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“Push comes to shove, I can always have Flash do it.”

Let is never be said that Mothers can’t make good in their promises, as Flash, along with Applejack, Rainbow and Rarity, all come together for the day that they’ve been dreading for a long time. The day when the CMC are finally sat down and given “the talk.”

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Interesting story and very realstic. I can imagine the CMC learning about it because of some idiots and book.

:pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

"I am going to do the one thing all big brothers should do when they learn that some boy has accidentally taught their little sister about sex."

Good. :ajsmug:

And Snips & Snails were never heard from again....

This was the sort of story that was bound to end up like that. That said, I would have asked the Crusaders more about whether they understood it and, most importantly, if they understood why it applied to them. I'd also make sure they understood that it had to apply to them - It wasn't just salacious details to snigger over.

Finally, I would have had a very long conversation about consent and peer pressure. Just because Adagio, Sunset (and Flash) and Aria are in sexual relationships with their significant others, that doesn't mean that the three younger girls need to be (yes, that is a mindset some mid-teens can have).


If anything, is the Crusaders' fault for reading their book, something they never intended.

I could see this coming, but it didn't make it any less funny.

Presumably that happened after the spa story, where the CMC were visibly ignorant of this stuff. That actually helped a lot to set up the joke.

Hehe, poor Snips and Snails.


That said, I would have asked the Crusaders more about whether they understood it and, most importantly, if they understood why it applied to them.

Or just tell them if they had doubts about anything that related to subject , they could come and ask about it. I think that important too. At least I my brother done that, and I answer his question.

Huh. After the CMC first said they read a book about sex, I half-expected it to have come from either Twilight or Adagio, not Snips and Snails.

Half expected Dagi to show up, but not totally disappointed with the results

Aren't the CMC in high school? (They're probably at least 14, if CHS is set somewhere similar to the USA.) Haven't normal kids had an actual sex-ed class (not necessarily a good one but still) before then? Had Rainbow, Rarity, AJ and Flash somehow not heard about sex at that age?

...Let's not even get into the question of what kind of parents would delegate "the talk" to a bunch of teenagers like this.

I dunno, even if I found this funny (I don't really see the humor, sorry), my suspension of disbelief really can't take this.

Yeah, I was confused about that as well. I'm a freshmen in high school too, and (unfortunately) I know allll about it.

I was getting it before middle school, and I live in the US, so yeah. But different countries (and different states, and different school systems) have different rules about this sort of thing.

I guess we don't actually know anything about the country or region in which human-world Canterlot is situated, like what ages "high school" covers there or in which grade they normally begin sex ed. Still, it's hard to believe the girls aren't well past the age when they should have learned this stuff.

Also, parents everywhere need to be referred to this book Snips and Snails left lying around, since apparently it was good enough to teach the girls all the basic sex-ed they really should have learned from the adults several years ago.

Yeeeeeeeeeeah no. While they where reading it before hand, Snips & Snails had no influence in the CMC deciding to read the book after the run off and should not be held accountable and Flash would rightfully deserve a punch in the face for doing what he is going to to do.

But then this is probably influenced by my incredible dislike for the whole 'overprotective big brother' trope.

They were stated to be freshmen in Through the Mirror, so yeah around 14-15.

Eh, I guess you're right. They could've run off with the book, though. :applejackunsure: It almost seems like they wanted the CMC to read it.

Nice story, but there's one minor thing.

"Rarity...why are you talking like that."

That should be a question mark.

I was expecting the World's Sexiest Grandma to do this, but this is good too. Are Aria and Sonata related to Adagio?

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