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forgiveness - MidnightShy21

When her friends prank her, Rainbow Dash runs away. While she's gone she talks to a friend. Her friends are worried sick about her.

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chapter 7 (part 2)

“Ow!” Dash cried out as she was thrown in a jail cell with the princesses. They immediately ran up to her. Because Cadence reached her first she helped her stand up, but she fell down again.

“What happened?!” Luna asked as she helped Dash up with cadence. They knew that of they let go she would fall again, so Luna gently placed her on her back.

“F- Flurry Hea-” she managed to say.

“What about flurry heart?” Celestia asked.

“W- we saved he- her” Dash said.

“What happened after that, how did this happen to you?” Luna asked full of worry.

“I couldn't g- get away” Dash stuttered. Luna gently put dash on the floor. Just then the door opened. Somepony threw a band aid kit in the cell. If Celestia hadn't dodged it, she would have been hit in the head. Then the door closed again.

Cadence immediately grabbed the kit and started to open it. Then she grabbed some band aids and started to patch dash’s wounds up. Dash groaned from time to time. Everytime she did, cadence asked if she did something wrong. Everytime she got the same answer. “No...”.

Then chrysalis walked in with Soarin. He was looking down. Then he slowly looked up and found himself staring into the eyes of the one he loved.

“D- Dashie, what happened to you?” he asked in concern.

“He beat her up is what happened” Chrysalis said. Soarin ran up to dash and hugged her, trying not to hurt her. She slowly wrapped her hooves around him.

“How can you do something like this?!” Celestia asked.

“Tirek deserves some fun too” Chrysalis said. “If this makes him happy I'll let him do it, but don't worry, he only asked for the rainbow pony so your faithful student is save Celestia” she said. Celestia gritter her teeth.

She was opening her mouth to speak but was interrupted.

“I can still ask him to do it if you want to” chrysalis said with an evil smirk.

“No...” Celestia said just above a whisper.

“I'll leave you now, goodbye” Chrysalis said and walked away.

“What do we do now?” cadence asked.

“We can try to break out of here” dash said as she stood up.

“Thank goodness you can stand again” cadence said as she sat down on the cold floor.

“How are you planning on breaking out?” soarin asked.

“With this” dash said as she took out her element of harmony. “I can't believe they didn't see it”.

“Dashie you're brilliant!” soarin ran up to her and lifted her up causing her to blush.

“I knew something beautiful would happen to rainbow dash” cadence said to the other princesses. They nodded.

“I never expected her to be the first one from the elements of harmony to find true love” Luna said.

“I can just kiss you right now!” soarin said looking at dash.

“Yes you can” dash said booping his nose. “But I don't think this is the best time to do that” she said as she got down. When she saw soarins disappointed look she gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Rainbow dash, you think you can make that hole bigger or make us smaller?” Celestia asked.

“I can make an area around the hole weaker, but someone has to break it” dash said.

“I can do it” Soarin said.

“Okay...” dash said. Faced the wall and closed her eyes. She focused all of her magic on her element. Her element got a red glow around it. All of a sudden a rainbow shot out of it. The princesses and Soarin got pushed back. Dash gritted her teeth and started to sweat a bit. Then part of the wall fell on the floor. Dash fell down, panting. Soarin flew up to her.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Yeah... Guess you don't have to jump through te wall now” she said with a chuckle. He hugged her and helped her up.

“We should go before somepony comes here” Celestia said. Dash walked up to the hole and looked down.

“I can't fly.....” dash said with a sad sigh. Cadence walked up to her.

“Don't worry, you can just go on my back” she said.

“Thank you” dash said when cadence got down so she could get on.

“Let's go” soarin said. He flew out first, followed by cadence, Celestia and Luna.

“Look down there!” dash yelled and pointed her hoof at the other bearers. They flew down.

“Are those the princesses?” rarity asked. The others looked up too.

“Look! Soarin and Dashie are there too!” pinkie yelled.

“How do we know it's them?” Fluttershy asked.

“The changelings aren't strong enough to change into princesses” twilight said.

“Chrysalis is” applejack said.

“But there aren't three chrysalis’ right?” rarity said.

“Yeah that's true” twilight agreed.


“Shush, be quiet, somepony could hear you” rarity said.

“Oh yeah hehe” pinkie whispered.

“Look, They are coming our way” twilight said. They watched the princesses, soarin and dash come down. Once they were down, pinkie and applejack were the first to run up to dash and pinkie lifted her up from cadence’s back and then she put her on the ground, hugging her carefully. Next Fluttershy, rarity and applejack joined in the hug. Twilight walked up to Celestia.

“How about you join your friends in their hug?” Celestia asked.

“I'm not sure rainbow would appreciate that.....” twilight said.

“You feel bad about what you did right?” Celestia asked. Twilight nodded. “She is the element of loyalty, she forgave discord for wat he did, I'm sure she can forgive you too. Just look how happy she is” Celestia said.

“Soarin?” cadence asked.

“Yes?” he walked up to her.

“I'm happy rainbow found someone like you” she smiled at him. He smiled back. They both looked at the scene that was going on in front of them. Rainbow dash being hugged by her bestest of friends. Twilight ran up to them and joined. After a few seconds they broke the hug.

“Oh Dashie?” soarin said in a sing song voice. She walked up to him. “I think I deserve the kiss you promised me now”.

“You wish fly boy” she chuckled. He shot her a weird look. She quickly shot forwards and kissed him. She broke the kiss after a few seconds. She looked right into his eyes, he looked into hers. He saw two things in them. Love.... Love like he had never seen before and... Fear.....

“Dashie?” he asked her.

“Yeah?” she said.

“You're scared...” he said. “Please tell me what gets you scared...”. Her expression saddened.

“I... I... I don't want to loose you... Any of you....” she admitted.

“We are all scared...” Pinkie said while walking up to her.

“But we can get through this together” Fluttershy said. Dash smiled at them.

“Goo goo” flurry heart flew up to her and hugged her. Dash gently took her in her arm and hugged her gently.

“You would be a great mom...” soarin said.

“Oh no... Nono not a mom yet” she said with a chuckle.

“What a beautiful moment, too bad I have to ruin it” a voice said.

“Sombra! Come out!” Luna hissed. A smoke started to form right behind her.

“Awh, where's the fun in that?” sombra said. Luna turned around. “Hmmm, still beautiful as ever” he said. Luna gritted her teeth.

“What are you doing here?” twilight asked.

“Don't worry, I just had to get the rainbow pony back to Tirek” he said. Soarin immediately stood in front of rainbow. “Now, where is she?”. He looked around until he spotted a rainbow tail. He decided to get close to her.

“Don't come any closer” soarin said through gritted teeth.

“What are YOU going to do about it?” sombra asked.

“Anything I can” soarin replied.

“Soarin it's too danger-” “I've got this” soarin interrupted dash.

“Please don't do this.....” dash said.

“Dashie, I can do this”

“Soarin, please don't....”

“Don't worry”

“I don't want to loose you too!” dash yelled and she started to cry. Twilight and rarity were in front of Soarin all of a sudden.

“Now!” cadence yelled as the alicorns and unicorn all shot their magic at sombra.

“This is not possible! We took away your magic!” sombra yelled.

“We have our secrets...” Celestia panted. “Girls use your elements!”.

The other elements all got next to twilight and rarity and focused on their element. A rainbow shot out of their elements. The rainbow surrounded sombra and he slowly faded away.

“Dashie?” soarin asked. She turned around to look at him. “What did you mean with: I don't want to loose you TOO?”. She sighed.

“My grandma got send away by sombra right in front of my eyes when I was a filly...” she explained.

“I'm so sorry...” he said.

“Don't be” she said as she booped his nose once again. He smiled at her.

“Y'know, we still have to take care of the changelings and Tirek” applejack said.

“Yeah, let's go” soarin said. They slowely walked up to the hive. Bad idea... Right there stood Tirek with a lot of changelings. Tirek looked right at them until he saw rainbow.

“You! I wasn't done with you yet!” he yelled.

“Then why won't you come and get me?!” dash yelled back.

“Dashie, what are you doing?” soarin asked.

“Trust me” she said and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He nodded. She walked away from the group.

“Come get me big guy!” she yelled. He ran up to her immediately. She jumped out of the way. He bumped into the wall.

“Come back!” he yelled.

“Guys, I need you to take care of the changelings!” she yelled at her friends. They nodded.

“Stupid little pest!” Tirek ran up to her again.

come on wings please work.... she thought. She closed her eyes.

“Come on dash, do it” she said to herself. Tirek came closer to her. He stopped in front of her. She opened her eyes.

“You can't run away now!” Tirek yelled at her.

“You know I'm right in front of you right? You don't have to yell” she said. He raised his arm and got ready to punch her.

“Any last words?” he asked her.

“Do I really need them?” she asked. He growled. He punched her right in the face. At least.... He thought he did. She flew out of the way before he could hit her. He heard someone laughing above him. He looked around and saw that almost all of the changeling were beaten.

“This is not possible! You weren't able to fly!” he yelled at her.

“What can I say? Time heals” she replied. He gritted his teeth. She started to fly circles around him. He threw punches all around him. She dodged almost all of them. Almost..... But everytime he hit her she kept going. That was until he hit her in her face. Lucky for her it wasn't hard because he started to get dizzy and tired. She fell to the ground. If he had hit her with his usual strength... That wouldn't look really good for her. She slowly stood up, but she just fell again.

“Why go through all of that trouble if I was going to get you anyways?” he asked her.

“Look around! Do you see any changelings still fighting?” she asked. He looked around.

“It doesn't matter! You can't defeat me without your freaky rainbow powers!” he said.

“But you are weaker now! We grew stronger! And we're not just with the six of us! It's not too late to choose the right side! You don't have to do this!” she yelled. Her friends walked up to her.

“You think I'll join a group of weak little ponies? No way!” Tirek yelled. “You're just scared you're going to loose!”.

“Can't you see you already lost? It's not too late to change” dash said. He ran up to her again, but was stopped bij a magical aura around her.

“If this is what you want...” dash sighed. “Girls now”. Again, the elements of harmony closed their eyes and focused their magic on their element. Once the rainbow started to form the princesses shot their magic at twilights element. The rainbow went a few circles around her and collided with her element. She opened her eyes and the rainbow collided with Tirek. It didn't work... Soarin noticed them struggling and walked up to dash. He put his arms around her neck, touching her element with his hooves. She smiled to herself. All of a sudden her element and part of soarins hooves started to glow a bit. He closed his eyes too. Then, another rainbow shot out of dash’s element and collided with the others. This rainbow circled around twilight too and the rainbow collided with her element. The rainbow shot out of her element and did the same as the other rainbow.

“No! I can still change!” Tirek yelled.

“Oh come on Tirek, everyone knows you'll never change” Celestia said.

“Aarghh! Noooo!” Tirek yelled before fading away. The elements of harmony and soarin fell down. All of them were smiling.

“Great job girls” soarin panted.

“We couldn't have done it without you” dash said from underneath him. He hadn't realized she was there until now. She smiled at him. He smiled back at her and kissed her. She broke the kiss after a few seconds.

“You know that we didn't save equestria yet?” she asked him.

“Awh come on, you love it when I kiss you” soarin said.

“I have to say, rainbow dear, you just turned the most delightful shade of red” rarity said. Dash blushed even harder.

“Alright, enough messing around” twilight said.

“Um... Soarin?” dash asked.


“You should probably get off”

“Off what?”


“Oh yeah.. Hehe... Ha?” he said full of embarrassment and stood up. The others giggled at this.

“We should probably search for chrysalis” cadence said.

“Yeah let's go” dash said while standing up. Once everyone was standing they walked up the stairs.

“Why hello” chrysalis said when they were up.

“Hiiiii!” pinkie yelled. Applejack punched her in the shoulder.

“It seems like you got through the others, but it won't be easy to get passed me” chrysalis said and shot a magic beam towards dash. Soarin jumped in front of it.

“Soarin no!” dash yelled and pushed him out of the way. The beam hit one of her wings. A sharp pain shot into her wing.

“Dashie! Are you okay?” pinkie asked as she ran up to her.

“Yeah, I'm okay” dash replied. Chrysalis shot another beam, this time it went towards cadence and flurry heart. It hit them. A green mess formed around them and they couldn't move anymore. The others looked at chrysalis in shock.

“Which one of you should I destroy first? What about... The boy” chrysalis said.

“No! Don't hurt him!” dash yelled. Chrysalis shot a magic beam at her and a green mess formed around her too. The chrysalis did the same to the others, except for Soarin. Her horn had a green aura around it. The same type of aura formed around Soarin. She threw him a few feet further away from her. Then all of a sudden flurry heart sneezed and she destroyed the green stuff around her and her mom, Fluttershy and rainbow dash. Chrysalis was about to shoot another beam at Soarin. When her horn started to glow, dash quickly flew in front of Soarin. Chrysalis’ magic shot forward and hit dash right in her chest. To chrysalis’ surprise, dash didn't get shot into the wall behind her. Instead her element made some sort of shield in front of her. Chrysalis her magic was still hitting dash in her chest and dash was struggling to not just give in and get destroyed.

“Just give up already!” chrysalis yelled.

“You don't have to destroy her!” soarin yelled.

“And why is that?” chrysalis asked.

“Because it's not too late to change!” he said.

“I made a mistake too! I was able to change!” starlight, who had just been freed by cadence yelled.

“Just please stop it!” pinkie yelled when she noticed dash couldn't hold it much longer.

maybe they are right... chrysalis thought. She could see dash was about to give up. She stopped her attack on the pegasus.

“I'm so sorry...” chrysalis cried as she fell to the ground. Dash stumbled up to her and put a hoof on her shoulder. Chrysalis looked up to her. Dash was... Smiling at her?

“It's okay” she said.

“How is it okay? I let Tirek do this to you...” chrysalis said.

“Don't worry about it” dash reassured her.

“Goo goo” flurry heart flew up to them and hugged chrysalis. Chrysalis smiled.

maybe I can change.... she thought.

a few years later

“Mommy, daddy, aunty Chrissy! Rainbow dash and Soarin are here!” flurry heart yelled after she opened the door.

“I'm coming!” cadence yelled. She ran downstairs, followed by chrysalis and shining armor.

“Dash, Soarin, how are you doing?” shining armor asked.

“Uh... Well... We are here to ask some advice about....” dash said.

“Pregnancy” soarin finished.

“Oh my gosh! You are?! I'm so happy for you!” cadence said and hugged dash.

“Are you serious?!” chrysalis asked. Dash nodded. “This is amazing!” she yelled and hugged dash too.

After hours of talking Soarin and Dash were sitting on the couch. Soarin stroked her belly.

“She is going to be a strong one”

Author's Note:

I'm finally finished!
At first I was planning on dash to just forgive her friends, but wonderbolt writer had the idea of a reformed chrysalis and flurry heart calling her auntie Chrissy. I loved that idea way more then what I thought of myself. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I really appreciate it. Please let me know if you want a sequel about Soarin and dash’s life after their marriage and after having their foal.

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Ooohhh I would love a sequel to it to. :raritystarry::heart::heart: I can't wit to see how Rainbow Dash and Soarin's life go from wedding, :pinkiehappy: having a baby, :pinkiehappy: and I wish you a good luck on the next story book sequel my friend. :twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

Thank you so much! You are really supportive and nice:twilightsmile:

Your welcome my friend and good luck on your sequel story book to. :raritywink:

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