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This is a piece of art, and everyone shoud admire it.

Now where I left the other two gallons of clorox?

You're too kind.

That's one way to win a contest.

I like to fuck my cat.

(Also I was hoping this would be a mr plinket in equestria fanfic but i was sadly disappointed)


It Broke New GROUND!

No plinket! Damn I need my fix!

Soooo goood...

The photo for this alone makes me excited to read this.

I was actually going to edit it to be more fitting, but Priest wouldn't give the necessary information to me.
And now I have to be vague about it because it appears you're not permitted to read it yet.
I assure you that you're going to love it.

I gave you a downvote because you seem to be collecting them, and a Fav. Bravo.
So thanks for that.

I do what I can.

I fucking loved this, by the way. Nicely done. A glowing portrait of myself if I don't say so! Really, I feel you captured my essence perfectly.
Now, let me go mix up a fresh bleach martini...

If I won, I was going to use the gift card to mail a Spike plushy and a copy of Spy Fox to you.

Words cant describe how beautiful this is, but numbers can.

It's Cousin eddy!

Good lord.

This is hot, spicy, awful garbage.

But I must upvote it, I couldn't stop thinking of Mr. Plinkett, so it's technically a well-written story.

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