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At this point in her life, Twilight should be well used to strange dreams by now. But tonight, she encounters one a little different than normal. A dream that seems so real. A dream that features, rather prominently, a figure she never expected to meet.

Part of the Night and Day Storyline

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I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure Mrs 'Chiffon Swirl' Cake and Starswirl the Bearded are related. Mrs. Cake for most powerful modern sorcerer ever to live?

Stupid cryptic prophets/wizards and their fixation for giving important intel the most useless way possible. :ajbemused::facehoof::twilightangry2:
"A great evil is coming..." What evil? Grogar Interdimensional Empire? The Shadows from Alex Warlorn´s stories? Hasbro cancelling the show?
Starswirl could at least have given Twilight some advice about how to prepare Equestria and herself. But noooo... showing off was far more important.

nicely done; also:

Thank you, Starlight."
The mare nodded, turning around and heading back to the "edge" of their little island. Before Twilight could stop her, she walked off it and, to Twilight's amazement, seemed to fade away entirely. Though stunned by this, Twilight soon looked back to Starswirl.
"Your...your Granddaughter?"

hmm, social cluelessness, FAR more magic then the average unicorn, AND has interest in different worlds/timelines? ...you know, it ACTUALLY wouldn't surprise me too much if she was related to him in some way...

Why is the date 30 Aug 2017?

8668874 Because that’s when I first wrote it. I’ve just held off on publishing until now.

This guy gets it.

Amen. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been screwed by folks telling sources, OR ME, to limit what we say.

Now that I did not see coming!:rainbowderp:

Also, I would've expected Twilight to be wooping for joy when she meet her idol, but since this is an Alternate, more calmer version of her...I can't say I'm really surprised:applejackunsure:.

Nice chapter, I'm eager to see how the rest of this stroyline goes!:scootangel:

There have been, like, twenty installments in this series... yet I keep getting the feeling that it's only just started.

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