• Published 30th Jul 2019
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"Oh Aria,how I miss you..." - Sparkling blaze

After her sister's death Sonata is suffering,we saw Adagio's side of the story. Now let's see how the younger sister is dealing with this...

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Day before suicide 3-Fluttershy

Sonata's POV
Next to say goodbye to in the list: Fluttershy, my second best friend, the kindest girl you'll ever meet... This will be hard.

I imagine her face once she learns what I did...

Perhaps she'll be happy...Perhaps I don't make anyone happy and I'm making a favor to them.

I send a text inviting she to come,I don't feel like getting out of home today...

In a few minutes Fluttershy is here...

"Hey, Sonata."She say in her quiet calm voice like always.Fluttershy haves an unique way of being...I'll definetely miss her.

"Hey, Shy.You wanna watch something with me?Anything you want.Then we could order some food.Or something."I say in the happiest tone I
can,which unfortunately isn't even a bit happy.

"Sure I'd love to,but is everything ok?"She says sweetly.I love the way Flutters worried about everyone,I'll really miss her.I give her a smile.

"Yeah, Just thought I would return to talk to you girls. You never know when something like what happened with Aria happened."I say melancholically

"You're right someone's life can be over at anytime."She says.

"Yeah."I then start thinking in how in a few days it'll be me who'll be dead.

"Sonata I know something is bothering you. Please tell me what it is, I want to help you."She says worriedly and puts her hands on mine.Again making me smile.

"Nothing is bothering me, Shy, just thinking."I reassure her.

"If you say so."She says unsure.

I get up to get an DVD,but I suddenly feel dizzy and fall,must he cause I haven't been eating.

I see Fluttershy run over to me,she seems panicked.

"Sonata I..I knew something was wrong. Are you ok, and I mean really ok?"Her voice seems really worried.

I picked myself up from the ground.

"Yeah just felt dizzy cause I haven't been eating." I say."Soon it won't be a problem anymore."

"Oh,if you haven't been eating you should have said something. I'll fix you something. What do you want to eat?"She says in a caring tone.

This is my last time seeing her before I go meet Aria. So I may as well do what she says or at least pretend to.I smile at her.

"Anything is fine."

She frowns.

"Sonata you're my guest and one of my best friends. I'll make whatever you want."She said.

"Really anything is good."I say half smiling.And expecting she gives up.

"Sonata, just pick something."She says.

I sigh internally.

"Fine. A sandwich."I then answer.

"Alright, I'll fix us some sandwiches you set up the movie."She says and starts heading towards the kitchen.

I pick a movie and put it on.And I see Fluttershy coming with a tray withTwi sandwiches one for herself and one for me.

"You got it set up?"She asks as she puts the tray on the table.

"Yeah." Some lines in the movie really are making me thing about what I'm gonna do.

Sunddely I feel a hand on my shoulder.I look at Fluttershy,she seems pretty concerned.

"Are you sure everything is alright?"She asks then looks at my plate in which the sandwich I haven't take a bite is."You don't like your sandwich?"

"What?"I take a small bite."Uh, no, it is great,it's I got distracted by the movie."I want to give Fluttershy something to remember me,something that's important for me,I get my watch which Aria gave me,Aria barely gave me things so whenver she bought something it didn't matter what,it always mattered a lot to me.Normally I'd never give something Ari gave me,but how I'm going to find Ari it doesn't matter anymore.I hand it to her."An gift to you."

"Your watch? I can accept that, didn't Aria give it to you?"She says really surprised she knows me too well.

"Yeah.But I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I gave you it."

"Thank you."She hugs me."I promise I'll take care of it."

I hug her back stronger this time.Goodbye Fluttershy.

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Comments ( 2 )

Let's see what leaded to the happiest siren death...

Wait, happy? Aria isn't the happiest of the Sirens. She's honestly quite the opposite.

Talking about Sonata,gave quite a spoiler there.Read the first story and you'll understand.

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