• Published 2nd Jul 2017
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Equestrian Human - TheMajorTechie

A filly once lived in a lab. That lab happened to be on Earth. She wanted to go home. She never knew what to expect.

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Log 4149: Housing

Well that was quite convenient. All I had to do was present my ID and prove that Delmar was Delmar, and I was able to withdraw enough money to get what Delmar says should be a nice, spacey condo... or whatever it was that he said that we'll be staying in.

At least it's not a box.

Also, Delmar still seems a bit squeemish from having to let the teller get a clear view of his flank. 'Cause apparently he's got a cutie mark now for whatever reason. I guess that's just another way of ID-ing in Equestria, though honestly, I'm a bit curious on what they'd do if he didn't have a mark.

Well then. When Delmar said that this place was spacey, but I didn't expect it to be this spacey...


I guess that's the power of having a massive inheritance. At least, massive while it lasts. I can tell that this place probably took a decent chunk outta that.

I mean, seriously, who in their right mind gives up a perfectly good two-story with a big basement home theater?!

Author's Note:

Hrm. I need to figure out a way to advance the plot a bit faster. I've probably done enough worldbuilding for a while.