• Published 31st Jul 2019
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A little Sparkling Blaze - Sparkling blaze

Aria Blaze thought that would be a normal night returning home....But apparently not.

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First word. Or first words?

Aria's POV
7 months later....

Sonata and Sparkling were in the ground playing with Sparkling's toys while me and Adagio were watching TV when:

"Auntwie Sonny."Sparkling had her first words and it was her calling Sonata not me. I couldn't help but feel a little upset,even a little jealous.

"Hey you just said your first word."Said Sonata.

"She did. Its just it was her calling you not me."I said as I crossed my arms still feeling pretty jealous.

"Oh c'mon Ari don't be with such a frown,your daughter just said her first words."Sonata says looking at me.

I growl at her.

"Besides not all babies say mommy first like Tifany,for an example Becca said daddy first."Says Adagio while still looking at the tv.

"I know, I know, it's just I was hoping it would be. I know you two watch her as much as I do and it cold just as easily have been Adagio. And what's important is that shes talking. I'm overreacting aren't I?" I sigh.

"Yes and honestly is being kinda funny."Adagio laughs.

"Go with your mommy to calm her, Sparkling."Sonata laughs as she gives Sparkling in my arms.

"I'm not that funny." I said embarrassed then turned to Sparkling. "Now who am I?"

"Mama."She said.

"Yeah I'm your mama." I kissed her. "And don't you ever forget it and that I love you."

She giggled and hugged me. And I returned her hug.

"Awww....She is so cute!"Said Sonata."See Aria she is smart she knows who you are.And said two words."

"Not wanting to ruin the moment,but..."Adagio cleared her throat. "Aria two things. 1. Now that you started going out with her... have Forced Entry saw you? And 2. this girl is way too smart for her age.It's just like when Tify and Becca started playing with knifes."

"I don't know if he has, I haven't really been trying to hide. And I know she is, I think it might have to do with there fact she is half siren. At her age we were hunting on our own, it's just human babies normally can't."I answered Adagio.

"But we're full sirens. And you know in this world being way too smart also can be sign she haves some problem Aria."Adagio said in a serious tone.

"But we don't know for sure. She could just be special."I say while rocking Sparkling.

"Well,one of these three things it is."Adagio says when we hear an knife sound coming from the kitchen,it was Tify and Becca."Excuse me now.I have to get the knifes out of their hands."

Adagio leaves.

But this thought is worrying me. I look at Sparkling sleeping,I can't help but think Adagio may be right.

"Don't worry Ari I'm sure she is just an smart girl."Sonata says.

"I really hope so. She went through a lot when she was born. You know how easy we could have lost her. I just don't want her to have go through this anymore."

"She won't have to go through it anymore Ari."Sonata hugged me.

You know what Sonata is right, Sparkling is an strong girl, she'll have an good childhood.

"I know." I hug Sonata,then look at Sparkling."She'll be just fine."

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