• Published 5th Jul 2017
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TwiDash Honeymoon - Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

It has been 3 months since Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have been married now they are having a honeymoon, will it become good or horrible?

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Day 2

The next morning Twilight Sparkle woke up, Rainbow Dash was still sleeping Twilight Sparkle went to the bathroom with a bucket and filled it up with cold water she went back inside the bedroom and threw the water on to Rainbow Dash to wake her up because it is hard to wake up Rainbow Dash she woke up as cold as ice, laying down shivering cold Rainbow Dash said, "Brrrrr w-why d-did y-you d-do th-th-that brrrrr,” shivering again like anything.

"Because remember it's hard to wake you up remember the last time we were preparing the wedding I had to push you off the bed and, would you stop freezing!" Twilight said.

"S-s-sorry T-T-Twily I-I c-c-can't h-h-help i-i-it b-but I-I w-would l-like i-it i-if y-you p-pushed m-me o-off t-the b-bed a-as a-always,” Rainbow Dash said.

"Hi, Twilight!" Princess Cadance said, smiling with her eyes closed then she opened her eyes, "Oh,” with a unpleasant expression, "Why is, Rainbow Dash so you know so freezing cold?"

“Brrrr w-who d-do y-you t-think i-it was?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Twilight do you have anything to do with this?" Princess Cadance asked.

"Uh surprise,” Twilight said, spreading her wings then closing them, "Well you see, Cadance I threw cold water on her because it's hard to wake her up sorry next time I will do what I do all the time.”

"I think so I don't want any trouble in my Castle and yes I forgive you, Twilight,” Princess Cadance walked inside to the bed then walked outside with Rainbow Dash, "Come on, Rainbow Dash lets get you a warm towel.”

"Sorry, Dashie!" Twilight said.

"T-that's ok!" Rainbow Dash said.

They went inside the bathroom. "There you go a nice and warm towel just for you,” Princess Cadance said.

"Thank you, Cadance,” Rainbow Dash said, she stopped shivering 10 minutes later, she was warm enough to go to the markets she went inside the bedroom with Twilight Sparkle.

"Great, Dashie your back ok let’s go to the markets,” Twilight said.

"Yeah let’s go get some stuff,” Rainbow Dash said.

At the markets. "How about the global thing, mini Crystal Palace and the fake Crystal Heart?” Twilight asked.

The market pony said, "That will be 20 bits,” Twilight Sparkle handed in 20 bits the market pony smiled.

"Yep that's good enough,” Rainbow Dash said.

"Ok then let’s go to the Crystal Palace and go to bed it's late now,” Twilight said.

At the Crystal Palace. "Good night Twilight and good night Rainbow Dash sisters in law,” Princess Cadance said, they all had a hug.

Twilight said to both of them, "Me and Rainbow Dash are going tomorrow.”

“Oh ok I'm going to bed now,” Princess Cadance yawned, with a tired face.

In the bedroom. "Good night, Twily I love you,” Rainbow Dash said, and kissed Twilight Sparkle she blushed.

"Good night, Dashie I love you too,” Twilight replied, and kissed Rainbow Dash she blushed and they both went to sleep.