• Published 13th Sep 2017
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Brat's Dark Side - Darkie 09

She's my Brat. She always has been, she always will be. No matter how far across Equestria she is, she will forever and always be... My Brat.

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Chapter 5: Conviction

Who knew I could cry over something so stupid. I’ll miss them, sure I will. But I didn’t think it would take this much willpower to overcome it. It’s been a couple of days since I saw Brat at my old house. I really should continue her letter, but I think if I do… I might cry.

It’s been confirmed that my Aunt killed my Father. I confirmed it. I have proof and evidence to back it up with.

I teleport over to her house and wait for her in the kitchen. I hear the door and tense up. I have to do it now. I walk outside as casually as possible and stop right in front of her. “What do you need?” She’s asks, setting the grocery bags down on the table.

“I have a question. Do you know… Who killed my Father?”

She looks at me in confusion. “Why is this of the utmost importance?”

“Tell me. Do you know who killed my Father?!” I ask in a brash voice.

“No!” She yells back. “I do not know who killed him!”

I teleport down to the basement and call out to her. As she lands on the ground I start again.

“Really?” I ask. “I’m not stupid! I can put two and two together. Hopefully you can too and you come up with four.” I state, she rushes forward and grips my mane.

“Do not… Raise your voice at me!” She scolds and throws me to the ground. I point open to the open cabinet and laugh weakly.

“I didn't want to believe it at first.” I say getting up. “I wanted to be wrong, I wanted to be wrong, I wanted to give you a chance and I waited months to voice my concern.” I take a shaky step towards her.

“I didn’t want to hurt them. If Mom and Dad were here, they’d be so saddened to know that you put a child through six years of hell, to get revenge on those who did you wrong!” I tell her. “At first, I was just defending you! Through words, that was fine! But hurting them that way… I broke! You, broke me!” I say. “It’s like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. If anypony tries to get close to me or tries to get me to open up, I shove them away! Until somepony finally diffused that ticking bomb! I’m done playing your game!”

“I have done nothing to you! I didn’t want to take care of you and yes, I did kill him! And yes, I did try to sell you! I was put through so much pain being kicked out of StarSpell because I wasn’t a unicorn like the rest of my family!” She continues, “Until… I couldn’t bare it anymore! I broke the barrier six years ago, I killed him, I took you, I changed the will!”

“What Will?!” I scream, demanding answers. “Are you saying you changed my Mom’s Will?”

“No, that was all you… My dear. She knew I wanted you for your magic. In her will, he asked Malachite Sketch take the responsibility as the guardian. She didn’t want me anywhere near you. But I needed you for much bigger things! You changed it at my command.” She says. “I know it was selfish and cruel! But I got what I wanted!”

I sit down on the floor with tears pouring out of my eyes. I did this to myself and I couldn’t even comprehend it. I changed Dad’s Will at her command, I did everything… All at her command. My heart races and my breathing hitches remembering all the things I’ve had to do.

“I-I’m so sorry!” You don’t have to continue this.” She pleads “It was wrong of me, to use a meer child. I can’t get rid of your pain, I can’t go back and erase it.” I stare down at her. “I traumatized you and I’m sorry. Please. Don’t. Go live with Malachite and have a good life.”

I bite my lip as I stare down at her. “I’m sorry, there is no other choice. This is what I was put on this planet to do. If I cannot hurt someone with a few words… What am I then?” I ask emotionlessly.

I don’t care, but whatever you do… You don’t have to do this!” She begs with tears in her eyes.I take her hooves off of me and remove her. She continues to cling to my leg. I step away and she hugs me. “Don’t do this. It was wrong.”

“You should’ve never had the power to hurt me the way you did, or use me the way you did. But I will fight, for you. There is no other option for me.” I state firmly. I walk away and leave her in the dust crying. Other than her sobs only silence fills the air.

“Tell me… What happened to my Mother? How did she die?”

She looks over at me. “I didn’t kill her. She died of Cancer when you were seven, your Mother was a very powerful pony… She was the daughter of a very famous and powerful unicorn in StarSpell. She loved you and wanted to protect you from anything bad. Including me.”

“Mom! Mom! Why are you crying? It’s okay.” Tears stream down her cheeks, I can barely see her in the dark, the only thing I’m able to make out is her tears glistening in the light of moon pouring through the open window. “Sit down.” I take her hoof and guide her from the doorway to my bed, she props herself up on my pillow and cries some more. “Mom.” I look at her with worried eyes as I hug her lightly I shift my weight and pull my hoof away from hers but she grasps it tighter, as she shakes her head. “I-- I was just going to get your water from your bedroom.” She shakes her head again and tugs lightly on my arms motioning for me to sit down with her as she cries harder. “I’m sorry you had a bad dream again.” I wrap my hooves around her neck and lean my head on her chest. Light droplets of water land on my head, her breathing is ragged and her heart thumping a hundred miles a second.

“She was… Dying.” I realize, “She was scared… Dad was always at the Military Base and Mom… She had no one, Dad was never there when she needed him most. She woke me up… Because she knew she was dying. She already knew what was coming next, she didn’t think she could protect me if she wasn’t here. She tried… Her best.”