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Sparkling blaze

I'm just a Brazilian girl who likes The Dazzlings a lot.


Aria Blaze thought that would be a normal night returning home....But apparently not. Well who thought she ended up in this situation pregnant from a criminal,will she be able to raise her little Sparkling Blaze?

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I have a story somewhat like this. Aria falls in love had a child, but being immoral makes the child age but not Aria. The choice was easy to which siren. Sonata is too dizzy to be a good mom, and Adagio is the kind to abort it imeaditly. It's still in haven't written it yet stage.

Seriously?The last time I wrote something like that I was quite critictezed if you want help you can pm me.

Thanks. I don't mind criticism, I just want to get my stories out there. When I start writing it you'll be the first to know.

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