• Published 2nd Jul 2017
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Equestrian Human - TheMajorTechie

A filly once lived in a lab. That lab happened to be on Earth. She wanted to go home. She never knew what to expect.

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Log 4145.5: Back again

Gadget, Delmar, you two are needed at the command station for planning purposes.

Huh? You don’t seem like you’re Ranell.

No. Ranell is busy at the moment.

Alrighty then. I’ve been spending a little while getting the pod-beacon into a safe and hidden place in a ditch on the outskirts of the city.
I take that we won’t need to send another pod through now that the beacon is set?

According to the boy, no.

Okay. I’m coming through then.

Well, I can certainly say that having a tracking beacon apparently helps a ton with portal stability. Especially considering how there’s not exactly the need for a pod anymore to travel through it.

“Gadget? You’re needed in meeting room 2-B.” a gruff voice said from behind the door.


Honestly, I don’t see much of a point anymore in narrating, but eh. I’ll do it anyways. Keeps my mind off of certain things.

Also, Delmar’s taking the whole “Suddenly I’m human again” thing surprisingly well. Though, I probably shouldn’t be too surprised, considering how chill he was even while in freakin’ space.

“Now then,” A man wearing a really formal tuxedo began, “Gadget, we’d like to know on behalf of the country, when will trade begin?


“First of all,” I replied in my most ‘mature’ voice possible, “We have yet to find a permanent place to li-- um... housing, to operate from.” I paused for a moment before continuing. “Also, the only time we’ve met with the ruler so far is for this freaky weird immigration service where she just kinda stares at you for an hour or two. Ask Delmar.”

All heads in the room turned to the professor/my somewhat-adoptive-parent, who just nodded awkwardly as he continued flexing his fingers.

The formal tuxedo-guy sighed deeply. “We didn’t fund this project for you to sit around. You know that, right?”

“Yup.” I replied, dropping the ‘mature’ act. That’s actually annoying to me, somehow.

“Good.” he continued, “Since we’ve already gotten this far, I’ll let you have additional time allotted for the task. Shall two weeks be enough to settle?”

Wow. For a guy who looks like he’s a general or something, he’s pretty nice. Two weeks is plenty enough.

Just for the sake of avoiding repetition, I’ll just say here that I repeated myself aloud.

The formal general-tuxedo-guy grunted in approval. “You may leave now.” he continued, “That’s all we needed to discuss for the time being.”

I’m just gonna say that this turned out less awkward/dramatic than I imagined it was going to be. Like, I was thinking that there was just gonna be a full-out declaration of war or something because we were behind schedule.

Either way, Delmar and I are just gonna stay here for a day or two and catch up on things. Maybe pack a few extra stuff for when we return to Equestria.

Author's Note:

Just like Gadget narrates her own logs to keep her mind off things, I write stories to keep my mind off of the scheduling error that put me in AP Chemistry instead of AP Physics. I don’t particularly look forward to my grades for science this coming school year. :ajbemused:

Also, half-logs are back!