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Being able to see possible futures makes Minuette's life pretty easy. Being able to roll back time when something goes wrong makes life even easier.

Both powers should make asking Sunset Shimmer out on a date the easiest thing ever.

She shouldn't have tried on a Tuesday.

Edited by the great Nomad_Sigma!

Cover art by Novel-Idea!

Original art found here!

Written for Jake the Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza!

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Minuette is a save-scumer! She needs to Get Gud! Seriously I don't see this working out if she's just hooking up with Sunny for the house. A fun story,

Maybe my mind was still running off dream hormones—those are a thing, right?—but Sunset suddenly looked really… beautiful. Oh, who am I kidding, she looked hot .

Sunset is very hot.

I couldn’t look at Sunset for nearly a week without my face getting hot… along with other places.

I sense Alby’s horomones rising.

Come, Albinocorn. Come to the clop side. I can show you fanart the likes of which you cannot imagine. Or perhaps you can. :trollestia:

Turns out, she’s not just a pretty face who can wail on a guitar, she’s also legitimately smart and funny.

She’s perfect! :scootangel:

Last night’s dream sealed the deal. Sunset and I were making dinner in a gorgeous house that looked like it belonged to a movie star. We talked and joked and fed each other forkfuls of food. It was simple but soromantic!

Is this fic about Minuette or did you accidentally post a blog as a story?

To be fair, there was the possibility she didn’t even swing that way in this timeline. 

This is reminding me of the guy from Men in Black 3

“Nope, I haven’t seen her yet. Twilight isn’t here either. Weird, huh?”

Check the janitor’s closet.

I closed my eyes and focused until I could feel my inner self floating out of my body and into the stream known as time. “Redo.”

:rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

Not even bothering to move, I mumbled into the pavement, “Redo.”

Ho boy.

I was just about reset

to reset.

Some might call it cheating… and they’re probably right.

Not some, most, and yes they are.

But I’ll let it slide because any small chance of getting Sunset as a girlfriend is worth it. I’d hold up a bank if I thought it would get me a kiss on the cheek... it was only one time!

Sunset stood at her open locker halfway down the hall. And at the other end stood Twilight Sparkle. I looked at Sunset, then locked eyes with Twilight.

“Yes, but I liked her first!”

“How do you know?”

Oh, is this going where I think it is? (Nope)

Seeing Twilight a little put out dampened my spirits a touch, but I remembered seeing a future where she was with some country prettyboy.


This was totes adorable, unique concept and a lot of funnehs.

Good golly, I literally burst out laughing at the end. I may have scared my kids... and cats. Perfect comic drop.

But now that I realize it's a first person account of someone trying desperately to ask out Sunny... I'm starting to wonder about DrakeyC's comments about blog/story... :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, nothing wrong with that, most of my Sunset fics were adapted from my dreams. :moustache:

I hope this inspired the title because I'd love you more than I already do. :heart: Time to dig in, though!

JMP #8 · Jul 2nd, 2017 · · ·

This was great. Wasn't expecting a new story, but this was really funny. Kinda reminded of "The Temporal Manipulations of a Victorious Timekeeper" since both stories have the narrator able to turn back time.

This was a pretty fun story. I somehow didn't guess that Minuette had the ability to time travel, so that took my completely by surprise. I'd say that this fits the parameters of the contest fairly well, but this is definitely an odd ship. I'd say the way you presented it is far more odd than anything else. I was expecting something more cliche and romantic, but this was extremely straight forward. She wants a good future, but she also wants Sunset Shimmer, and she will do anything she can to get to her, even if it means causing a certain egg head to not get her own good future.

I can say that I felt like this needed to be longer if ONLY because I wanted more character growth given to Minuette. I feel like you could have added more to her in order to make this whole experience more enjoyable. Maybe some more quirks, some important background to Minuette's prior relationship with Sunset Shimmer, and a look into Minuette's social life as well. It would have made her a bit more well-rounded.

Besides that, this was a really fun and unique ship, which is exactly what you were trying to do. I'd say mission complete! And I would love to see more of Minuette, if you decide to do anything more. You have created a very cool idea for her.

:pinkiegasp: She...she's such a cheater! Ohhh, Twilight is gonna be mad when she finds out! :twilightangry2:

But seriously, this was cute and fun.

I noticed something about the calendar.


That's how bad Tuesdays are. Even the calendar goes WTF.

...and then it turns out they were making dinner in someone else's house. :raritydespair:

You cannot tempt me with such darkness, Drakey! Besides, the world can't handle what lurks in that part of my imagination.
As a matter of fact, it did.
And it's always good to see you again. I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, if I hadn't thought of this literally yesterday, it might have been longer and gotten a little more character development, but I also wanted to focus on the 'shipping' since it's for the contest. I felt like I was kinda toeing the line as is. But don't worry, I promise you'll see more Minuette from me.

I cannot believe I know someone else that also knows about Chronic Future. They came and went so fast back in the day that their legacy got swept away with the sands of time, so I'm happy you know them. :pinkiesmile:

I hope to see more timey wimey stuff from you. I just hope I can understand it and keep up. Sunset of Time did a number on my limits of understanding. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, the obsession that comes from save-scumming to get to the golden ending while trying to remember every step of the way. Fun story (its crazy how well Sunset can work with so many other characters but that's Sunset for you), Minuette is so wacky with time powers (along with some greed for that dream home). Though I know the point of the story was more about Minuette's attempts more than Sunset, but still, fun story.

Why is the character Colgate?

This is great. :rainbowlaugh:
Odd pairing, but I'm really liking it, and your take on Minuette in general. Would be interested to see more like this. :twilightsmile:

The entire time reading the story all I could think was "god damn Barry Allen stop messing with the timeline"

I once knew a guy who burned a microwave by cooking a poptart too long. Guess he didn't see that one coming.

This was certainly a very different but still very fun story from you. It was definitely good for a story like this to have it be in first person, as it allows us to connect with Minuette easier without getting bogged in exposition and allows for some funny thoughts from her way of thinking. It's really intriguing to see just how much things can change based on our actions, such as her actions somehow making Sunset not compliment her dress the one time things were going smoothly.

Save scumming: If it doesn't work, you haven't done it enough.

i loved this a parring i never knew i wanted to read this needs a sequel

also i get the feeling twilight can do this to based on there interaction


Poor Twilight.

A simply amazing story. Will there be a sequel? I hope so.

This made me laugh hard when I didn't expect to. Thank you for continuing to write, obstacles be damned :yay: :heart:

I liked this take on a well-worn concept. I don't know why -- maybe it's because they're both animated and their main characters have similar personalities -- but I keep comparing this with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. This story is very much different, however, in that Minuette doesn't experience tragedies like Makoto did.

I still felt bad for Twilight at the end, because the happy ending Minuette saw for her was only a possible future. It's just as possible something horrible would befall Sci-Twi if Minuette box-blocked her.

I know this is supposed to be light-hearted, but I can't help but wonder about the negative effects of Minuette's constant resetting of the timeline.

Those last lines. Yup. That's the perfect kinda girl. Although that time when Minuette finally tells Sunset she can redo days will make Sunset say 'did you redo?' every time something goes well.

Alright. Let's try that again.

And so would that house! But mostly Sunset!


“I look crazy now, don’t I?”

“Just a little.”

“… So, six o’clock?”



I really enjoyed this bit, except I felt the end went on a little to much personally. Still, it was a great unique twist on those time travel powers! <3

You nailed my two favorite bits in the whole story right here. :rainbowlaugh:

Naw, this is one of the timelines where Twi ends up with Rarity or she finds the Human Sunset Shimmer. So she's good. :twilightsmile:

I just love that you made a Minuette story that centered around time travel. She has a cutie mark of an hour glass and most people just focus on dentistry because of her coat. My personal theory was that so long as it was in her lifetime she could travel back to any point in time or at least send her memories back, but limiting it to a day is p smart. The future dreams are a really nice touch and I love how you worked with Minuette's in your face personality. Also I'd started on an idea of chapter 2 of my story Only Time Will Tell, naming the google doc Time and Time Again so the moment I saw this I couldn't help but think huh, that's neat. Still prob gonna use the chapter title cuz time expressions are great for chapter titles about a series dealing with time travel but wow that was weird!

Being able to see possible futures makes Minuette's life pretty easy. Being able to roll back time when something goes wrong makes life even easier.

Both powers should make asking Sunset Shimmer out on a date the easiest thing ever.

She shouldn't have tried on a Tuesday.

God damn it, you should ALWAYS do it on a Monday.

I know it’s not the intention but... this story is so fucking poignant...

Reminds me of something old...

Life is strange for Minuette, but at least she hasn't accidentally summoned any town-destroying tornadoes. Not yet, anyway.

In any case, while part of me is saddened to see some save-scumming chronomancer muscle in on my favorite pairing in this fandom, this was still a very fun story. And knowing Minuette's luck, Midnight Sparkle's going to lay siege on the date in a jealous rage.

Hey, I can dream. :derpytongue2:

In all seriousness, thank you for this, and best of luck in the judging.

I enjoyed this more comedic take on what is often a fairly dark genre to begin with. Like a lower-stakes version of Madoka Magica, and I mean it in the best way possible. Great work.

I think the title of this story should be changed to Time After Time. I need an excuse to play this song...

The abuse of time travel for fun and profit. What's not to love!

fyi, "git gud" is the proper spelling and capitalization

That was amazing. So many random little things. I loved it. 9.5/10...

I need to increase the definition of my 10 point scale.

9.3 out of 10. Lots of silliness, and made me laugh in several places. Bonus points for casually using time travel and not making me annoyed with the specifics of it. Minuette seems to think that Sunset is her ticket to money, when really this ability would be all she needed. Technically docked points for being short, but that is only because it is easier (to me) to write shorter pieces than longer ones, so I have to save some points for the longer ones. Otherwise there would be a lot of these short ones with 9.8-10 scores that appear to be above the long ones, and that isn't something I want my scale to reflect.

So yeah. Awesome.

Also I admire Minuette's determination. There's very little in life that would make me get out of bed and get ready seven/six times in less than 24 hours.

I stared at the fire, a crooked smile on my face. “Burnt house, or date with Sunset?” I weighed the options in my hands, then screamed at the sky.

Sunset... always Sunset. Houses can be replaced. Dates with Sunset are few and far between.

And swanky houses and Sunnys.

It occurs to me Minuette made a mistake. She should have scheduled a brunch date on the weekend, that way she could have save summed easier if the date went poorly. :rainbowlaugh:

This had a strong Life is Strange vibe. The Chronicler approves. Carry on. :ajsmug:

Minuette is the character's official name I believe.

If you believe the fandom, they both exist. And, I am not certain, but I remember seeing two of them.

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