• Published 1st Jul 2017
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A Quest for Love: An Apple-Pear Family Story - Silver_Bolt

A story filled with adventure, tragedy, and most importantly, love. Grand Pear struggles to forget the life he left behind, while Buttercup and Bright Mac make a decision that forever changes the Apple family...

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“Love, an invisible force that is ever-present. It is something that everypony seeks, something that is long desired. At the same time, it is something that is easily overlooked, forgotten, neglected, yet it is always there, waiting patiently for anypony who looks for it eagerly. One can argue that it is the most powerful magic in all of Equestria. Dispelling darkness and evil, one has every reason to argue so, and yet... maybe it isn’t magic at all.

Yes, magic shares its qualities with love, both being enchanting and marvelous, yet magic is complex, its full nature exclusive to only a certain group of ponies. Love, however, is simple and available to everypony. There is no special incantation nor complex spell to conjure it. No. It is ever-present. Held within the hearts of all ponies, within the hearts of pegasi, alicorns, unicorns, and earth ponies alike. It transcends distance, time, and space; it binds each pony together, so that loved ones are never truly lost.

Yes, indeed, love is a remarkable thing…”

- Star Swirl the Bearded. Magical Anomalies, Volume III