• Published 26th Jun 2017
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forgiveness - MidnightShy21

When her friends prank her, Rainbow Dash runs away. While she's gone she talks to a friend. Her friends are worried sick about her.

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chapter 6

"We have to find Rainbow dash!" Twilight yelled. Fluttershy tried to calm her down.

"Shush, calm down Twilight.... We'll find her" Fluttershy said.

"Oh but little filly, you already found her" a voice said.

"Who's there?" Applejack asked.

"Awh, already forgot about me?" The voice said.

"Ah swear, if ah find ya, I'll kick y'all's flank!" Applejack yelled.

"W- wait, I think th- that's... Rainbow...." Soarin said.

"For real?!" Pinkie asked.

"Good guess, stallion... Too bad I'll have to get rid of all of you" Dash said, flying out of the shadows.

"Dashie!" Pinkie yelled, running up to her. But she was stopped by Soarin.

"That is NOT Rainbow dash, look at her eyes" Soarin said.

"Awh, is the little stallion trying to be smart?" Dash asked.

"Rainbow dash, what happened?" Fluttershy asked.

"Listen to me, big baby, I don't know how you know my name, but I do know I can't trust you" dash said.

"W- what did they do to you?.." Rarity asked.

"Who?" Dash asked.

"Chrysalis a-and those changelings" Twilight said.

"I don't know w- what you are talking about" dash said.

"She's lying" applejack said.

"No I'm not!" Dash said.

"Stop it applejack, they probably gave her new memories" Twilight said.

"Rainbow? Please turn back to normal" Soarin said, flying over to dash.

"Don't come any closer! This is who I am! This is who I have always been!" Dash yelled.

"No it's not" Soarin said.

"What is he doing?" Pinkie asked the other mares.

"I don't know" Twilight said.

"Stop! This is who I've always been!" Dash yelled.

"Dashie, remember that time when you saved my life at the young flyers competition?" Soarin asked.

"That never happened!" Dash yelled.

"Do you remember the time you saved my pie at the grand galloping gala?" He asked, hoping she'd remember it.

"I don't know what you're trying to do, but you need to stop! I don't know you!" Dash yelled.

"What about the time you helped me back onto my team after I clipped my wing?" He asked.

"Aargh!" Dash yelled as she sped over to Soarin. He used his wings to shield himself. Dash crashed right into him, causing him to tumble down. He stopped just above the ground.

"Dashie! I won't fight you!" Soarin yelled.

"I will!" Twilight said and flew over to dash.

"Twilight no!" Applejack yelled.

"I have to do this!" Twilight yelled.

"Stop it Twilight!" Soarin yelled, flying over to twilight.

"Stop! We need to stop her!" Twilight said as Soarin grabbed her.

"Just let her fight me Soarin!" Dash yelled.

"Y- you remember my name?" Soarin asked, looking at dash. She flinched.

"No I don't! How the hay could you think that?" Dash asked, looking confused.

"You just said my name" Soarin said.

"Aargh! Stop it!" Dash said, flying over to Soarin and twilight and she pushed him to the ground. Hard. He fell onto the grass hard, what caused him to faint. Dash grinned.

Twilight flew right into Dash, it caused her to fly back. She looked at Twilight with gritted teeth. Twilight did the same. Dash flew into Twilight, witch caused twilight to loose balance for a few seconds. Twilight glanced at her, but then she grinned.

"I'll end this fight fast" Twilight said. An aura formed around her horn.

"Twilight! Stop! Don't hurt her!" Rarity yelled.

"Don't worry rarity, It will just put her to sleep for a few minutes" Twilight said. The aura around her horn grew. She pointed her horn to rainbow dash and shot a beam of magic. Soarin woke up and saw the magic going towards dash.

"Dash no!" He yelled and flew up.

"Soarin stop!" Fluttershy said, flying after him. She was just able to stop him.

"Fluttershy, what are you doing?" Soarin asked.

"Don't worry, the spell shouldn't hurt Dashie, at least that's what Twilight said" Fluttershy said. Soarin sighed and flew down with Fluttershy.

Twilight was using all the power she could muster to stop dash.

"Come... On! J- just give up!" Twilight yelled. Rainbow dash was fighting off the magic. "Dash! It w- won't hurt you!" She yelled. Dash was starting to get weaker. She got blasted back a few meters.

"I don't care, I w- won't let you s- stop m- me!" Dash yelled. She felt light headed. She got blasted back again. She lost her consciousness and fell down. Just when she was about to hit the ground rarity saved her with her magic. Everypony went over to her.

"She will wake up in a few minutes, we should probably tie her up" Twilight said. Everypony nodded.

"Does anypony have some type of rope or something?" Soarin asked. They all shook their heads. "Can't somepony just put her in a cage or something?"

"I can, but I can only do it for about 10 minutes" rarity said. "And I'm too weak to do it right now" Twilight said.

"Alright, let's do this!" Pinkie said. The others nodded.

"We just have one problem, we need to turn her back within 10 minutes" Twilight said.

"I think I can help with that!" Someone yelled.

"Zephyr Breeze, what are you doing here?!" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, big sis, I see my princess here has a problem" Zephyr said pointing at rainbow. "But don't worry, Zephyr Breeze is here to save her" he said, leaning closer to the sleeping rainbow mare.

"DON'T touch her" soarin hissed. Zephyr turned to him.

"And who do you think YOU are? Her coltfriend?" Zephyr asked.

"Actually, I am" Soarin said with a proud smirk on his face, bringing a hoof to his chest.

"Yeah sure! You think rainbows would be so foolish she'll be with somepony like you? Haha, don't make me laugh" Zephyr said.

"Look! She's waking up! Rarity, now!" Applejack yelled. Rarity used her magic to form a globe like shape around rainbow dash.

"Oww!" Dash groaned as she woke up. A green glow started to surround her.

"What's happening?!" Pinkie yelled in panic. The glow started to expand and rarity's magic started to fade.

"Hurry up darling! I can't hold it much longer!" Rarity yelled. Soarin flew over to rainbow dash.

"Dashie stop it!" He yelled. Her eyes turned normal for a second. "Soarin....?" She asked. He flew closer. Her eyes turned red again. "Ugh! I'm sick of you!" She yelled. Soarin flew back a little. Then, an idea popped up in his mind.

"Dashie! Remember when i first kissed you?" He asked.

"Stop, you fool!" She yelled. He flew closer.

"Dash! I need you to remember! You mean the world to me and i don't want to loose you!" He yelled flying closer.

"No! Stay away!" She yelled, flying back until her back hit a mountain. Soarin was still flying closer.

"Come on Dashie! Please come back! I-.... I..... I love you!" He said.

"No you don't! nopony can love a monster like me!" She yelled. He flew closer to her till they were just an inch apart.

"You are not a monster" he said.

"N- no! Stop! It's not true! Y- you're lying!" She said.

"It's not a lie, it is all true..." He whispered and kissed her. She closed her eyes. A green light came out of her heart. It went into the air and turned pink. The pink light came back into her heart, giving her all of her memories back.

Author's Note:

I know it took a long time for me to update, I was at a camp for a few days with my class. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, if you did, please let me know in the comments.:pinkiehappy: