• Published 13th Sep 2017
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Brat's Dark Side - Darkie 09

She's my Brat. She always has been, she always will be. No matter how far across Equestria she is, she will forever and always be... My Brat.

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Chapter 7: The Party

“Who wants to do the Ouija Board?” I ask, taking it out of the box.

Nightglimmer and Brat walk over, “Let’s do it.”

I place the planchet on the board and we all put one hoof on it. Brat speaks up. “How did you die?”

“Brat!” I facepalm. “You’re not supposed to ask that first! You need to say: Is anypony there?” I sigh, knowing this will only end in the most disastrous of ways.

“Sorry, sorry! Um, anypony there?” She asks, nervously. The planchet begins to move to yes. “Did one of you move it?!”

“No,” I say rolling my eyes. “Besides, this stuff isn’t even real. Ask it another question.”

“When will I die?” She asks happily.

“Brat?!” The planchet begins to move again. One and six. “Sixteen.” She looks over to me happily. “Are you happy because of this or…” She ignores me and opens her mouth to open another question. “You better not ask anything stupid.”

“When will Darkie die?” The planchet moves again going to one and then moving to six. “Hey! We both die next year!”

“Lovely,” I say sarcastically. “When does… Nightglimmer die?” I ask it.

“Stop dude! I don’t want to know!” But it’s too late, the planchet begins to move once more landing on the two and moving on the six afterward. “Oh, cool.” She sighs in relief.

We continue to ask more and more questions to this spirit but all I can think about is how when Brat leaves, I’m going to have to push the restart button and pretend everything is fine. Even though it’s not.

We find out that the spirit's name is Rover and he died of a heart attack, I can’t believe they are actually entertained by this though. After we’re done, I put the Ouija board away back in its box. “Lovely... Are you happy Brat?”

She nods with a big smile, Crystal Harmony, Nightglimmer's Mom walks up to us holding a tray with mason jars. Inside the mason jars is root beer with vanilla ice cream on the bottom and whipped cream topping them off. “Would you girls like one?” She asks, handing us each a rootbeer float.

“Thank you, very much,” I tell her, taking a sip of my float. I look over at Brat, she stares back at me with crazy eyes and a wild grin. “Sugar… Just what you need.”

“Yeah!! Best. Party. Ever!” She screams in my ear, practically chugging the whole mug.

“Tch, you’re already really hyper as it is, why would we give you more sugar so you can become even more hyper. Logic.” I look down at my drink and take another sip. I love slurping the foam off the top first, then drinking it.

We gather in a circle… Me, Nightglimmer, Brat, Mythic Haze, Moonrose and other others. We each take six M&M’s out of the bowl and go around in a circle playing Never Have I Ever.

“Time to go eat. We have pizza and salad.” Nightglimmer says to me. I look over then back at Brat. “What will we do? Next year?” Everypony else rushes into the dining room while we stay in the living room and watch them.

“I don’t know, Moonrose is leaving… Tigris is leaving. I don’t know.” She tells me honestly.

I watch Brat take a bite of her pizza. “Neither do I. We’ll have to learn to make it without them, why to get close to people when you know in the end, they’ll leave,” I state.

“I guess, but I’m having some serious anxiety about next year… It only seems to get worse and worse.” She lowers her head and kicks her hooves on the carpet.

I take a deep breath. “Cherish these moments, because one day, these are the days you’ll want back…” I say walking over to the table, leaving her in the living room.

I take some salad, dump it on my plate and sit down next to Brat. She smiles and takes another piece of pizza. “I love you, Brat.”

“I love you too, Darkie.” She says, shoving the pizza in her mouth.

We all finish eating and resume the games for two more hours. I walk out the door thanking Nightglimmer and Crystal Harmony for the spectacular party. I walk down the stairs and close the door to the apartment building. I begin walking on the sidewalk, I’m almost to the guard gate when I hear the door open again. I ignore it and keep walking.

“Darkie! Wait!” I whip around at the sound of my nickname and see Brat holding something. She runs over and stops in front of me, panting harshly from running so fast and far. “Here, open it when you get home, here’s the apple juice too.” She hands me an envelope and the apple juice. “By the way Darkie, apple juice is my favorite.” I’m left stunned as she runs back the other way to meet her mom. “Love you, Darkie!”

Speechless and left standing at the curb, she fades out of my view. “Love you too, Brat,” I reply quietly.