• Published 13th Sep 2017
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Brat's Dark Side - Darkie 09

She's my Brat. She always has been, she always will be. No matter how far across Equestria she is, she will forever and always be... My Brat.

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Chapter 1: A Broken Beginning

Brat… You know, it’s weird. Until you showed up, I’ve never called someone by that name before. Even this name has meaning. I’ll explain the things I promised I would, starting with this name.

“Tch, can you not? It’s too early to deal with your shit.” I tell her in a gravely voice. She bounces up and down as she keeps up with my pace. “Why are you following me around school?” I ask, glancing over to her from the corner of my eye.

“Because why not?” She giggles and shakes me around. “I have so much energy, what am I going to do with it all?!” She smiles as I frown lifting her up with my magic and slam her into the lockers.

I flick my tail and walk away as I hear her hit the floor. “That’s for being a brat, Brat.”

She lets out a loud huff and gets up, her hoofsteps clatter on the tile floor of the school beneath us. “That hurt Darkie!”

I keep walking not giving any thought to her comment. I walk into the Cafeteria with Brat by my side, we sit down at a table as we wait for the rest of our friends to come. Black braided, well groomed hair frames her fresh, friendly face. Her gentle brown eyes, watch over all the ponies at Hoofington High. This is my friend, Tigris Avalon. Or to me, simply, Brat. Sometimes, she’s almost too happy for me, and maybe that’s just me. Perhaps, it’s her energetic attitude or simply her friendly demeanor.


I look over to her with the same boring expression. “Yeah?”

“You should try smiling.” She suggests, smiling from ear to ear. “It’s fun. Maybe people won’t think of you as grumpy and-”

I send her a cold stare and she shuts up immediately. “One, don’t question me. Two, shut… up.”

She pouts and gets up from her spot, “Hey, Darkie! Show me some magic!” She jumps up and down with a big grin on her face. “You know, you probably wouldn’t even have your cutie mark without me being here.”

“As if.” I retort, giving her an unamused look. “So, you’re really going to move all the way to Califoalnia, huh?” I question her, trying to start conversation of a different topic. She nods and looks down. I know I’ve made her sad. “Ah, this again…” I mumble under my breath.

“What’s wrong, Darkie?” She looks up concerned at me.

I hesitate for a moment before I answer. “Nothing, Brat.” She smiles and goes back to whatever she was doing before she talked to me.

Moonrose and NightGlimmer come and sit down at our table. Brat gets up to greet them as I stay where I am, sipping my tea.Nightglimmer gets her homework out and start filling it out. Time passes and soon the bell rings signaling all ponies to go to Homeroom. “Let’s go Brat.” I throw my backpack on and begin walking to class with Brat by my side. I reach my class and stand outside for a moment. “Hey Brat… Want to do something fun this afternoon? You’re always asking for my story, so later today do you want to go to my old hometown?”

Her smile grows wider and wider until I think her mouth is going to break. “Yes! Yay! I finally got something from you!”

“When you go to the library today… You can read up on it, it’s called StarSpell.” I walk into the classroom, giving her a nod before the door closes.

I take my seat and wait for class to start… Another pony walks in and it’s not the teacher. I glare at him as he walks around the classroom and sits down at his seat.

He glares over at me with the same expression, He chuckles lightly, “I find it amusing that you’ve never smiled once this year.” He takes out his binder and laughs again.

I turn to face him, “I would entertain your comment, but that’s too much energy.” The door opens, I look over and the teacher is standing in the doorway.

The day goes by slowly and it’s only eighth period. I sit outside my former Biology class and take out my sketchbook. I start drawing a picture of StarSpell, home to some of the most powerful unicorns in the world.

The bell rings and Brat is the last to walk out as always. Her energetic attitude always been seen in the way she walks. “So, I read up on StarSpell and I can’t believe the ponies there are so powerful! I could never have that much power…” She jumps up and down with excitement in her eyes.

“Tch. It wasn’t all happy times.” I tell her, with a stoic expression.

“Aw! Darkie, you’ve always been so cheerful.” She jokes, “Look at me for a second?” I turn my head halfway and glare at her. “No, no. Face me fully.” I sigh and shift my position, soon coming face-to-face with Brat. “Yahoo!” She exclaims happily. She raises her hoof and extends it towards my horn, stopping right before she reaches it. “Can I touch it?”

I make a deep growling noise in the back of my throat. I frown and open my mouth to say something. “No.”

“Aww, please?!” She begs, her smile growing wider by the second, I ignore her various attempts to get me to agree and continue walking. “It’s almost the end of the year and not once have you let me touch it. Also, another thing I realized is I’ve never seen you smile once this entire year.” I scowl at her as we walk down the street. “Darkie?”

I look over to her with the same boring expression. “Yeah?”

“You should try smiling.” She suggests, smiling from ear to ear. “It’s fun. Maybe people won’t think of you as grumpy and-”

I send her a cold stare and she shuts up immediately. “One, don’t question me. Two, shut… up.”

She pouts and gets up from her spot, “Hey, Darkie! Show me some magic!” She jumps up and down with a big grin on her face. “You know, you probably wouldn’t even have your cutie mark without me being here.”

“As if.” I retort, giving her an unamused look. I look around us for any signs of somepony watching us. “Let's go.” I grab ahold of her hoof and look up at my horn now glowing a dark emerald green. A green flash emerges around us and we reappear in a forest.

“Woah! Teleportation feels weird!” I roll my eyes and gallop a few feet away from her. I looked around me at the large forest.

The forest was large, crowded, and flourishing. Its canopy was contested by cypress, hazel, and linden, and ample openings let enough dancing beams of light through for scattered sprouts to rule the sloping and slanting ground below.

Swooping vines drooped from many trees, and a range of flowers, which claimed remnants of light, looked almost out of place in the otherwise amber terrain.

I glance around nervously, for a few seconds. “I try to use my magic as little as possible but I’ll show you a few things.” I activate my magic once more and a twisting stream of green crackling magic appears around me. As the the snapping electric energy circles around me, Brat rushes forward. “Stop!” I shout, she shortstops in her tracks and backs away. My mane whips violently through the wind as the magic continues to circle around me for a few seconds. I deactivate my magic and the energy falters, dissipating into thin air.

“That was really cool!” She yells in excitement, running over to me. She ruffles my mane and jumps around in circles. “Show me more! Show me more!”

“Tch, why don’t you use your own magic, you’re a unicorn too.” I tell her, putting a hoof through my mane and taming the unkempt locks of hair sticking up. Her mouth drops open and she throws herself onto me, toppling me over in the process. “Brat! Get off of me!”

“I know, but it’s fun to have other ponies do spells. Squee, yay! Do a spell on me!” She hugs me harder, nearly snapping my neck in the process. Her eyes glisten in the sunlight as she beams with happiness. “Make me smaller!”

“Okay, okay. You've had your fun. Now get off of me.” I demand in a harsh tone, pushing her off to the side. I stand up and brush myself off of dirt and dust.

She sits innocently on the grass, overjoyed that I’m performing a spell on her. I gather my energy and focus on transferring it to my horn. Suddenly, a dark green surge of waves hits Brat. I watch as her figure grows smaller and smaller in size. The green waves fade away as I make my way over to her.

“You’ll crush me!” A tiny voice shouts, I look down and right in front of me Brat. Still sitting in the same position she was a couple of seconds before my magic hit her. “You look scary from all the way down here. You look like one of the giants.” She giggles.

I lean down and pick her up with my magic. “Wanna see things from a different view?” I ask monotonously, dropping her on the top of my hair.

The shadow of the trees loom over us as the sunlight fades to a dark orange with a tint of magenta. The once pure white clouds become stained with yellow and orange. My horn flickers again as I step onto a green, flat surface floating in the air.

“What is this?” Brat questions, tugging on a strand of my hair. She inches forward readjusting her grip to a strand of hair falling in front of my face.

“It’s something I created with my magic, I can move it around… Even with us on it. So, my plan is to fly up in the sky and show you around.” I move us upwards as we ascend into the sky, I look down at all the ponies down below us.

“You’re going too slow! Let’s go faster!” Brat’s tiny voice pipes us. I can hardly hear her with the wind though.

It takes a while to get to know Tigris, but above all else know that she's sweet and kind. Of course she's also energetic, caring and happy, but these are in a way balance by being impatient as well.

“You really are really impatient, Brat.” I say, glancing over to her tiny form. As I turn my head back to look in front of me, my bangs swish in front of my eyes. In the corner of my eye I can see Brat, hanging down on a piece of hair. “What are you doing in my bangs? I told you to stay on the top of my head!”

“Wow! The trees look so tiny from up here.” She laughs, ignoring my previous comment. “Where should we go?” She asks, turning her head and looking at me dead in the eye.

“Want to see where I used to live?” I ask in a dull tone. “It might be a bit… How do I put this… A bit destroyed.” I warn.

She nods and we set off towards my old home town. It’s not too far from Hoofington. Five minutes tops probably.

As we ride over the plains of green grass and shrubs, nearing my village; a familiar dark navy blue pony with black curly hair catches my eye. I stare at her for a moment unable to avert my gaze or focus on anything else.

I stare down at her as she continues walking the same way we’re going. “Tch.” I reroute upwards on our hoverboard platform and plummet through the clouds. I cough out a puff of white cloud and continue onward.

“Wait! There was a pony down there.” Brat exclaims, I feel her tiny hooves against the edge of my forehead, where my forehead and hairline meet.

“We’re not going to meet them.” I say bitterly.

“Why not?”

“Because you don’t want to meet them. She’s a bad pony.”

She slides down on a strand of hair and lands on my nose, studying my facial features carefully for a long period of time. “You’re eyes are really narrowed. So are your eyebrows. The rings under your eyes are really apparent too. Are you mad?”

“No.” I argue, “Look, we’re here.” Hoping she’ll drop the subject. As we near the ground I jump off the green platform and land on the lush grass. I bend my head down near the grass and shake her out of my hair lightly. I hear a small thud on the ground and step back a few feet. “I’m going to return you to normal size.”

I focus my energy once more and the green transparent color comes back. I direct the beam at Brat and it goes off. The beam hits her and she slowly grows larger. The magic fades and I look at her with a stoic expression.

“This… Is your home?” She asks in a confused state, walking behind me. “And what about that pony we saw coming here. Who is she?”

I keep my cold demeanor as a bitter taste fills my mouth and my throat becomes dry and scratchy. “Many hateful words can be said about Lunar Shade, but the fact she's insufferable and argumentative is just the start of it. That's without even saying she's also unstable, impatient and hostile, She has no good qualities whatsoever. Trust me, I’ve looked. In fact, plenty of relationships came to a halt because of this and her prejudices, much to the annoyance of others.”

I motion Brat to follow me and we walk around, The now quiet road that led to Starspell was unrecognizable as nature had begun reclaiming the now unused area. Dust and debris littered the roads within town while unkempt gardens are cluttered with forsaken possessions.

Some doors are collapsed or perhaps destroyed by looters or animals as time passed. Either way they left a welcoming entrance for animals. Many roofs collapsed and in some cases had taken the entire building with it. Others look in decent shape and were simply dirty and filled with bird nests.

Starspell, once a pleasant quiet town and home to friendly unicorn folk is but a hollow shell of its former self. Silence had taken hold and would've been deafening were it not for the many animals that have made this place their home. Bird songs, rustling bushes and the occasional howl filled the air.

The public pool is still full of water. Green, algae filled rainwater. It was big enough to become a new home to several families of ducks, but it was eerily abandoned by even them.

The more time would pass the more the traces of those who lived here will disappear. Even now there were only remnants left, it'd be only a short while until there was nothing left. But even with all the animals that lived here now and made this town their new home I couldn't escape the feeling that so much had been lost forever.

“It used to be an old unicorn village. But it was destroyed and made into a industry town on the outskirts of Equestria.” I say, breaking the silence between us. She glances over at everything in awe.

“What happened that made it look like this?” She asks, trotting back over to me and hugging me.

“A band of looters and thieves came here. But they weren’t looking for valuable possessions. They were looking for land. This ancient village was a sacred place passed down to us from our ancestors. It always had a magic barrier around it to protect the town and the ponies within. The barrier made it look as though there was nothing on this plot of land. When they stumbled upon this land, they broke the barrier. War raged out against the unicorns of Starspell and the thieves. In the end, two thirds of our population was lost, the rest had nowhere to go. We became slaves to them and helped them build this industry town next to it. Not because we wanted to, but because we had to.”

She stares at me in disbelief. “I’m so sorry. Why do you act as though it’s not affecting you? You know it’s okay to have emotion, right?”

“No it’s not.” I snap. “I already told you the story of my kin. Don’t make me tell you my life story too.”

She nods and walks around some more. “Why did they have a magical barrier around this place anyway?”

“Because a lot of powerful unicorns lived here. We used be the most powerful unicorns in all of Equestria besides the Princesses. Ponies generally wanted to use us for bad purposes. Some wanted us for war, others wanted us for slavery, many just wanted to sell us and make a profit.” I say walking in front of a small house.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Her footsteps draw closer and she puts a hoof around my neck, pulling me in for a hug. “Is this your house?”

“Was.” I correct, the large pile of debris and dust at my feet. From the outside my house looks snug and comfortable. It has been built with oak wood and has sandstone decorations. Large, octagon windows allow enough light to enter the home and have been added to the house in a fairly symmetrical pattern. But now, the homey feeling has faded and so has the light.

I walk up and move the unhinged door, shoving rubble out from behind it. I walk in with Brat by my side as we step over stray planks of wood with dust kicking up everywhere we go. The interior of the house is done is in dusky colors. As we walk around the shattered window glass and splintered floor boards, we walk into the main room. I bit my lip as a shiver runs down my spine, my eyes scan the place I used to call home.

My Father had black, short hair always pulled back to reveal a furrowed, frowning face. Woeful black eyes, set far within their sockets, as they watched attentively over the ponies they've defended for so long. Wherever he went, he’d always be wearing his military uniform. When he wasn’t working to defend our town, I’d helped him in the backyard as he built bookshelves. Then, after that we’d both go inside for a glass of apple cider. When it was time for bed, he would read my favorite book to me until I fell asleep.

The thing is… I used to be a very lively child until the theives came. My Father was a great pony and in many ways I greatly aspired to be just like him. He was strong and courageous, he never believed in Lunar Shade’s lies or deceiving stories. And he always fought back for what he believed was right.

I look through the shattered glass of a window, out back, the garden once full and lively is now home to weeds and other dead plants.

“Follow me.” I walk carefully up the stairs, taking great care where I step. Light creaking can be heard from the floorboards beneath my hooves as I walk quickly up the stairs.

As we near the long hallway at the top of the stairs. I stop and glance around, trying to remember which room was mine.

I walk down to the end of the hallway and lightly push the door to reveal my old room. Little dust particles float through the air as the light shines through the cracked glass of the window. One wall that used to be the divider between the outside and inside of the house has collapsed, leaving nothing but crushed glass, crumpled papers and a nice view of the outside world. The once turquoise walls of my room, now chipped and stained in many places. Dirt, dust and peeling paint now lines all that’s left of the walls. Although still standing, the room itself smells horrible.

I walk deeper inside the room, an eerie feeling washes over me as I look at a collapsed bookshelf that I recieved for my fifth birthday. Torn pages of books were sprawled out around it and markers, pencils, and old drawing of mine cluttered the floor. “Hmm.” I walk away over to a mattress lying on the ground. Dirty, white planks of wood, probably the bedframe scattered near it.

In the corner of my eye, something glints and catches my eye. I walk over back towards the bookcase to see Brat inspecting the rotting wood of the bookshelf.

As I come up behind her, she spins around and gasps. “S-Sorry!” She says nervously moving out of the way.

I ignore her apology and sit down in front of the pile with a blank expression. I activate my magic and lift up the small, wooden beams looking for the glint that caught my eye. As it glints again I shove the beam out of the way with my magic, dropping it harshly on the ground and pick up the object.

As I pull it up closer to my face, the metal glints again as the sunlight reflects off of it. “Always Together. Love, Dad.” I whisper quietly to myself. “Dad…”

Flashbacks race through my mind. I can’t move, I can’t speak as my body goes numb and the pain in my ear comes back.

“Dad! There’s a whole world out there and you’re going to keep me cooped up in here?!” I ask. “In this… this fish bowl?”

“Yes! Because I love you, I don’t want to see you hurt by that sister of mine.” He yells outraged.

“Dad!” I argue back, “That’s so stupid! I can protect myself. I’m nine years old already! And what about Mom?! She would want to leave too!” I state, getting snippy with him. “One day! One day I’ll see what’s outside this barrier! I swear it!” I slam the front door and take off, leaving a trail of dust in my wake.

As I gallop through the streets of Starspell, I look around at ponies buying crops and watering plants until I knock into a pony. “S-Sorry!” I stutter, glancing up to see who I bumped into. As I look up, I glance into the eyes of Onyx.

“It’s okay.” He smiles kindly and walks next to me. “What’s wrong, you look down.”

“Yeah! I am.” I rant. “He’s not letting me go outside! We promised each other we’d go see what’s outside these barriers one day… right?”

“Yeah, we will. Don’t worry. He can’t keep you here forever. One day. I promise. Besides, he just being a concerned Father.” We walk next to a river and sit down on the bridge, dangling our hooves out over the edge. “It’s just a matter of time.”

“Well, time is stupid.” I say, standing up and flicking my tail.

Suddenly, a force pounces on me and knocks me over. “You’re not going anywhere until I see a smile!” A golden beam lifts me if to the air as feathers fly towards me.

I gasp and look over at Onyx in shock. The feather lightly stroked my fur and I bite my lip. A small smile appears on my lips and I let a few small laughs escape.

“Yes! I got you to sm-” A loud crash sounds and the ground shakes like an earthquake just erupted throwing us up into the air.

“Ah!” The golden beam shatters and I fall to the ground, tumbling off the bridge into the water.

I swim up towards the surface and shake myself off. “You okay?!” Onyx aks, rushing by my side.

“What happened?” My sopping wet hair sprinkles the dirt, making it a dark brown.

“I have no clue. Let’s go!” We rush off towards the barrier of town.

As we near the barrier, a bunch of other ponies are stopped in their tracks gazing upon something. I turn my head and look over to see what all the commotion is about. I stand there dumbfounded and frozen, not knowing how to respond. Instead of blue and shiny, all I see is land and sky. Everypony starts panicking and soon enough I realize what happened. The barrier has fallen.

“Dad… Dad? Dad!” I gasp in terror. “He’s near the barrier of town! He’s at home! When the barrier fell, he could be crushed.” I began sprinting towards my house but before I can get any further a strong force holds me back.


Fury fills my eyes and fire burns in my soul. “Onyx! Let go of me!” I shriek, wiggling out of his grasp.

I run back in the direction of my house, knocking into ponies left and right of me. “Dad! Dad!” I turn the corner and run up the street. As my house comes into view, I take longer strides. As I reach my house it’s barely still standing. The roof is collapsed and windows are shattered. Underneath the pile of the fallen roof my Father lies there with his eyes closed.

“Dad!” I run up to him and shake him. Tears brimming in my eyes. “Dad! Dad!” He opens his eyes and stares up at me. “You’re okay!” I say happily. I run over to the roof laying on top of him and activate my magic. As I try to push it off of him, he struggles to get up.

He squirms out from under the debris and limps over to me. “Thanks, sweetheart. You saved me.”

He runs off towards the fallen barrier of town as I chase after him. “Dad!” I scream out. “Don’t run! You’re hurt!”

He ignores my pleas and continues going. The Military is already taking care of the situation at hand. And as the Commander of the Military he has a job to do. I rush next to him and stand by his side. Gun shots ring out and screams pierce the air. “Find the enemy and kill it! Fight to the death!” He screams, charging at top speed.

As he runs off, somepony catches my eye. A pony wearing a dark, navy blue cape with the insignia of the pegasi on the bottom of the cape, running down the other side of the street. “Dad! Over here!” I shout, he stops and turns around.

I point to the pony in the cape and he gallops after them. I tag along galloping by his side. “It’s not safe! Go find Onyx and leave!”

“But Da-” I screech as he pushes me behind him

“They’ll kill you!” He booms. More tears streamed down his cheeks as he stood up. “I promise, I’ll meet you again. If not after all this, surely someday.” He pulls out a gun and aims in at the figure. A large shadow lurks over me as I turn around, “Move!”

I gasp as Dad lurches forward towards me and bites my ear. I feel a sharp tug on my ear as he picks me up and tosses me off to the side. I swing through the air as the force on my ear becomes stronger. He lets go of me and my ear courses with pain.

“Ah!” I feel myself falling through the air, “Tch.” I land harshly on my side. Warm liquid drips down the side of my ear. I put a hoof up to my ear and wipe it. My blood is smeared all over my hoof. I put my hoof back on my ear and and feel teeth indents where my Dad bit me.

I look up and see my Dad fighting off the cloaked figure. It reaches inside her cloak and pulls out a sharp, shiny, metal blade. “Dad!” I scream out.

The blade has a large, straight cross-guard, offering plenty of protection to the owner's hooves and thus his or her life. The cross-guard has an elaborate orb on each side, this weapon was clearly a custom order, probably by an important figure.

A thick pommel is marked with the symbol of the Gang this sword belongs to, a symbol many would never want to see in their life.

The blade itself is fairly simple from what I see. No markings, no decorations and no engravings. While the hilt is as elegant as its owner, the blade has to be as strong as its owner.

The sword slashes into my Father's shoulder and leaves a nasty gash. The pony jumps away as my Father stumbles backwards. “I can always be replaced. If I die… A new Commander can take over my place! I told my Stallions and Mares to die fighting for us. If that includes me, then so be it!” He jumps forwards and tackles the figure to the ground. He punches the pony beneath the cloak a few times while they struggle to throw my Dad off of them. He looks over to me with determination in his eyes. “Run!”

I run up to the pony in the cape ignoring the pain in my ear and bite the cape, trying to rip it off the pony. I clench my teeth around the fabric and tug on it. The figure looks back and me and extends their hind leg. As their leg clashes into my chest, I fall back and stumble head over heels.

I get up, activating my magic to stop the pony, the sword plunges into my Father's neck and he falls limp to the ground as blood oozes out of his neck staining the green grass. I back away from the figure and stand there for a few moments not knowing what to do. I’ve always had my Dad by my side. I glance over to his lifeless body, still dripping fresh blood from his wound.

“Let’s go!” A golden beam lifts me up off the ground and I’m carried further and further away from my Dad.

I look at the gold shimmering around me and down to the pony. “Onyx.” He looks up at me and keeps running. “Stop!” I scream out at him. “Stop! I- I could’ve saved him!” I reply meekly as I extend a shaky hoof trying to reach out for him.

“What’s done is done. Just focus on getting out alive. It’s what he would’ve wanted.” Onyx replies, galloping full speed ahead. “He gave his life, to save you.”

I stare at the figure with nothing but hate. I panic as I watch the pony pull out a bow and arrow. “No!” As she loads the bow, putting the arrow into place I stare wide-eyed in disbelief. “Onyx! Swerve!” I shout, she pulls back on the string. “Onyx!” I plead, the arrow hurls towards us. “Onyx!”

A ear-grating scream emerges as Onyx falls to the ground. I tumble out of his magical grip and roll across the rough terrain. I quickly get up and run over to Onyx. I look down at his leg and right where his cutie mark should blood seeps out of the arrow wound. He hisses in pain and looks at me. “Keep running. Don’t stop until you find somepony to help you. You may not see anypony soon but just keep running… I’m sure there will be someone to help you.”

“No!” I protest. “We’re leaving together, getting you to a hospital and we’re all going to be fine!” I nudge his arm and signal him to get up. “I’m going to carry you.” My horn glows and I lift him up, carefully placing him on my back.

When we made it to a hospital, they treated the wound. But it ended up being worse than I anticipated. Even after he was put on medication and physical therapy, a few weeks later an infection took ahold of his body and killed him. I open my eyes and look around confused at my surroundings but it wasn’t anything I recognized. “Darkie?” A gentle voice calls out. “What were you dreaming about? I was looking through some old, ripped books and then I turn around and you’re curled up on the floor asking for Dad.”

I sit up, I wasn’t on the floor, I wasn’t even inside at all. I gasp inaudibly. The wind swooshes quietly around us as we sit under the shade of a tree. The leaves rustle and sway in the wind. “How’d we get here?” I ask, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and trying to avoid her question.

“That pony… Lunar… Helped me get you back here.” I look down in dismay, “She was very nice.” She adds. “Maybe she’s changed since you last made contact with her.”

“No, she hasn’t. She used you. What else did she say to you?”

Brat glances over with a worried look spread across her features. “She didn’t say much. Why?”

“Because…” I stop, thinking carefully about my next words. “One day, I’ll explain it all to you. One day. But… I think it’s better if you don’t know about me, right?”

She shakes me violently. “No! Whatever pain you’ve gone through in the past… It’s over! It’s done! You can’t go back and redo anything, you just have to keep moving forward!” She hugs me and strokes my mane.

I light rub my ear, feeling the little indents that my Father left. “It may be over, but the scars are still there. They always will be.”