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Celestia did not wake that morning thinking her life would change that day, but it would. She would be united with a creature as timeless as herself, one who looked to her as a peer instead of a subject.

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Aw poor Philomena.

Lol what

Much more poetic and solemn than the title led me to expect. Nice work. Thank you for it.

Neece #4 · 1 week ago · · ·

Ditto. Didn't expect this, but was not disappointed.
I hope Philomena managed to lay more eggs that actually hatched, since then. She deserves to see her children flourish too.

We are Family.:pinkiesad2:

My expectations may also have been tainted by a previous story of the same name...:unsuresweetie:

You know! We honestly thought this might have turned into a biological incubator plot, it would explain Celestia's unwillingness to be combative...

No matter what war is waged, someone's eggs are being smashed.

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