• Published 13th Sep 2017
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Brat's Dark Side - Darkie 09

She's my Brat. She always has been, she always will be. No matter how far across Equestria she is, she will forever and always be... My Brat.

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Chapter 2: A Futile Fight

The day was long and the sun was beating down on me through the window as I sat outside my former Biology class. She’s in there, I wish I could be in there too. We could be lab partners. The door opens and Lost Legend walks out, giving me a nasty look as he passes me.

“You know why they call me Lost Legend?” He questions, walking closer to me.

“I don’t care why they call you Lost Legend. In fact, the only lost legend around here is my village.” I state, giving him a cold stare. “Leave me alone, all I want to do is draw.”

He chuckles quietly to himself. “Yeah, right. That village in the folklore books? What was it called again?”

“StarSpell. Home to some of the most powerful unicorns in all of Equestria, ya dimwit. Read up on that history textbook of yours. It’s very real.”

He snickers and slips away without saying another word, only nodding his head in a very obnoxious manner.

School was always like this. Then ponies ask me why I act so cold, stoic and selfish. As he passes by me again, this time ignoring me completely I stand up and block his path. “I forgot to ask you this last time but… Is your head as hollow as that trashcan?” I deadpan, staring him straight in the eye.

“Omigosh, why you so nasty to me?” He complains, reaching for the door of the classroom.

“Tch.” I eye him carefully as he slinks away like a sly fox after a fresh kill.

I gather my things and throw them in my saddle bag, as all the fillies and colts exit the Biology Classroom. Brat is the last to leave, as always. She jumps over to me excitedly, “So where are we going today?”

“Well…. I’m not sure, I really don’t have anything planned for today.” She turns and smirks from ear to ear, drawing in a great breath of air. “Don’t.” I say, already knowing what she’s going to do. “If you do, I will punch you so far, you will go all the way back to the beginning of this year.”

She squeaks weakly and doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. “If you’re happy and you know it… CLAP YOUR HOOVES!”


“If you're happy and you know it, don’t smile!”


“If you’re happy and you know it act like Darkie!”

“Could you go any louder? I don’t think the ponies in the middle school heard you.” I say sarcastically. She reaches out at the top of my head. “Stop.” I say, gripping her hooves with my magic and dragging her closer to my face. Her eyes widen as she stares straight at me with a nervous look. I throw her back and release her from my magic as she crashes into the lockers. “Do it again and I won’t spare you.” I tell her in a cruel voice, walking away.

She catches up to me and walks by my side as we exit the building. “That hurt.” She whines rubbing her head.

“You think I give a rat's behind if that hurt you or not?” She shoves me lightly, I stumble over my own hooves but regain my posture rather quickly. “Tch.”

“I know you care, you just don’t show it.” She says happily. “Will I ever get to see you smile before the end of the year?”

“How should I know? Only time will tell.” I state, pointing out the obvious to her oblivion. “I don’t really know why… But one day I’ll explain it to you.”

“Oh, mysterious! Spooky, spectacular, lovely!” She claps her hooves together and smirks. “I’m going to miss you when I go to Califoalnia.”

“I bet you will.”

She gasps and looks at me teasingly. “Won’t you miss me?”

“Eh, I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe I just don’t care.” I tell her as we walk down the stairs and out the door.

She gasps again and hits me playfully. “That’s not what you’re supposed to say! Darkie.” She giggles, jumping up and down.


“Hey Darkie… I need to ask.” She stops in her tracks and gives me a serious look, “Why are you… So… dark?” I open the door and we walk out together, the fresh air makes my mane flow lightly in the wind as we walk. I keep my eyes in front of me, not bothering to even so much as glimpse at her. “There’s clearly more than meets the eye with you. Especially about what happened in your past… before I met you.”

I look up into the sky keeping my bored expression as we keep walking, “Yeah, there’s a lot you don’t know about me. And if you knew, you probably wouldn’t want to be friends with me. Which I don’t mind… Because, you’re moving anyway. You’ll forget about me, probably for the best if you do. But yes, there are a lot of things I’ve kept secret. From you, from Nightglimmer, from Moonrose, from all of them.”

“You’re always so cold and mean. It’s like you want ponies to hate you. Were you always like this?” We walk into the Music wing and stand beside the band room.

“Tch, get to band practice Brat. I’m not answering anymore of your stupid questions.” I say walking away from her.

“Okay, bye… Darkie!”

“Tch, Brat.”

I let out a heavy sigh as I walk away from the band room. “I hate you for making me this way.” I mutter as I begin the journey home.

As I walk down the hill, I take a different route from what I normally would. I enter the woods and continue walking under the shade of the trees. I notice a few colts from my former Biology class just a little farther away from where I am. I’m just going to ignore them. I think to myself as I come closer to them.

They turn their heads and look at me as I pass the four of them. I give them a harsh look from the corner of my eye. “Oh, look how pissed she is.” I ignore his comment and keep walking not bothering to get involved.

“Omigosh, we didn’t even do anything to you. We’re sitting here talking.” I stop, as I hear him get up from his spot.

“Don’t you have any decency?” I ask, turning around to face him. “Never mind. I’m not going to get into it with a child who won’t even be able to comprehend it.”

“Wow, you are so bitter.” He says strutting over to me. “I remember in Kindergarten when you were a sweet little filly. Always smiling, laughing, happy, and cheerful. Now you’re just… Boring, detached, stoic, apathetic, cold, harsh. I could go on and on with this list.” He chuckles lightly to himself.

“I could care less about what you think of me. There’s a reason I do the things I do, there’s a reason I am the way I am. Besides, you didn’t even know me in Kindergarten.” I state, making it very clear that I am pissed. I begin walking away from them.

“That boring expression of your’s is so old. The rings under your eyes are too. How many times have you have you done the same thing… How much has this costed you?”

I tense up and turn back around. “What… Did you just say?”

He lets out an amused smirk. “Sorry, did you not hear? I asked how much this has costed you?” He walks over to me and taps my horn. “How many times have you used this trinket?”

“I bet she doesn’t even know how to use it!” Solar Comet adds in with a laugh.

“Haha, I bet you’re right. If you really are from that… so-called all powerful, sacred, unicorn village, why don’t you show us how to use it?” He says in a doubtful tone of voice, tapping my horn again.

“I know how to use it, I do not have to prove it.” I say, pulling away from him. “Don’t touch my horn again. Now get out of my way. I want to go home.”

“No, first prove it.”

I growl under my breath and walk around them, before I can get too far a strong force pulls me back with great force and slams me on the ground. “Tch.” I shut my eyes tightly as the pain in my ear comes back. I stand up with great care and rub my ear trying to sooth the pain.

“Why are you rubbing your ear?” Lost Legend asks in a confused manner, walking towards me.

“None of your damn business.” I retort, my hoof is once again dirtied with blood as it dribbles down my ear. I look back to where I fell and see dark, crimson red on a grey rock. “See what you made me do.” I ask, pointing to the rock.

I charge towards them forcefully and knock heads with Solar Comet. I squint my eyes and focus on my strength as he pushes back with equal strength. I back away and charge again like an angry bull. Before he has time to react I headbutt him and he goes flying back into a tree.

I look around at the remaining three of them, waiting to see if they would make any sort of movement. Not a single one of them moves. I make a break for it and run out of the woods down to the main road of Hoofington.

As I walk into the house, I drop my bag in the entrance hallway and dash upstairs. The house is quiet and peaceful. I make my way to the bathroom and grab a cloth to wipe off the now dry blood, after I clean myself up, I put the cloth in the laundry basket and sit down at my desk.

My small, quaint room always reminds me of my bedroom at StarSpell. Although this room was a bit smaller, it still has the same turquoise walls and a warm feeling when you walk inside.

Malachite Sketch and I have our ups and downs, but she still loves me like a Mother. There are certain ponies in this family that don’t like me as much. Lunar Shade, for example.

Lunar and I have never gotten along. From a young age, when Mom was still alive, I remember I was always scared of her. Lunar Shade always pushed ponies around. She still does. She’s done terrible things… She stirred up drama in the family and forced her beliefs on other ponies. If anypony dared to speak out against her, she would make mountains out of molehills about it. And the battles she couldn’t win, she made me fight.

Malachite already told me she wouldn’t be home for the next two weeks, she has a business trip all the way in Saddle Arabia.

The doorbell rings and I rush downstairs to get it. I open the door and in the doorway stands… Lunar Shade.

I glare at her, remembering all the trauma she’s put me through. “Ugh, don’t give me that look. Malachite’s not home, is she?”

I continue glaring at her, she shoves me off to the side and walks in the entrance hallway. “She’s not and I don’t recall inviting you into my house…” I retort with a snippy tone. She gives me a disapproving look. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten anything…”

She turns around and looks me dead in the eye. “What did I ever do to you?” She asks, playing dumb.

“Get. Out. Of. My. Home Don’t--”

“Malachite is such a hoarder, she can’t keep anything clean. Don’t you ever get tired of living here with all of her junk.” She says walking closer to me. “If you came with me you could live in a neat house, without her abuse.”

“Don’t start that with me. I already know what you tried to do… I’ll admit, it was sly and clever but I’m older now and you’re bag of tricks is running out.” I say opening the front door for her. “Leave.”

She looks at me for a moment before walking out the door. “Tell me when she gets back home.”

I close the door, disregarding her comment and walk back up the stairs. “Ah, this again…”

I watch as the pony get out of the carriage. “Aqua? Why is she here?”

“I don’t know…” A second woman steps out of the carriage, her daughter, Rose Quartz, They walk up the gravel path leading to the backyard. Aqua stands in front of me and holds me close as they near. Lunar Shade, breaks off the path and goes in the house.

They meet in the middle of the yard and walk over to us. “Hello Aqua.” I look away from them,not daring to speak.

“What do you need?” Aqua asks in a harsh tone taking a step away from them.

Lunar Shade steps closer and grasps my shoulders. “Why don’t you come with me.” I shake my head, to afraid to speak… “You have to come with me.” She repeats louder. Aqua pulls me closer and puts me on her back, not letting me go for even a moment.

Tears build up in the corner of my eyes. “I-- I don’t want to go with you!” I yell holding tightly to my sister. Lunar grabs my waist and pulls me away from Aqua. Aqua holds tighter to me. “Aqua! P-- Please!” Tears stream down my cheeks. She pulls me harder trying to get me to let go of Aqua but to no avail do I let go. I can feel myself slipping from Aqua’s grasp. “Aqua!” I cry out. I dig my nails into Aqua’s shoulder in a desperate attempt to stay with her.

She shrieks in pain, “Lunar! Let go of her!” I dig my nails further into her skin as Lunar Shade continues prying me away. I’m slipping, she’s winning, Aqua’s crying, I extend my left hand and dig my magic into her back creating a hold on her. She screams again in pain, she winning. Not only is Aqua’s grip slipping so is mine. I grip tighter making her back bleed as my magic drags further across her back. Aqua’s grip tightens and she pulls me away from Lunar Shade with all her might and tosses me away on the ground. “Leave my Mother’s house. Now!” Her breaths are shaky and her tears are still slipping down her cheeks. “Stop tormenting this poor kid!” They walk away back to the carriage defeated and empty - handed.

“A- Aqua… I’m sorry about your back.” She hugs me close and strokes my hair.

“It doesn’t matter. Just remember, she will always be apart of our lives. No matter how much we don’t want her to be. But if you get so sick and tired of something. Confront it! Otherwise, everything will remain exactly the same, nothing will change and we’ll always be stuck in this hell.”

I joined her when I was nine, after the fall of StarSpell. My Father wanted me to be with her, after he died. I’m not sure why though… This is Hell. All this for the past six years and nopony has noticed a thing.