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I am a Canadian who says "zee" instead of "zed", therefore I'm not normal.

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A Displaced story.
Maiko Hayakawa, a typical 17 year old gamer girl living in Tokyo has some terrible luck with her favourite convention. After running into a strange old woman, Maiko finds herself in the back seat, being nothing more than a voice in the mind of a young child who got dumped into Equestria during the dead of Winter. Considering that the child is the younger sister of a goddess, this promises to be an interesting experience for poor Maiko.

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Why should you say 'zed' instead of 'zee' anyway? There's no d attached to the end of the alphabet, so even though a z would theoretically pronounced 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzuh' or something there are still countless other words that come out sounding like 'ee', 'dee', 'see' and so on. But no letters where we attach an Ed, Edd or Eddy to the end...

You may want to put an Anthro tag in this since Fluttershy apparently isn't a pony.

Ah, thanks. I wasn't sure since I had decided to have all the MLP characters be 100% human. I asked a friend, and he said to just use the human tag. I'll add the anthro tag right now.

I see, now that complicate things a little.
Normally the human Tag is used when you introduce a Human into the MLP universe, but if the whole cast is human to begin with...
Do they have fur or any other pony characteristic? Cause if not then your friend is right and the anthro tag won't really fit.

Ah, well, like I said, they're all 100% human: absolutely no equine features at all. So, yeah, my friend was right. Sorry for any confusion.

It's a crossover with the Hyperdimension Neptunia game series.

God I love neptunia. I wonder how twilights going to react to the fact that rom is basically a goddess.

In Canada we say Zed instead of Zee, I don't know why but it is how we pronounce the letter. Maz was trying to get the point on how he is clearly not normal across with that. And before you ask, Zed is the only letter we pronounce differently than Americans.

See that is why I said use the Human tag, This is far from the first story where I have seen the author take the pony's and make them all human. There's Inner Demons for one, I'd link you to more but that is the only one I'm currently reading and I don't have an hour to go through my finished reading bookshelf to find more. But you are right on what most authors use the tag for.

is this an ortho story if so yo forgot to add it to the tags

No, it's not anthro. The entire MLP cast is 100% human, no pony features of any kind.

Standing there was a young woman with long,

you might want to change that line and any others that are used to describe the ponies

I went with "young woman" because they're human. The only thing I could do to make it more clear is to explicitly describe them as humans in the story.

I've moved the Author's Note in chapter 1 up to the top and added a disclaimer addressing the subject to it.

my bad i did read that but it slipped my mind i just don't read many pure human fanfics

I'm not certain, but I think America is the only place that says Zee.

Well, either way, I'm Canadian, and in Canada it's said "zed", but I still say "zee" anyway.

Well, I just read through this story.
And so far... I like it!
Quick question though, how did Rom go HDD?
CPUs go HDD using Share Energy, and CPUs get Share Energy from their believers (?)...
In this new dimension nobody if not a rare few would even know they exist much less give Share energy....
I guess IF is there, and you mentioned a few other characters will show up too, so is that the case?
Well, other than my little rant, I have to say that I am looking forward to future chapters!
Keep up the good work!

The idea is that IF at the very least was present to be able to give Rom Share Energy. Other than that, it was typical plot convenience.

Wait a second is this Neptune and Nepgear the ones from rebirth 1 and there just going along with everything?

The characters are all from Re;Birth 3's true ending, so Neptune, Nepgear, Rom and IF have all met with the Blanc from the alternate dimension.

...yeah, I can see that.

You update too much..... I never thought id type that.

Well... I'm the type of person who has fleeting ideas. When I have a good idea, I need to get it written down somewhere as quickly as possible or I risk forgetting it. Another reason why I update so quickly is because once I get into the 'groove' as it were, ideas just come to me much easier.

Well, I personally don't consider the Bestiary to be a full-fledged chapter, so... 2.5 in one day...?

Okay, PLEASE tell me there is NO ships in this fanfic.
Because honestly, they get old fast.

Nope, I never had any plans in the first place. I highly doubt I'll change my mind either. So, you're safe.
Also, I'm pretty inept when it comes to writing romance anyway.

Seriously, it get's old FAST!
Thanks for letting me know!

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