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Celestia has had it rough, raising both the Sun and Moon all by herself. She has had no choice given her sister Luna's recent banishment. Not to mention the emotional stress. Perhaps she has taxed herself a bit too much...

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"Nooo!" she flailed her limbs all about, occasionally grasping fruitlessly at the tile. "My bed! It misses me! It calls to me! I'm not happy Kibitz do you hear me! Shower evil, BED GOOOD!"

That’s me

"A...t-thousmund cu-urses at thee Kibitz. ...Thou hast now incurred the wrath of...o-of...of the Mighty Sun Horsey! Prepare to be photosynthe-ma-sized!"

I chuckled. I really did. I’m lucky no one was around to hear xD

Why isn’t this more popular

Comment posted by Wonderbolt Writer deleted Sep 18th, 2017

:pinkiegasp: Fluffysam has read one of my stories?

About time! XD
I'm glad you liked it! And thank you for le' fav!

Why isn’t this more popular?

Hmm, maybe its like the answer to the question of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? - The world may never know.

Edit: You may have seen this already. But i redid it properly cuz last time I forgot to hit the reply button and basically just commented on my own story. Now it should pop up in your notifications. :derpyderp1:

I take forever to read friend’s stories i’m s o r r y
If this story were a tootsie pop, i’d eat it

Nah, no need to be sorry. :twilightsmile: I mean look how long it took me to read your story. (The one where Discord gets all the Princesses)

If this story were a tootsie pop, i’d eat it

First time I've heard that. XD Thanks!..

Do you have any human in Equestria or ponies on earth fanfictions?

Nope sorry. :rainbowderp: And I don't have any in the works either.

But um, did you read or enjoy this story? :twilightblush:

I kind've lost interest after reading part of it, but I still like your writing.

Oh, so what you're saying is you just didn't care for the content/plot but still liked my style of writing?

Well, that's okay...At least you gave it a go. :twilightsmile: I hope I have written (one of my other stories) or will write something to your liking. :scootangel:

Comment posted by NickClash BCommander deleted Oct 11th, 2017

As you requested, here is your Review

Sorry it took so long, was sick the last days.

Anyway, your story earned an upvote:raritywink:

Kibitz was always a character fit for comedies, though I can say he becomes pure gold in your hands! :pinkiehappy: Really enjoyable story with a nice and dynamic flow, made me laugh plenty of times. The grammar there was alright as well, with the exception of two deadly sins—the lack of commas in dialogue before a character is addressed or another short statement (..., you know?) is added. Also, quite a few mishaps in direct speech and dialogue tags. To the dungeon Tartarus with you!

More seriously now, those are fairly common mistakes. I can explain more or help you hunt them down, if you wish :raritywink: Thank you for this story, it definitely brightened my day!

PS: I love this part!

Thou hast now incurred the wrath of...o-of...of the Mighty Sun Horsey! Prepare to be photosynthe-ma-sized?!"

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