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The Abyss

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I absolutely LOVE these stories! :rainbowkiss:

Haha, same here! :twilightblush:

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I love hate how this picture is cropped inches from the nsfw bit.

Gone were the machines of science, replaced by many pleasurable devices that only a mare could truly enjoy.

Maybe she can invent something for stallions, too?
For example, someone is clever stupid enough to sneak down to try and watch them, but gets caught and needs to get punished...

:twilightsmile:: "By the way, the orgasm counter on the table only counted one orgasm, even though you just had two. I think it’s because I designed it to only count orgasms that are two minutes apart."

:rainbowhuh:: "Okay Twi, but... why?"

Rainbow listened as Twilight’s hoofsteps faded away, then heard the door shut. Trapped in Twilight’s sex dungeon? What could possibly be better than this?

I don't think something like this exists.

Good story!
Like always.

Small question: Does Spike know what is going on down there?

June34rd. It's in the description.

thats my fetish

Huh. I read it twice and somehow missed that.

Haha same here. I love writing TwiDash, especially if it's a commission.

Haven't had me some twidash in ages.

Rainbow snatched a bottle of water from Twilight’s magic and downed the entire thing in a few seconds.

Not a very smart thing to do after... such a workout. She should have taken slowly taken small sips.

The mere thought of tasting one’s cum was especially arousing to her

Missing "own". And I miss the bookmark feature that fimfiction had.

Forced orgasms. My. Fetish. You have perfectly recreated a Hogtied Device Bondage session with ponies. Well, sort of. Twilight sure is not The Pope(thankfully, though, that scenario would also be interesting to read). It was more like one of the marathon orgasm sessions. Awesome as hell.

You have earned a Rainbow Dash ahegao.:rainbowwild: And have a Twilight one, as well.:twilightoops:


They still have a bookmark feature or did you not get the update yet?

I know you like comments on stories Abyss so here.

10/10 TwiDash and sex toys my fav


That is news to me. Do you mind elucidating me as to where I can find the bookmark that saves your place in the chapter so you can do things like comment while reading or come back another time and read from where you left off?

Sybian machine? Butterfly vibrator? Table that can turn a naughty mare upside down so her juices are positively soaking her entire slutty body? This fic sure is a real inspiration of what one can do with the right toys! Now I want to write such a story too sometime in the future! A great read! :yay:

Click on the paragraph you want to bookmark.
It should kinda 'highlight' it with a border and options and such.
then it's one of the options in the list.

Thank you for your help, but Christian_brony already answered me through a private message. Though I am sure your comment may have helped or may will help some other person in the future.:twilightsmile:

Your story has been accepted into the Good Grammar Directory.
Congratulations! :twilightsmile:

Well, I am finding I love these stories! Twidash has become one of my favorite ships, partially because of stories like this (and the non-clop too). :P

Is there a possibility for a sequel?

Another great story! You're ability to write in one orgasm after another without it getting monotonous is truly a great talent. Have some random gratuitous mustaches!


Thanks! Maybe follow me so you can get notified when I publish new clopfics when I post them? :P

I've been working on a ton of different clopfics lately.:twilightblush:

I think I lost a bit more of my sanity...

Comment posted by Papayarious_wolf deleted Sep 25th, 2017

Hey Abyss can I get one of the machines for myself?

(\ /)
(\ /)

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