carry everything out herself.

We shall see what the mind creates. Maybe all she needs is some convincing from a voice in her head that only wants to hurt ponies, but twists it into something that sounds good :V.

908843 I could really expand on the story considering I had a time window. I have already put a lot of thought into the back story and will answer many questions in cupcakes 4. Mainly because I can go anywhere from here due to the fact It will be my choice what happens next. Unlike this story which already had a squeal and a story line already.


Can someone please send me the link for the original "cupcakes" story on this site? For some reason I'm not able to find it (Derp)


I'm flattered that someone actual cares enough to carry on the horror.

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