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As soon as Vice Principal Luna convinced Dean Cadance to prove that she does, in fact, have a spectacular and real rack, she must feed her new addiction in the only way she knows how: working her way through the students and staff of Canterlot High! Watch in horror, arousal, or both as Luna mashes her face in as many lovely jubblies as she can.

Blame Fuzzyfurvert for this. Nothing good can possibly come from Discord server conversations where every other post is vulgar, and the ones that aren't are pictures of waifus. Sorry not sorry.

Alternate title: Vice Principal Luna Can't Stop Motorboating The Student Body of Canterlot High And Somehow Manages to Avoid Jail Time

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That was hilarious and ridiculous but I love it!

you slaughtered grammar everywhere

What the heck

Its a fanfic Harmony

I know. But I don't even know what happened in it, nor do I really want to XD

Cadance played dress up for Luna and Luna showed her appreciation by having some fun.

what the heck is motorboating in this context anyway?

Additionally, "every other post is vulgar, and the ones that aren't are pictures of waifus" isn't even remotely true. We put the waifus in their own channel.

Except that it's Luna doing it and not Vince Vaughn, yeah.

Jeeze, you're making it sound like sticking your face between someone's tits whilst making engine noises is weird or something.


:facehoof: Just... just :facehoof:

One of my co-workers is from Frankfurt and if there's any accent to the word "Really," she pronounces it more like "Rilly," with more like a short 'e' sound in the middle instead of a long one.

And yes, I see Fuzzy's filthy hilarious influence all over this one :rainbowlaugh:

to you maybe it's not weird but to me it is since i never heard anyone using that word in sex/clop

Also Dean Candace and Vice Principal Luna are my wifus

Then let's be more honest: we have two channels for waifus, because some of like to see waifus at work and want to save the risqué ones for home.

Majin Syeekoh

So yeah this was super weird.

I also liked it.

Rather silly, and a bit questionable for the "teen" rating.

Seems like it should be rated Mature; also, it sort of fell flat in the execution, especially when you realize the premise is delivered in a very Film Flam Brothers sort of cheap sham.

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