• Published 25th Jun 2017
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Welcome home, soldier - Rose Quill

Azure welcome Gleam Star home from a long deployment

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Right there beside you

I panted as my mind exploded with white light, a keening moan bursting forth. My forelegs gave out and I collapsed onto the bed. I felt Gleam's forelegs holding his muscular body over me, his heavy breathing moving the strands of my grey mane.

As I struggled to get my breathing under control, he moved his head and nuzzled against my neck.

"I missed you, too," he rumbled into my ear before nipping it playfully.

I arched slightly to nuzzle against his face and neck, a contented moan preceding the return of coherent thought. "I can tell," I whispered softly, shifting slightly to feel him twitch again, the incredible sensation making me feel warm all over. "If this is how you're t'be greeting me when you return from rotation, maybe I've no cause to be upset when you go."

He chuckled and shifted back, pausing long enough for me to cast a spell to keep the mess down. He then slumped off to one side. "You hate it when I leave."

"Oh, in that I don't deny," I said, sliding back to feel his warmth and cuddle with him a little. "But I'm thinking maybe it's the welcoming home you look forward too."

He flicked his tail forward so I felt it graze my cutie mark, a shiver running through my body. "Like you don't," he whispered in my ear as he slid closer. "I've no love of deployments, Azure. You know that. But, Luna's Moon, do you make me happy to get home."

"You're just saying that cause I just let you have your way with me," I said, flicking my tail back at him.

"Excuse me," he said. "Who was it that used magic because 'you suren aren't to be done so soon' this time? Oh, wait!"

"Hush it," I said, reaching back and putting a hoof over his mouth. "I'll deny that t'me dying day."

He grinned and pulled back. "I thought today was that, by one of your moans," he said cheekily. My blush came on in full force.

"Gleam," I said, turning to face him. "I was a pure, innocent mare afore you came along."

"And I'm King Sombra," he muttered before kissing me.

I melted in his embrace, feeling so small compared to him. But for all his strength and size, he was remarkably gentle with both myself and River. As the kiss started to slacken, I reached down slightly and rubbed his length.

"Looks as though somepony's ready for a countercharge," I purred, rolling over and flicking my tail to the side.

"You're insatiable," he said as he crept closer.

"I dinnae see you refusing," I chirped, then gasped as he slid into me again. The sense of fullness always caught me off guard, even though I had felt it many times before. A low burn started in my belly as my husband began to move slowly against me, nuzzling my neck as he did.

I swallowed and breathed out sharply. "Gleam," I moaned. "I'm not porcelain. How many times must I tell you?"

His movements stopped, and I whined as they did.

"I don't want to hurt you," he whispered.

I rocked my hips back against him, flicking him with my tail.

"You shan't," I breathed back. "But if you don't rut me proper, I might hurt you!"

He kissed the side of my neck. "As you wish," he rumbled, and my smile turned wistful for a moment.

He rarely said I love you in as many words. His soldier's exterior wouldn't let him. But I knew what that phrase meant.

"I love you, too," I whispered back as he resettled himself behind me.

I'm not sure what it is, but here's something alluring about being rutted. Oh, sure, making love is all well and good and can be amazing, especially with a partner like Gleam. But once in a while, a mare just needs to feel that primal urge rise, I feel.

And as I felt hooves hook over my hips, I felt a grin spread across my face just before my husband slid home as deep as he could with a sudden thrust.

Soon I was moaning as he worked his hips, each withdrawal leaving me feeling empty for an instant before he rammed deep again. Despite the haze growing in my mind, I did catch that hitching breath of his that signaled his limit. I lit my horn, using my magic to reach back and numb the sensation slightly, slowing his climax.

"Not yet, you don't," I growled. He only grunted as he slipped far enough in for his medial ring to spread me a little wider. I moaned into the pillow I front of me.

My eyes were starting to roll back into my head as he grunted again, and I turned my head slightly to him.

"That's right," I breathed huskily. "Breed me, you magnificent bastard." I rocked back to meet his advances, my vision getting blurry.

I came to a few minutes later, hooves wrapped around my sides. I giggled a bit and glanced at the door leading to the hot spring bath we had.

"I'm thinking we're for a bath afore we to pick up River," I said. "Though she'll burst to see you home early. Tonight was just going to be us mares, but I think I can accommodate you just fine."

"If you want to have a girls night, feel free," he said tiredly.

"Oh, we were just to be grabbing dinner and talking," I said with a soft smile. "Besides, your manes to short to be braiding like hers."

He laughed.

I nuzzled his cheek and looked at him. "So, join me in the bath?"

"As you wish," he said, nuzzling me back.

As the warm water eased the soreness from my body he looked over at me.

"Bit for your thoughts?"

"Oh, nothing," I said, snuggling into him. "Just enjoying being by your side."

"I love you too, you imp."

I swatted him with a giggle.

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"You shan't," I breathed back. "But if you don't rut me proper, I might hurt you!"

It's been many of moons since I heard that expression lol:rainbowlaugh:

I liked it but it needs to be proofread a bit thoroughly:applejackunsure: but I liked the substance Bravo:moustache:

Power died while writing, so I was racing the battery. Am currently scrolling through for typos when you posted! :twilightsmile:


Like I said it's not to bad it just looks like you were racing :twilightsmile: it's a cute story and I liked it's very mellow romance in couples sex then the hardcore stuff of other writers :ajsmug: you did good... Just fix those mistakes:rainbowdetermined2:

And shan't is secretly my favorite phrase :pinkiehappy:


Then allow me to direct you to her first appearance in her own rights.

Shan't is a favorite of mine too.:yay:

Lol ok I'll give it a read when I get a chance and amazing nobody appreciates good wording anymore :rainbowlaugh:

Subtitle: Or "How to love your bard" :trollestia:

Fluffy and warm stuff for realzies though :twilightblush:

Thanks for the lovely piece of lewd Allykitty.

As you wish

The Princess Bride is strong with this one.

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