• Published 26th Jun 2017
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forgiveness - MidnightShy21

When her friends prank her, Rainbow Dash runs away. While she's gone she talks to a friend. Her friends are worried sick about her.

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chapter 3

"How are we going to fight him off without Dashie?" Pinkie asked. "I don't know! Nobody knows what to do!" Twilight spat at her.

"I'm sorry..." Pinkie said. "No, it's not your fault, I'm just really........ peeved right now" Twilight said.

"Uhm girls..." Fluttershy said. "We NEED Rainbow dash! Without her Equestria is doomed!" Rarity whined.

"Girls.." Fluttershy said again. "Just stop talking! I need to think!" Twilight said.

"Girls" Fluttershy said again. "Oh we're doomed" Rarity whined again.

"GIRLS!!" Fluttershy yelled. Everyone looked at her. "Thank you... Ahum, as I was going to say... I saw rainbow flying outside" she said calm as ever.

"Why didn't you say so?!" Twilight yelled. Applejack face-hoofed.

with Soarin and dash
"What are we doing?" Soarin asked.
"*sigh* We need to find the elements of harmony and the bearers of harmony" Dash said.

"Alright!" Soarin said. "Uh, where are we going to find the elements?" he whispered a few seconds later. Dash groaned. "A big crystal castle," she said.

"Aha... Do you know where that is?" He asked. "Just... Follow me okay?" Dash said. A few moments later they arrived at the castle. They searched for a place to get in. After a while they found an open window which led into a big room. They flew inside and began their search. About five minutes later Dash spoke up.

"There they are!" Dash said and walked over to the elements. "Now we just need to find the beare-"
"DASHIE!!" they heard someone yell. "Pinkie pie?" Dash asked.

"Oh I missed you so much!!" Pinkie yelled and ran up to Dash to hug her. "DON'T touch me!" Dash hissed. Pinkie stepped back. Soarin was surprised by her reaction.

"Pinkie? Where did you go?" Twilight yelled. A few moments later she walked in with the other elements. "Rainbow!" She was going to do the same as Pinkie but got the same reaction. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Dash yelled.

"Dashie, what happened to you?" Fluttershy asked. Dash shot her a glare so she stepped back. Dash took a deep breath.

"Nothing happened," she sighed. She got uncertain looks from the other bearers.
"Let’s get this over with" she said. Everyone nodded, not wanting to piss her off more. They quickly grabbed their element and ran outside. They went to search for Sombra. After a while they found him.

"Sombra!" Twilight shouted. Sombra turned around to face them. It looked like he would attack any second by now. "Ready girls?" Twilight asked. They all nodded. Sombra walked closer to them and he looked pissed.

"Dash, go!" Twilight said. A rainbow shot out of Dash's element, connecting it to the other elements and then circled around Twilight. The rainbow connected to her element too. They all closed their eyes. Twilight opened her eyes and there was a big white flash everywhere. It blinded Soarin, which caused him to close his eyes. When the flash was gone everything was back to normal. They were about to do a group hug but Dash said: "Don't think I'll forgive you... Not yet..." She said and then she flew away. Soarin flew after her, leaving the others behind. Pinkie's hair deflated again.

"She left us again," she sobbed. Applejack went over to pat her shoulder, trying to comfort her friend.

"Dash wait!" Soarin yelled. Dash started to slow down and turned around.

"I'm sorry..." She said. He flew over to her and gave her a comforting hug. Of course she hugged back.

somewere else
"Ugh! Everything fails! Even when she is not there she finds out something is wrong and she gets there in time!" A female voice said.

"Don't worry, Chrysalis we'll win this eventually, we just have to get the rainbow pony and THEN we attack," Tirek said.
"But we NEED Sombra back! Without him this won't work!" She hissed.

"Then let's free him," Tirek said with an evil smirk.
"How are we going to do that?!" She asked. She sounded REALLY annoyed.

"We have the most powerful princess of all, just tell your army to bring Celestia here. Oh and ask one of your changelings to transform into her dear student Twilight," He said with an evil smirk. Chrysalis smirked back.

"Perfect! CHANGELINGS I DEMAND YOU TO COME HERE!" she yelled. A few seconds later all of her changelings came into the room. "You! Come here!" Chrysalis yelled, pointing at one of them. He flew towards her and when he was close, he bowed. "I need you to transform into princess Twilight," Chrysalis said. The changeling did what he was told.
"You 5! Come over here!" She yelled again, pointing at 5 other changelings. They did the same as the other one did.

"Bring me princess Celestia!" She demanded. The 5 nodded and flew away to get the princess. "I need the rest of you to stay here for if Celestia is trying to escape," she demanded the other ones. They nodded and flew into corners of the room.

"You did great, my queen," Tirek said. She gave him a simple nod.

A few minutes of waiting later the door swung open to reveal the 5 changelings and a weak-looking Celestia.
"Celestia, I need you to do something for me," Chrysalis said. Celestia slowly looked up to her.

"Why would I do you a favor?" She asked in a harsh tone.

"Well I don't expect you want anything to happen to your most faithful student, or do you?" Chrysalis asked, revealing the fake twilight, tied up against a pole. Celestia looked shocked.

"Let. Her. Go!" She yelled.

"If you do me a favor," Chrysalis said. Celestia shot her a glare but then sighed. "What do I need to do?"

"I need you to bring Sombra back to us," Chrysalis stated plainly.
"*sigh* I'll do it, just let Twilight go" Celestia gave in.


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