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Azure may have hung up her adventuring gear for now, but Gleam still goes out on rotation. After a particularly long tour, the two reunite in a special moment.

Continuity: Bardic Lore

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"You shan't," I breathed back. "But if you don't rut me proper, I might hurt you!"

It's been many of moons since I heard that expression lol:rainbowlaugh:

I liked it but it needs to be proofread a bit thoroughly:applejackunsure: but I liked the substance Bravo:moustache:

Power died while writing, so I was racing the battery. Am currently scrolling through for typos when you posted! :twilightsmile:


Like I said it's not to bad it just looks like you were racing :twilightsmile: it's a cute story and I liked it's very mellow romance in couples sex then the hardcore stuff of other writers :ajsmug: you did good... Just fix those mistakes:rainbowdetermined2:

And shan't is secretly my favorite phrase :pinkiehappy:


Then allow me to direct you to her first appearance in her own rights.

Shan't is a favorite of mine too.:yay:

Lol ok I'll give it a read when I get a chance and amazing nobody appreciates good wording anymore :rainbowlaugh:

Subtitle: Or "How to love your bard" :trollestia:

Fluffy and warm stuff for realzies though :twilightblush:

Thanks for the lovely piece of lewd Allykitty.

As you wish

The Princess Bride is strong with this one.

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