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Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were enjoying a nice dinner, and they might have had a little too much wine. When they started screwing around with their divine magic, a little accident occurred and turned both of them into two year old fillies. With nopony besides Alicorns able to lower and raise the sun and moon, Twilight Sparkle takes over the responsibilities as Ruler of Equestria, Keeper of the Sun and Moon, and Mother to Princesses Celestia and Luna.

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Comments ( 8 )

If you don't mind a little bit of constructive critism, Twilight would not try to ignore a letter from Canterlot, and neither would she then brush off the news about having to take over until the following morning. She would be right on top of it no matter how tired she felt.

Point taken, I was rushing to get my ideas posted

Tis gonna be good.

Um, you might want to develop your story concept a bit before posting the next chapter. This feels more like an outline for a story than an actual story.

I agree with the others the idea sounds fun. But that first chapter was lacking half of it was more forth wall breaking. Two fillies and should be a panicky Twilight you don’t need to forth wall break for comedic value.

I look forward to this story just need to polish it a bit more.

TBH, you're all right, it doesn't fit, and it's more of a comedic relief chapter. I wasn't 100% on how to get the story started, so I just decided to make it a comedic chapter before the rest starts normally

So, when's the update?

I'm having a bit of a block right now, so it may be a while. The thing with me and muse is that I'm at my muse's mercy. ADD can do that to you, where you can't focus on one specific thing, and that's a problem I have. Sometimes I have to force myself to keep working on one specific thing, and as a lot of my followers know, I also have a problem with starting new stories when I haven't actually finished any of my previous ones

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