• Published 5th Jul 2017
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TwiDash Honeymoon - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

It has been 3 months since Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have been married now they are having a honeymoon, will it become good or horrible?

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Arrived At Ponyville

They arrived at Ponyville they got out off the train their friends were there. "Hi, Twilight and Rainbow Dash how was your honeymoon was it good or bad tell us tell us!" Pinkie Pie said, going close to their faces with a really big smile.

All the others said, "Yeah tell us!"

"Well ok then it all happened...,” Twilight said, 10 minutes later, she and Rainbow Dash were finished telling the story.

All the others said, "That was a good story!"

"My favourite part is when you, Princess Cadance and Shining Armour had a group hug,” Fluttershy said.

"My favourite part is when you threw cold water at Rainbow Dash it was pretty funny,” Pinkie Pie said, everyone laughed.

To be continued...

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Comment posted by RarityEQM deleted Sep 5th, 2017

Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this the worst story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked so hard on this please put thumbs up on it!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what you mean I'm from Australia

I honestly will say, that was a very cute story! :rainbowkiss: :heart: :twilightblush:

It took only 10 minutes to tell the whole story of the Honeymoon.

You know writing takes longer than reading and you should know me I only right short stories.

Wait, are you from discord? XD Fireproofpage?

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