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forgiveness - MidnightShy21

When her friends prank her, Rainbow Dash runs away. While she's gone she talks to a friend. Her friends are worried sick about her.

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chapter 7 (part 1)

“I can't believe she tricked me!” Celestia whined. Luna gave her a hug while Cadence patted her back.

“It's not your fault sister” Luna said while breaking the hug.

“HOW is it not my fault?!” Celestia basically yelled. When she saw her sister's reaction she said: “Sorry...”

“Come on Tia, we all would've done the same thing when someone we love was up there” Cadence reassured her. Celestia sighed and nodded.

“Hello little princesses. How is your stay?” Chrysalis asked, walking into the room they were in.

“Where is my flurry heart?!” Cadence scowled and lounged right at Chrysalis, only to be pushed back by some kind of shield. She landed on her back on the cold floor.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you. You know? I know a lot of ways to hurt ponies, a baby won't be any harder” Chrysalis said. The princesses looked at her in shock. “Well, I'm going to leave you again, bye!” she said as she trotter away. “Oh and” she said while turning around. “That hole over there gives you a view over ponyville, I just want you to see your precious elements of harmony being destroyed” she turned around again and trotter away.

“We can't let her hurt flurry heart!” Celestia said. Cadence trotted towards the hole Chrysalis mentioned earlier.

“I know she is evil, but I also know she would NEVER hurt a baby” Cadence said. I just know it she thought.

with mane six and soarin

“They took flurry heart too?!” Dash asked after the girls explained everything that happened. Twilight nodded.

“That just took a baby?” Soarin asked. Twilight nodden again. “That's just crazy!” he yelled.

“We have to save the princesses!” Dash said.

“What about flurry heart?” rarity asked.

“She's a princess too right?” Dash asked. After that a lot of “ohh’s” were heard.

“We still need a plan” Applejack said. Everypony started thinking.

“I've got an idea!” Dash yelled all of a sudden. Everyone looked at her. “How about Soarin, Fluttershy and I will go search for flurry heart and the rest of you save the other princesses?” she asked. Twilight nodded.

“That could work” twilight said.

“Uh.. Why are the three of us going to save flurry heart and not some of the others?” Fluttershy asked.

“You said she is in the highest tower right?” dash asked. The others nodded. “It will be easier to fly there then to run up the stairs” she explained. Fluttershy nodded slowly.

“So everypony agrees?” Pinkie asked. Everypony nodded in agreement. “Yay! I can't believe we're going on another adventure!” she exclaimed happily while jumping up and down.

“Lets do it!” Applejack said.

“Yeah!” They all yelled filled with confidence and started to run/fly to the changelinghive.

Once they arrived their confidence faded away.

“Uh.. Ready?” Dash nervously asked. The others nodded with hesitation. “Okay... Lets go...” she said and started to fly, soarin and Fluttershy following close behind.

“So... How are we going to get in?” rarity asked, looking after the three pegasi.

“Uh... Fight our way in there?” starlight asked, startling everypony.

“W- where did you come from?” twilight asked.

“I was here all along, you just ignored me..” starlight chuckled before being tackled by pinkie pie.

“Im sososososososososososososoooo sorry!” pinkie said while hugging her tightly. Starlight patted her back.

“It's okay” she said. Pinkie let go of her.

“Oh thank goodness! If you were gonna be mad I would me sad and when I'm sad, I'm no fun to be around with and then eve- HMPPHH” Pinkie was saying before she got a hoof on her mouth.

“We get it” Applejack rolled her eyes. “We have a mission and no time to loose” she said, letting go of her crazy friend. The other girls nodded

“Let's do this!”

with soarin, dash and fluttershy

“Are we there yet?” soarin complained. Dash rolled her eyes.

“You have eyes right?” she asked in an annoyed yet, playful tone. He playfully punched her shoulder.

“We don't have time for this” Fluttershy said. The pegasi flew up to the highest tower and perked inside.

“Um... Those are a lot of changelings..” soarin said.

“Oh really Sherlock?” dash said, her voice full of sarcasm.

“Come on, be serious about this” Fluttershy said.

“Lets go in” Dash said.

“How are we going to do that?” Fluttershy asked.

“We'll fight our way in there” soarin said.

“Oh... I'm not so sure that's such a go-” she was interrupted by the sound of glass shattering. “Od idea...”

“What is happeni- oh... The element of loyalty! And her idiot coltfriend...” Chrysalis said, walking into the room. Everypony stopped fighting.

“He's not an idiot! You're the idiot! You think you can take over equestria? Remember what happened last time? At cadence and shining armour’s wedding?” Dash shot at her.

“Oh but my little Dashie, I'm not on this on my own, Tirek! Come in here please!” she yelled. “Changelings hold them”

“What is it my quee- Ohh, the element of loyalty and.... Whoever that is” Tirek said while walking inside.

“Tirek, could you take care of our little Dashie? I'll take that dude and her little friend outside of the window” Chrysalis said.

“FLUTTERSHY RUN!” Dash yelled. Fluttershy flew away the fastest she could. I have to warn the others she thought.

Chrysalis started to trot away. “Oh and Tirek? Don't hurt her too much. And did you take the princesses their magic yet?” she asked.

“Yes ma'am” while he was talking to Chrysalis, Dash managed to break free and open the cage flurry heart was in. Flurry flew out of the window as fast as she could and went after fluttershy. The changelings noticed and went over to rainbow dash and grabbed her.

“Now, I'm going to leave you good bye!” Chrysalis said and left with the changelings, but before she left she put a shield on the broken window so dash wouldn't escape.

“Now, lets begin” Tirek said walking over to dash.

“W- what are you going to do?” Dash asked. Immediately Tirek lifted her up and threw her to the opposite side of the room.

with the others

“Finally we’re in” rarity said.

“We have to find the princesses” twilight said.

“AARGH!!” Someone screamed from far away.

“That sounded like...” Twilight said. “Rainbow Dash”

“We have to save her!” applejack yelled.

with dash and Tirek

“AARGH!!” she yelled as she was thrown across the room again.

“You like that don't you?” Tirek asked. “Chrysalis? Would you be a dear and take away the magic shield?!” he yelled. Right after that the magic shield disappeared.

“Ready for some fun?” he asked her. He picked her up and threw her out of a different window, causing it to break and let her fall out. Before he would not be able to reach her he pulled her back in. She was full of scratches and cuts.

“I think that was enough” he said and took her down the stairs of the tower.

with the girls

The girls were still thinking of a plan. Then, something flew out of a window from the tower dash was in.

“Was that rainbow dash?” rarity asked. “The poor dear...”

Author's Note:

Hello evewypony! I'm back to writing again.
I'm sorry it took so long.
Anyway, this chapter will be cut into two pieces because, y'know, I need sleep but I didn't want to keep y'all waiting. I'm sorry if it's rushed but, like I said, I was tired. I finished this chapter at 2:33 so yeah...
Hope y'all enjoyed!